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Let us introduce ourselves...

“I don’t care about the phone/camera/tablet, I just want my pictures back.”

Here at It’s Somewhere, we reunite owners with their lost memories.

We know how precious a picture can be. 433 more words

Lost Camera


What is innovation?

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way
– Tom Freston

A piece of paper can either be used as a tissue paper or it could just be the best origami ever. 447 more words


Welcome aboard!

As a follow up to my About section, I would like to welcome anyone — geek or no geek — in Trendy Tech Talks. 227 more words


Women in Technology

All of us are familiar with the Father of Computers-Charles Babbage. Not all of us know who the Mother of Internet is. It’s Radia Perlman the software engineer, who is famous for the invention of spanning tree protocol. 477 more words


My techie travel in the US!

Today marks my 35th day in the US. And I am quite proud to say of myself a sweet “well done of surviving!” traveling alone as a female in and around New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Toronto, Montreal, Minneapolis, Chicago, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County… it has been crazy indeed! 600 more words

My Travel

Back To The Keyboard

Who are you?

My name is Sid. I am a techie from India.

What do you mean by “techie”?

The kind of person who relishes the opportunity to try new things and wants to know how everything works, so that he can play, I mean really… 352 more words


How to VPN out from your office network with VPN server & Synology NAS at home (OpenVPN)

If you, like me, with the office blocking all sorts of ports, the workaround solution is to set your VPN at home to port 443. Previously it was harder to change the port number as the access is not so straight forward. 214 more words