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ZEOLITE - Sermones Mortis

In terms of recent output of awesome bands, Australia is doing pretty damn well. From modern metalcore mainstays, to prog specialists, the island nation has been pumping out countless great releases. 341 more words


CYTOTOXIN - Gammageddon

Germany’s Cytotoxin is a band that are putting their name out there in the technical brutal death metal department and with 2017’s Gammageddon released through Unique Leader Records this is the best album they’ve ever crafted. 249 more words


Portal - Ion :: ALBUM REVIEW

The first “true metal” song that I can ever recall hearing was Iron Maiden’s Hallowed Be Thy Name. I must have been about 11, and I just happened to stumble across it on my daily journey to the deepest and strangest depths of YouTube (you know, … 1,270 more words


ABOLISH THE IGNOMINIOUS - Vociferous Obsolescence

At the end of every year, there are usually a couple releases that go under people’s radar. As the lists full of great releases are compiled and shared, new albums must compete with the past 11 months of releases, and usually lose. 316 more words


Cancerous-Nightmare Rituals EP Review

New York is drenched in Death Metal history, arguably some of the worlds leading and most influential bands hail from here. The likes of Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Immolation and in a more Goregrind sense Mortician have all played a pivitol role in the shaping of this blood splattered genre. 361 more words


Album Thoughts | Portal: ION

One of my most anticipated albums of the year thus far has finally dropped. I’ve been waiting to review a Portal album on this blog for quite a while and the opportunity has finally presented itself. 809 more words



Technical death metal is my favorite sub genre of extreme music and with 2018’s Unique Leader Records from Californian outfit Alterbeast, it’s very encouraging to see how far the genre has been pushed forward and Feast is the latest album prior to 2014’s debut of Immortal. 239 more words