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Where "SCRAM" comes from

The control room harkens back to a more analog era, when instruments on the wall looked like not much more than a piece of spiral graph paper behind glass and there was a noticeable lack of computer screens.

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Playing around with Sway

If you haven’t had a look at Sway yet, I really suggest you do. It came online as part of our schools 365 software about 6 weeks ago, although I had been using it off and on for about a year. 659 more words


Barcode history is probably more interesting than you thought

It had been calculated that only ten digits were needed; the barcode had to be readable from any direction and at speed; there must be fewer than one in 20,000 undetected errors.

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My office Friday and Saturday was the Richmond Speedway, where I hung out with Dawn and a couple other NASA folks who were manning a booth demonstrating the… 107 more words


Searching through folders - Sharepoint continued

We have continued to make some excellent progress on the SharePoint front, with several departments having got a wide variety of pages, subsites, document libraries and resources available for their staff to use. 384 more words

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COWS on speed - Update to windows 10

Monday and Tuesday this week were big days – I was updating our ‘old’ (3 years) Toshiba cows (computers on wheels – they were on trolleys so we could move them from classroom to classroom) to windows 10. 260 more words

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Back online with a stable internet connection

Howdy Folks, I haven’t been slacking at my Blogging, I’ve been having serious internet connection issues, hence why I have been so scarce, I switched from Bell Mobility wireless internet , where I was spending $300 per month for the privilege to be online…. 321 more words