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Ain't Modern Technology Grand?

I just got an external Bluetooth keyboard to use with my phone, tablet, or computer. In fact, I’m typing on it right now! This is crazy. 314 more words

Sorry, Cass Sunstein, it's already been done

Early last year, renowned legal scholar Cass Sunstein published an essay titled How Star Wars Explains Constitutional Law. I came across it through The Washington Post, but the piece was originally posted to a website called… 129 more words


Social Anxieties That Will Not Be Cured by SSRIs Alone

There are 5,323,208,384
unread messages
in your in-box…
one is from him.

You made me a playlist.
I wanted a mixtape.

She always retweets.
You always favorite. 74 more words


Desktop Calendar Mac Free Download for All

Here is the app to better manage your time

Gladwev have released the Desktop Calendar Mac Free Download for all Mac users to experience better time management and achieve their goals. 629 more words


In case Dad Joke Han Solo needs more material, "I'm not going anywhere"

Star Wars: The Force Awakens parody twitter accounts have seemingly spread faster than lightspeed. While the quality of these accounts can feel more uneven than… 230 more words


The Focus Of This Protocol Is The Handling Of Unexpected Incidents

A pebbly, electric dissonance
glitches across your face.
I race around the room to find
your power supply but cannot.
You’re wrought from copper wire angels… 153 more words