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Airfoil FTW

Not sure how I missed out on this, but I Just discovered Airfoil for OSX and the companion iOS app Airfoil Speakers. This is a pretty fantastic app duo, allowing me to stream music from my Mac to an old unused iPhone which is connected to the stereo in my office without a physical connection. 22 more words

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Quiapo Hits: Prime Camera Repair House

One of the most horrible thing that can happen to your trusty camera during vacation is to accidentally dip it in salt water! How frightening it could be if all your photos in it, worst, the camera itself will just vanish just like that? 1,316 more words

Camera House Quiapo

justa.fyi (seriously)

No, the title of this post isn’t rhetorical, I snagged the domain name¬†justa.fyi from namecheap tonight and have it redirecting to my blog now. Such a cool domain, shocked that it wasn’t already taken. 64 more words


Stepping up with Sway

Since my last post on how I have been using sway, I have used this software in a different way in my classes. As part of our genetics unit, a colleague (Mel) and I have designed our unit resources to fit into sway. 581 more words

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Where "SCRAM" comes from

The control room harkens back to a more analog era, when instruments on the wall looked like not much more than a piece of spiral graph paper behind glass and there was a noticeable lack of computer screens.

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Playing around with Sway

If you haven’t had a look at Sway yet, I really suggest you do. It came online as part of our schools 365 software about 6 weeks ago, although I had been using it off and on for about a year. 659 more words


Barcode history is probably more interesting than you thought

It had been calculated that only ten digits were needed; the barcode had to be readable from any direction and at speed; there must be fewer than one in 20,000 undetected errors.

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