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Cartoonist’s note: So in unrelated news my computer is broke. D:<

Day 138

Here’s to new sound boards that light up lots of colors and rid us of feedback in our choir mics!  #TechieLife

Nifty Pics

Select date with android datepicker appium

This post explains burning question – How to pass /select date in date picker in android application. Many guys tried to do with swipe but that is kind of passing hardcoded coordinates and not useful in long run. 181 more words


Getting started with Appium

Automated software (App ) testing is an essential component of successful development projects.

This post is for Appium beginners ,who want to set up and continue automation testing for  their app. 446 more words


A Day In The Life - William Spiers

Since my fist blog in February I’ve been mulling over creating my second, considering various different topics I could write about. I came to the conclusion to open the doors to my actual day job by creating a ‘Day in the life of’ post. 931 more words


Wednesday: Photoshoot

I woke up at 11:00 AM and immediately ate my morning cereal before getting ready. After picking an outfit and fixing my makeup, I messaged Taylor to use her hair straightener. 285 more words

What is chkdsk and why does it appear?

Every now and then you might get a window and it seems to be scanning the drive for errors. The “check disk” utility is used in Windows to scan through your entire hard drive and find any problems. 91 more words