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New Music - Cryptic Shift - Deathcrusher

When thinking about Thrash Metal, it usually conjures up thoughts of sunny San Diego, oddly shaped guitars and The Big Four in their heyday.  What doesn’t spring to mind are the rain soaked streets of Leeds in 2015. 115 more words


Antlion - The Prescient (Review)

Antlion are a Canadian Technical Death Metal band and this is their début album.

Antlion’s brand of Death Metal incorporates some Jazzy, Progressive and Death-style elements into their Technical Death Metal broth and it tastes good. 280 more words


Album Review: Serocs - "And When the Sky Was Opened"

I wasn’t going to write two reviews this week. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s time to sit back, loosen the belt and eat an incredibly unhealthy amount of food in honor of the Pilgrims (and eventually other people from England, Spain, Portugal, etc.) who set about destroying a beautiful, fertile country and massacring an entire population. 567 more words


Album Review: The Contortionist - Language

I’m excited to write about this one. I’ve been meaning to share with you all my experiences listening to this absolutely beautiful album after I first heard them live earlier this year. 870 more words

Album Review

Anomalie - "Refugium" (Art Of Propaganda)

Anomalie is the project of Austrian Black Metallers Selbstentleibung’s guitarist Marrok. Unlike his main band’s work, Anomalie is more of a Post-Black Metal sounding project. Using the core elements of black metal song writing and structure – blastbeats, pounding rhythms, tremolo picked guitars and harsh vocals which border between scream and rasp at times and most importantly, the art of being able to craft a vast sonic landscape to explore whilst you listen to it. 1,423 more words


Gorod - A Maze of Recycled Creeds (2015)

Author: Bloodshot Grub

Artist: Gorod

Album: A Maze of Recycled Creeds

Label: Listenable Records

I’ve never bought into the notion that technicality is necessarily a trade off with expressiveness, or that the majority or even a substantial number of technical metal bands are guilty of focusing on showing off their chops rather than on writing good music. 582 more words