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Dystrophy - Wretched Host (Review)

This is the second album from US Death Metallers Dystrophy.

Dystrophy play dissonant Progressive/Technical Death Metal that sits a little out of the normal comfort zone of Tech Death, (if there is such a thing), by incorporating a Doom influence into their songs rather than going full-blown-crazy-hyper-speed, as is the case a lot of the time for the style. 316 more words


Atlas Entity - Enceladus (Review)

Atlas Entity is a one-man Progressive Death Metal project from the US.

This is a short EP, a taster really, at 16 minutes in length, featuring colourful Progressive/Technical/Melodic Death Metal with a textured delivery and an open, exploratory approach to the sub-genre. 200 more words


Nile - What Should not be Unearthed (2015)

Author: Jan Jakobsen

Artist: Nile

Album: What Should not be Unearthed

Label: Nuclear Blast Recrods

Nile will forever hold a special place in my heart. As strange as it may sound, … 616 more words


Rivers of Nihil - Monarchy Reviewed

Back when the first Rivers of Nihil album released, my readers were pretty split. The enthusiastic ones notified me of its existence and others scoffed at it being vapid metalcore. 458 more words

Pyrrhon - Growth Without End (2015)

Artist: Pyrrhon

Album: Growth Without End

Label: Handshake Inc.

Reviewer: Crono

Last year Pyrrhon released their sophomore album, The Mother of Virtues. It was the first time I heard them, and since then, I haven’t gone back and listened to their previous album. 584 more words


Corpse Garden - Entheogen (Review)

This is the second album from Costa Rican Death Metallers Corpse Garden.

Dark and brutal, Corpse Garden deliver 62 minutes of blistering and intelligent Death Metal on Entheogen. 281 more words