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Drawing Workshop ~ Week 3

Today we were greeted by a room full of drawing boards….uh oh, technical drawing and straight lines were looming!

Those that were not sitting at a board, were supplied a board and a t square. 151 more words

ART003-2 Professional Studio Practice: Fine Art

Isometric Projection

As we finish up our oblique projections I thought I would cobble together a post with some great examples of our next task: isometric projection. Check below the fold for images from the game Monument Valley ( 40 more words

Technical Drawing

Science Museum Alphabet

Pictured top is a development sheet, as I tried out different letter ideas. This project involved creating an alphabet for different companies. I chose the Science Museum, and the theme of technical drawings, after looking at Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘codex’ work. 39 more words


Technical drawings 'Flats'

In today’s session I learnt how to do technical drawings for my illustrations from looking at previous technical drawing they look very simple however, to recreate my illustration into flat drawing I found hard to image as most of my drawings indicated 3D designs. 134 more words


Working on Stairs (wk16)

This week we don’t have technical drawing session with Rachel as she went to Barcelona trip. So we were taught how to draw staircase  in plan, section and detail. 47 more words

Technical Drawing

Axonometric (wk15)

This is our  last technical drawing session with Rachel, she taught us about Plan Oblique and Isometric Drawings. Plan Oblique is the plan rotated to 45 degrees and projected up vertically. 67 more words

Technical Drawing

Sections (wk14)

SECTIONS!! This is what we learned today, for me sections is one of the hardest drawing… section represents a vertical plane cut through a room/building/object viewed from the side, in the same way as a floor plan is a horizontal section viewed from the top… Rachel gave us some examples to explain the different between sections and elevations. 40 more words

Technical Drawing