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MUSIC REVIEW: Vile Regression - Cyclical

Band Name: Vile Regression (Ireland)
Release Name: Cyclical (Single)
Genre: Technical Death Metal / Metalcore
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Recommended YouTube Subscription List: Updated 05/24/2016

These folks work hard to provide quality extreme metal of all genres available at no cost to fans across the world and definitely deserve a “Subscribe.” 7 more words

Melodic Death Metal

Fallujah - Dreamless (Review)

Fallujah are from the US and this is their third album of progressive death metal.

Fallujah are one of the more interesting and individual bands out there. 374 more words


Progressive Progress

Let’s face it: sometimes the subgenres of subgenres, or sub-subgenres; for the sake of clarity, let’s call them what I title them – microgenres, get a little out of hand. 1,193 more words


Album of the Week 20-2016: Vektor - Terminal Redux

Despite frequently being labeled as a Voivod rip-off, Vektor is one of the most unique bands in contemporary Thrash Metal. Sure, they borrow heavily from the Sci-Fi themes and dissonant chord work of their Canadian heroes, but Vektor plays (much) faster, writes more intricate material and adds quite a few traces of extreme Metal to the mix. 494 more words


[Time Capsule] Jason's 20th Anniversary Kick-Ass Tape: Circa 2014-15

I have compiled the following 20 Facebook posts for little other than posterity.  In the autumn of 1994, a friend of mine one year senior–and whose knowledge of all things metal far surpassed mine at the time–let me borrow a double-sided cassette tape he’d dubbed with 20 of what he considered to be the best extreme tracks committed to record.   5,291 more words


Song Review: Virial, "Doctrine of Genesis" (2015)

From the artist’s YouTube description of the song:

In the past, Christianity denied the discovery of of the spherical shape of the Earth, the heliocentric model, the existence of other solar systems, the existence of exoplanets–and, at last, the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.  

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