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Theatre Classes By: Ellie Trau

In all three of my years at Homestead thus far, the Theater Department has expanded my horizon of learning in many ways. Having an untraditional classroom setting with constant movement exponentially enhanced my day. 552 more words

Acting Class

Kinalas Chronicles

Fourth year high school came and the teachers were announcing that all senior students were to create a research-type video blog as a project for two different subjects. 1,878 more words


On Geometry, Qing Dynasty & Noli

As mentioned before, I don’t really recall my very first video project. What I do recall were the projects that entailed such effort to edit. During my high school years, the most popular video editing software was -surprise, surprise- Windows Movie Maker.🎉🎉🎉 1,203 more words


School's Out but No Vacation

School’s Out!

Well, technically it is still in session, but I completed the last of my finals today!  All after a long night at work.  Honestly, I don’t even understand how my body manages to function on the little bit of sleep I have gotten. 146 more words


Working the Graveyard Shift

I’m exhausted.  Never mind that I woke up Sunday at 11 am and it is now 6 am Monday.

Forget about the fact that I still have 2 hours left to complete my shift and a 30 minute drive home. 196 more words


How Clean is Your PC?

How often do you run a check up on your computer? In most cases the answer would be never or maybe now and then when you get around to it. 70 more words



I’m in a different generation than my mother,
and she doesn’t understand my gasping panic
when an entire thesis paper is replaced with
fs, because I saved too fast. 498 more words