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Upgrading from Exchange Edge 2010 to Exchange Edge 2013

In December 2013, we successfully upgraded all of our internal Exchange servers from 2010 to 2013 – this included our Mailbox, Client Access, Hub Transport and Unified Messaging servers. 314 more words

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Prepping Fabric

Do you wash all the fabric you buy before working with it?

Fabric manufacture includes processes resulting in a finished fabric, which should not shrink appreciably if correctly laundered. 439 more words

Under the sea (submarine cables)

If you’ve ever wondered how data gets from one continent to another on a terrestrial level, the Submarine Cable Maps site is a pretty good roadmap. 114 more words

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It was an interesting day yesterday at MPOW. An overenthusiastic someone with construction equipment managed to cut the fiber optic cable, and we lost access to the Internet. 240 more words

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Cloud Instance + No Services != No Worries -- Secure your servers

Spun up a new server on Linode last night. Didn’t do anything with it except power it up, no webserver or external services. Shouldn’t be surprised about this, but in the course of less than 12 hours, this new server instance had 9,445 failed root login attempts. 225 more words

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You're singeing my circuits

I do apologise for this late (very late post). I hope the Star Wars reference makes up for it BAHAHA! I was supposed to blog straight after CES but I got lazy. 2,065 more words

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