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Discovery Channel to Show Documentary on Space-Based Solar Power!

I told Mike “Green Hornet” Hornitschek that we’d be famous!

The Discovery Channel (which my kids LOVE and we LOVE them watching it!) will show a documentary on Space-Based Solar Power at 10pm on 12 September, 2008. 193 more words

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Obtaining Orbital Parking Slots and Frequencies

I was asked two interesting questions yesterday by people interested in commercial development of space-based solar power (SBSP):

  1. How would a company obtain a geostationary parking slot for a SBSP satellite?
  2. 762 more words

Wireless Power Broadcast for Computers and Phones Anticipated!

Power beaming is a critical for space-based solar power. It also would be nice if our laptops and cell phones didn’t need to be plugged in, becoming truly wireless. 104 more words

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Weaponization, Environmental Risk, and Multinational Approaches

Today I was asked by a politically-minded individual what political hurtles space-based solar power might face when confronted with questions of weaponization, safety, and multinational approaches. 1,370 more words

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Tech Pieces: Darkest Material May Boost Solar Conversion Efficiency

Here’s one for our technical experts.

Staff writers for the Tech Space section of Space Mart reported back on 20 Feb 2007 in an online article titled, “ 79 more words

Technical Challenges To Space-Based Solar Power

Space Solar Power Demo: WWWWW & H?

It’s time to get busy again!

Our very good friend, Hu Davis, recently circulated some good questions regarding the who, what, when, where, why, and hows of demonstrating space solar power. 251 more words

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