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5 Kitchen Tech Items You Can Buy Right Now

I have scoured the internet in search of techie/foodie goodness. Here are some of the cool things I have found and you can buy them all right now. 229 more words

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Instagram steps up its game with Hyperlapse

Late last year, Instagram revealed one of its first apps outside of Instagram itself. Hyperlapse is like $15,000 of video equipment in the palm of your hand. 86 more words


OK so after exploring way more options than I thought I would, I have decided to build a PHDinMe Website and—Wait for it—SELF-HOST! Yep, I said it.   341 more words

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Hopefully a Win for Net Neutrality

Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reclassified broadband Internet to be a public utility thus allowing the FCC to establish some crucial orders (and allowing government oversight) including prohibiting Internet Service Providers (ISP) from creating fast and slow “lanes.” Prior to today broadband Internet was classified as an information service which did not allow as much regulation or oversight. 87 more words


5 Perusahaan Paling Inovatif di Social Media

Saya percaya anak muda Indonesia dapat menjadi problem solver bagi bangsa. Di balik potret buramnya situasi pendidikan di Indonesia, jelas makin diperlukan anak kreatif muda Indonesia berkontribusi melalui karya nyata yang berguna bagi masyarakat. 670 more words


Tech Conferences in Pakistan - 2015 Calendar

Upcoming Tech Conferences in Pakistan:

*This post will be updated on a monthly basis.


5 Reasons Every Techie Should Be on Product Hunt

In case you haven’t already heard, Product Hunt has been taking the tech world by storm since it was launched nearly a year ago. The idea is simple — Product Hunt curates a list of the top products and startups that people haven’t heard of yet and lets a widening yet select group of members upvote, comment and discuss. 182 more words