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SO THIS IS SUFFERING To Release New Album "Palace of the Pessimist", Debut New Video

California technical death metal outfit So This Is Suffering have announced their new full-length record. The new album will be titled Palace of the Pessimist… 63 more words


Bearstorm - Biophobia (Review)

Bearstorm are a progressive black metal band from the US and this is their latest EP.

Bearstorm play progressive black metal, but if you haven’t heard them before I can all but guarantee that they don’t sound as you’d expect them to. 331 more words


Review: BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS- "Cognitive Emancipation"

Four years have passed without so much as a single dissonant arpeggio from the band with the highest string to member ratio in NYC, Behold The Arctopus… 488 more words

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BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS Release New EP "Cognitive Emancipation"

Instrumental tech metal outfit Behold the Arctopus (Krallice, Dysrhythmia, et al) recently released a new EP titled Cognitive Emancipation. This four-track EP is the band’s first set of new material since their well-received 2012 LP, … 26 more words


The Meshuggah Experience

Over the summer, I wrote an article talking about how theater is so facinating because it is a shared experience. You and the rest of the audience members are experiencing a story being played out right in front of you.   344 more words


Album Review: Burial in the Sky - "Persistence of Thought"

In a world where multi-adjective sub genres are multiplying like, well…sub genres (“Hey! Check out my new porno-grind-tech-ambient-electro-doom band! It djents!”) you can forgive the alarm bells when you read about a band straddling the line between progressive and technical death metal. 521 more words


Ulcerate - Shrines of Paralysis (Review)

Ulcerate are a death metal band from New Zealand and this is their fifth album.

Ulcerate personify atypical progressive/technical death metal. They incorporate enough other styles and influences to be termed post-death metal in some respects, although they still have the requisite amount of aggression 422 more words