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Connective Spaces II

On Thursday we made significant progress in making the assessable elements for our connectivity dwelling. Having outlined our ideas clearly and drawn up basic sketches of the proposed space last week, we were able to crack on with the making. 169 more words

Technical Drawing 05

For this session we were improving on our technical drawing skills and learning how to survey a site. During this lesson we learned some basic skills of site surveying, how measurements are written. 148 more words

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing 03

During this session we looked at section drawings. A section drawing is a flat drawing done to scale of a cut through section of a room/building/object or space. 331 more words

Technical Drawing


What is a Section?

A section represents a vertical plane cut through a room, building or object viewed from the side, in the same way a floor plan is a horizontal section viewed from the top. 135 more words

Site Survey

During this session we were looking at how to Site Survey. We were given the task of going to survey some stairs in the building. In  groups we all chose different parts of stairs and began to survey in groups. 89 more words

Site Survey

In this session we did some site surveying, we had to measure a set of stairs in the post office, and also the surrounding area of the stairs to create context to where it is and what it looks like. 132 more words

Site Surveying

For the final technical drawing lesson we looked at site surveying. Initially we discussed the importance of accurate measurements as for gathering as much information as possible. 161 more words