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Codes of ethics for software craft?

A funny thing happened in the testing Twitter community this week. First off, Pedro Gonzalez tweeted a link to an article describing a recent multimillion-dollar settlement against Toyota for… 786 more words


Food for Thought: "The Social Media Feeding Trough"

Whether we’re aware or not, our eyes devour external projections of life into the mind and soul as nutrients. Ultimately, like any consistent diets, these digested nutrients shape our being, behavior, and present-day life. 750 more words


Millennial Milliseconds: "A Facebook Millennial"

Millennial 4 is at home getting lost on Youtube and binge-watching Netflix, a deadly combination of stress relief, procrastination, comfort, and emotional dependency. He’s been at it for the past six hours, but he doesn’t realize it. 915 more words


Millennial Milliseconds: "A Clubbing Millennial"

Millennial 3 hangs out with her #mains, her #rideordies, her #squad, her #bffs every week.

This Saturday night, they’re at a club.

Blaring music. Blinding Lights. 524 more words