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Blind Spot Mirror EZYKOO 2 Pack

So I was definitely excited to try these since my car doesn’t have all the fancy stuff that the new cars do… 290 more words


Blow a Kiss, Fire a Gun.

It’s virtually impossible to not get better at something when you are constantly learning it. That being said, there are some things that will remain a mystery if you just do not have the aptitude to do it. 303 more words


As I’ve stated in one of my posts, my laptop encountered a problem and it won’t boot. I’ve stored it under my bed while I await for my laziness to have it fixed subside. 124 more words

Rants, Raves And Rambles

WATCH: Lucy Hale Loves Collecting Crystals, and She'll Tell You Why

Lucy Hale is all about good energy. So much so, that the Pretty Little Liars star has taken up Reiki, a Japanese healing practice that helps lower stress and increase relaxation. 289 more words


The Moto Z Droid's camera is a major disappointment

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

If you’ve heard anything about Motorola’s new Moto Z Droid flagship, you’ve probably heard about its camera bump.

The design blows a big raspberry at every techie… 296 more words


Lucy Hale Wears Zit Cream in Public - and Owns It!

There are breakout stars, and then there are breakouts stars. Celebrities will go to any length to banish a blemish — cortisone injections, ten layers of foundation, wearing a masquerade mask to an event — and that’s up to and including heading outside with a face full of zit cream. 352 more words


Research First

It’s amazing how much we spend online whether in front of a computer, tablet or our phones to find the latest scoop on certain people or around the world. 66 more words