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Mindscar - Kill the King (Review)

Mindscar are from the US and this is their début album. They play Death Metal.

This is an interesting release. The band play Death Metal that’s brutal and is not without technicality, yet also features a good amount of melodic and atmospheric sections and even clean vocals on occasion. 234 more words


Profanity - Hatred Hell Within (Review)

Profanity are from Germany and play Brutal/Technical Death Metal. This is their latest EP.

The band have a strong presence and their Death Metal is tight and precise. 290 more words


Incinerate - Eradicating Terrestrial Species (Review)

This is the third album from US Technical/Brutal Death Metallers Incinerate.

With a quality Death Metal album cover, this is the kind of band that it’s easy to like. 123 more words


New Music: Forgotten Sacrifice by Dead Asylum

The canadian metal scene is arguably one of the strongest in the world these days, though it mainly thrives through the underground scene, through bands like melodic death metal band… 175 more words


Psycroptic - Psycroptic Reviewed

Psycroptic is one of those bands that sounds perfect on paper for me. I know I’ve been hearing about them for years, but I can’t remember if I actually ever listened to anything before now. 530 more words

Psycroptic - Psycroptic (Review)

Psycroptic are from Australia and play Technical Death Metal. This is their sixth album.

Psycroptic’s brand of Death Metal is sharp and finely edged, honed to a fine killing point through years of mastercrafted precision and expertise. 216 more words


Victims Of Contagion - Parasitic Unborn (USA, 2014) by Rizzo

Victims Of Contagion
is a technical death metal band from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
“Parasitic Unborn”, released September 2014, is their debut EP proudly showcasing a guest solo by master… 193 more words