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Howard Hall and the ‘Deep Sea’

(In 2006, I had the opportunity to chat with legendary underwater film-makers, Howard and Michelle Hall. The following interview was first published in April of that year. 2,202 more words

Technical Diving


Hey, I’m treading water here. Get it? No? Don’t worry. I’m at a wedding. I can’t rely on posting the next few days. I’m in the party…wedding…and told not to be a shooter…oh my! 348 more words

Red Sea

The Shark Island Mine

In 1975 the entry level diving course that we taught was of four weeks duration and included two evening theory sessions per week with the Saturdays and Sundays given over to practical diving instruction. 488 more words

Recreational Diving

My Analog Dive Computer

In my last article, I discussed the use of personal dive computers and the absolute necessity of carrying some form of back up decompression tables.  I referred to the practice of generating decompression tables using software such as V-Planner and then writing the deco schedule in a waterproof notebook.   861 more words


The Dept. of Redundancy Department

Not that long ago, there weren’t any personal dive computers (PDCs) for technical divers.  No PDC that could handle multiple gasses.  None that could compute a decompression schedule for helium-based gasses like trimix.   381 more words


Human Factors Skills in Diving Class Launched

How many diving accidents, incidents or near misses that you know about were down to the lack of technical skills or failure of equipment? I am betting not too many. 291 more words

Human Factors

Scuba Divers Find Lemming Crab Graveyard Off Blacktip Island

Lemming crab shells litter the sand 200 feet beneath the surface on Blacktip Island’s south end. Local biologists say the shells, found by technical scuba divers, confirm rumors of the crabs committing mass suicide the first of every year. 449 more words