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How To Delete News Feed From Spotlight Search in iPhone and iPad?

Spotlight Search shows up different news feeds in the latest versions of iOS for iPhone, and iPad. However, some find this annoying as well. Luckily, by going through some steps, the removal of such news feed is immediately possible from the Spotlight and well as from getting displayed throughout the whole iOS search results. 380 more words


War With China?

In his highly acclaimed 2017 book, Destined for War, Harvard professor Graham Allison assessed the likelihood that the United States and China would one day find themselves at war. 3,171 more words


A Few Productivity Apps That I Love

In case you don’t know it yet, my MBTI type is ENTJ and my zodiac sign is Virgo. And if you’re familiar with characteristics of both, you can immediately conclude that my type is a little bit obsessed with working on projects, are neurotic perfectionists, can be consumed with something so easily and most of all VERY ANAL about organizing things. 1,559 more words


Creating Joins

Joins are for linking related data together.  Processing joins are essential in relational database since its database design follows a principle of eliminating the unnecessary duplication of the data by a process called normalization.  444 more words