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Engineers Own the Future — and Maybe Even Us

As mechanical, electrical and computational systems have become increasingly complex, the control of every day life is increasingly in the hands of those that build it. 9 more words


Volvo's first self-driving car has a big edge over the competition — and it's coming sooner than you think

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Volvo plans to roll out its first self-driving car in just four years, and the company claims it’s going to be way more advanced than what other automakers will have to offer. 448 more words


Media Companies Beware, the Ad-Blocking Tsunami Is Coming for You

The media industry is struggling to deal with a host of challenges, including a loss of power to distribution platforms like Facebook and the shift to mobile consumption. 858 more words


Paris Is Now Banning All Pre-1997 Cars

Paris has tried just about everything to combat its terrible smog problem. The city has launched attempts to take half the cars off its road… 339 more words


This Is the Most Brilliant Way to Smuggle a Beer

The immense popularity of Starbucks means that every other person you see on the street is holding one of its highly recognizable green and white paper cups. 198 more words


It's convertible season, so what are you waiting for?

This is The Harper Spin, a weekly column from seasoned auto critic Jason H. Harper. He’s raced at Le Mans, crushed a car in a 50-ton tank, and now, he’s bringing his unique style to The Verge. 1,102 more words