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18/10/2016 Sections

‘ A section represents a vertical plane cut through the object, in the same way as a floor plan is a horizontal section viewed from the top.’ The purpose of a section is to show information that isn’t visible or understandable from an elevation or plan, for example showing different levels of a building or ‘voids’, staircases, lifts, suspended ceilings, lighting features or heights of elements. 83 more words

Technical Drawing

Section Drawing

After working with technical drawing plans and elevations we began to look at section drawings. In order to understand the concept we started with the section of a mug in comparison to the mugs plan and elevation as shown below. 52 more words

Technical Drawing

Elevations of my Uni Room

After practicing elevations I independently used the skill to draw two elevations of my university room. Working with the scale 1:25 I have added details of objects in my room as well as the furniture.

Elevation Practice

In order to learn how to draw accurate elevations we started by looking at different faces of 3D cubed objects and began to draw what the elevation of the form would look like from above, the front and the side view. 46 more words

Industrial Design 3 Semester

In industrial design our project was to design a pepper grinder. We started with research of how the machine works inside. We also visited a factory here in Florens to see it with our own eyes. 37 more words

Technical Drawings with Aymeric Renould - Ways of Seeing

Today we we were introduced to a different style of drawing: technical drawing. Although I have experience in this field, it was great hearing its realistic implications from someone in that profession! 456 more words