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Carnophage - Monument (Review)

This is the second album from Turkish death metal band Carnophage.

Sitting and writing this on a lazy Sunday morning, I’m listening to Monument again and it’s like a force of nature is rushing out of the speakers into my ears, engaging my brain and waking me up like it’s slapping me in the face over and over again. 284 more words


FACE OF OBLIVION Announce New Album "Cataclysmic Desolation", Share New Track

Minnesota technical death metallers Face of Oblivion have announced the release of their sophomore full-length album. The new record, which follows 2011’s The Embers of Man… 77 more words


BURIAL IN THE SKY Announce New Album "Persistence of Thought"

Pennsylvanian death metal duo Burial in the Sky have announced the release of their debut full-length album. The new effort, which follows their 2014… 70 more words


Azooma - Plague of Predator (single)

 I understand the favoritism plays a big role in all sorts of criticism, and I’m no exception as I almost always do a review for a band I love that puts out new material. 511 more words


Blood Incantation - Starspawn

A weird, yet pleasantly refreshing mixture of OSDM and tech death, while combining atmospheric and prog elements to create this otherworldly beauty. Echoes of Timeghoul and Mithras are apparent, albeit this record is much cleaner then either. 240 more words

Album Review

Inanimate Existence - Calling from a Dream (Review)

Inanimate Existence are a US death metal band and this is their third album.

Starting off softly, with ambient sounds and female vocals, this album is a different beast to the band’s last album… 426 more words


Omnihility - Dominion of Misery (Technical/Brutal Death Metal)

Omnihility goes full throttle with Dominion of Misery, no clean singing and just brutal technical death metal all the way through. Dominion of Misery is my first listen to Omnihility but after hearing the album I will surely look into their past two releases to see if they have always been this good or worked their way into finding this sound. 58 more words