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Tec diving — Two great wreck dives in Cebu

I took my first steps in technical diving in February 2015 with Greg Maciejowski in Cebu (TDI Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures). On my most recent trip to the Philippines in March-April 2015, in Cebu again, I had my first opportunities to practice ‘tec’ diving outside of a training context. 742 more words


From Kerikite to Cebu — the real meaning of 'island hopping'!

“Island hopping Sir?”

“Island hopping Ma’am?”

If you have ever been on a beach or diving holiday in the Philippines, this proposal from local beachfront touts will be very familiar to you! 547 more words


I'm going to the test firing of the world's most powerful solid rocket booster - what?

The human race is going to Mars – that’s an amazing statement all to itself. As a matter of fact, it’s so cool I’m going to say it again… 350 more words


My chat with Pod Diver Radio on diver communications

A really cool dive that happens every day at the New England Aquarium is the 2:30 Diver Communications Dive. Not only do we provide visitors with the unique opportunity to participate in a question and answer session with a diver, but we share what the diver sees, broadcasting it in high definition onto two giant screens at the top of the Giant Ocean Tank. 170 more words


An insider's look at a snow day at the Aquarium

Ever wonder what happens when the weather turns really (really) crappy and your favorite aquarium is forced to close (ahem – which of course you are all thinking, “New England Aquarium!”)? 98 more words


A new member of the Hanzl family is on her way...

I am so very excited to announce that a new member of the Hanzl family has just left Brugge, Belgium to begin her arduous journey to the United States. 76 more words


Technical Diver Rescue skill

Παρουσίαση βασικών δεξιοτήτων επιπέδου Technical Diver.
Από τα τέσσερα block όπου και αποτελείται η εκπαίδευση, στο βίντεο αυτό παρουσιάζεται μέρος από δυο χαρακτηρίστηκες δεξιότητες/ασκήσεις. Η πρώτη αφορά το block Rescue (διαχείριση αναίσθητου δύτη και ανάπτυξη SMB) ενώ η δεύτερη παρουσίαση αφορά το block: Team work, ασκήσεις ομάδας όπου παρουσιάζεται η ανάπτυξη του SMB (Surface Marker Buoy).