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Torn the Fuck Apart - A Genetic Predisposition to Violence (Review)

This is the fourth album from Torn the Fuck Apart, a death metal band from the US.

We know Torn the Fuck Apart from 2014’s… 225 more words


INFERI - Revenant

Inferi are a technical/melodic death metal band from Nashville, Tennessee formed in 2006 and have put out some of the most incredible albums in recent memory. 306 more words


Fractal Universe - Engram of Decline

Year Released: 2017
Genre: Progressive Technical Death Metal, Jazz Fusion
Availability: Bandcamp, YouTube
Similar Artists: Replacire, Gorod, Virvum

The first thing one might see from this album is the album cover – a prettied up album that looks nice on a shelf, but is probably chock-full of technical wankery that is not worth anyone’s time.  612 more words


Abolishment of Flesh - The Inhuman Condition (Death Metal)

A new challenger has entered the death metal stage and they are looking for the abolishment of flesh. Hailing from Texas, USA, the band was founded in 2006 but under the name Abolishment. 498 more words

Album Review: Burial in the Sky - "Creatio Et Hominus"

It feels like a decade ago, but back in November of 2016 I reviewed my first record for Nine Circles, the debut full length from Pennsylvania’s progressive/technical metal outfit… 614 more words


Isa - Chimera

 The weird world of progressive death metal is one that I feel like deserves much more attention and should also be a much more saturated style. 407 more words


Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme

Year Released: 2012
Genre: Technical Deathgrind
Availability: Bandcamp, YouTube
Similar Artists: Misery Index, Origin, Cattle Decapitation

Three years after Descend into Depravity, a quite mediocre album at the least, Dying Fetus released  437 more words