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Hair Raising

Clare was kind enough to share links to the research that she used to design the hair for her own character. Michael Cauchi had these two posts about creating hair for characters: Beginners guide to: Grooming and Beginners guide to: XGen pipeline for beginners. 1,617 more words


Equipment: Shopping List

Latex gloves, a red light bulb, a black background sheet, black card, glass jars and kitchen towel.

Technical Research

Equipment: Hold Me Close

After reading up I found out I’d need a specialist holder for the plates. After finding some instructions online I considered modifying a regular sheet film holder. 59 more words

Technical Research

Equipment: More Power Vicar

If the wet plate process were to be ascribed an equivalent ISO rating, then it would be 0.5. It’s really not sensitive to light. In order to achieve consistent results and have full control over lighting, I wanted to shoot wet plates using studio flash. 113 more words

Technical Research

Pitch Presentation - Technical

Back to Maya

I’ve just installed maya 2017 and to be honest it’s going to be a bit of a challenge for me to get back into Maya this year, as I’ve spent the last year learning C4D. 185 more words