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DIY: Audi B6 / B7 S4 Cabin Filter Replacement

The following DIY article will assist you in successfully changing the cabin filter in your Audi S4.

Tools Required: None
Cabin Filter Part Number: 8E0-819-439… 165 more words


PowerShell-Connecting to O365

PowerShell is a powerful tool when you need to manage and automate Office 365 features ranging from managing users, licenses, security groups, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, etc. 262 more words

Office 365

Developer’s Introduction to Bitcoin


One of the major advantages of Bitcoin is just how easy it is to work with from a developer’s standpoint. Bitcoin has no third party dependencies, no proprietary APIs, and no rapidly changing interface; all you need is your own favorite programming language, and chances are there is already a simple Bitcoin library that you can use to start sending and receiving bitcoins within a few hours. 3,685 more words


eBay Files Patent Application for Programmable Money


Gift giving during the holidays just took on a whole new meaning. eBay, the parent company of PayPal, filed patent application 20130339188, “Gift Token” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 18, 2012. 2,325 more words


Receive Payments API from blockchain.info

Receive Payments API

The Incredibly Easy Way To Process Bitcoin Payments. All you need is one bitcoin address – No Sign Up, No Downloads, No Fees! 1,371 more words


Merge Avoidance: Privacy Enhancing Techniques in the Bitcoin Protocol

Mike Hearn

Mike Hearn is a software developer who works on the Bitcoin Core development team and also at Google. In this article, Mike discusses some bitcoin privacy leaks, and a new technique that does not currently have a name, but which he calls… 2,785 more words