"Why is the DoD interested in this?" Security at all levels!

Yesterday at one of my alternate work locations (okay…another one of D.C.’s Irish pubs) a space skeptic asked me to write down all the security reasons that explain why the DoD is interested in space-based solar power. 394 more words


Technical Discussion On Power Beaming: Engineers Take Note!

Regarding power beaming from satellites at GEO to the Earth’s surface:

“The atmosphere has two bandwidth width windows though which it is possible to beam power between space and the surface efficiently, and outside of which atmospheric absorption will kill you: (1) a microwave window, of which the 2.45 GHz frequency (~ 12 centimeter wavelength) employed in the 1970s DoD/NASA reference SPS design is typical, and (2) a visible window extending perhaps as far into the near infrared as a micron of so in wavelength. 809 more words

Technical Challenges To Space-Based Solar Power

Space Solar Power Meets Wikipedia...

The Evil Dr Mankins introduced me to Wikipedia a couple of months ago. Naturally, I felt like an idiot because apparently this has been a huge Internet phenomenon over the last few years that I just missed. 77 more words


India, Space Solar Power, Reusable Launch Vehicles, and a Partnership Opportunity?

In a recent posting on The Statesmen website, author Stanley Theodore briefly describes India’s intent to pursue space-based solar power in an article titledĀ “ 281 more words

Space Solar Power News