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Mastering Forex Trading

This is an article for people who have failed at Forex trading. You know who you are? You are probably just like me and was sucked into the promise of making money in a few hours. 6 more words

Forex Trading

Trend Trading Forex

I was an idiot when I first started trading Forex. Like most new traders who eventually lose all their money, I started off as a day trader. 82 more words

Technical Indicators

Why I Use An Empty Chart

I am one of the few traders who doesn’t use any type of technical indicators. I trade using a raw candle stick chart with nothing on it. 81 more words

Technical Indicators

Forex Trading Price Action

I’ve wasted lots of time on issues that don’t work. I exploit to strive completely different types of buying and selling charts and totally different kind of indicators. 84 more words

Technical Indicators

Forex. Why Indicators Do Not Work

What I’m going to jot down about on this article will offend and upset many merchants. I’m not attempting to upset them on goal however what I’ve to say is against how they have been taught to commerce. 79 more words

Technical Indicators

Finding Breakout Stocks

One of the first questions I get with any interested investor is, “Where do you find good stocks?”  There are many stock screening systems from which to begin a search for stocks ready to breakout to new highs.  358 more words

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The ForexShark Trading Indicator!

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Some Traders use the FOREX Market as there Personal ATM Machine With the ForexShark Trading Indicator!
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