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Predict survival on the Titanic

Recently doing kaggle project try to predict survival on the Titanic ship.

Project link: https://www.kaggle.com/c/titanic

Basically, try to do feature engineering and using several method to deal with the missing data: 38 more words


Rosa And Carlos de la Cruz

Today we visited the home of the Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz on Key Biscayne. They are two of the top art collectors in the U.S. 26 more words


Is a gigabyte 1000MB or 1024MB?

Something that confuses a lot of people nowadays is when they buy a hard drive, the stated capacity never seems to match what your computer shows. 410 more words


Phone spelling suggestions

Wish when auto spell on our phone displays its options it would allow a secondary option of dictionary directory.

Also could implement tools such as bio feedback, wavelength, Geiger counter, particle counters, biological medical scanners…extra. 10 more words

The First Saturday of Summer: Future Assembly and The Big Design Market

I love having varied days that tap into multiple interests, and Saturday was no exception.

I started the day at the Melbourne Showgrounds, at Future Assembly… 641 more words


Social Media in Depth Series: Making a Pile of Money on Facebook Part 2

Alright. You are sitting there in some airport on your way to your next big business meeting that you have been thinking about for the past 6 months. 576 more words