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Hackers Are Fuckin' Weird

Well, like the title says, hackers are fuckin’ weird. That’s not intended to be a derogatory, everyone hacks in some way and at varying skill levels. 480 more words


Technical Writing Skills

This is not a sample of a technical report, instead, it is a list of skills that technical writers need. I have been looking at jobs and comparing the skills of what an entry level technical writing job would be like. 486 more words

Technical Writing


Sorry folks, nursing a migraine tonight. Going to share a link to a thing I wrote for work instead (this is supposed to be a semi-professionally related blog anyways): 10 more words

Technical Writing

5 things about task lists

Over the years, I’ve thought to task lists (in particular my own) because I was managing lots of small projects like articles and blog posts. Task lists kept me on track to meet multiple deadlines every week. 125 more words

Technical Writing

Random and recent thoughts about revisions

Unlike some writers, I’m OK with being asked for revisions whether it be an article, blog post, or technical documentation I’m writing. Writing and publishing is a team effort. 219 more words

Technical Writing

In Technical Communication, Templates and Style Guide Materials Must Also Evolve

As technical communicators, we often think about the information being presented and the format and style in which it will be presented.

But, once we’ve established a template and a workflow that supports it, we become unshakeable and steadfast in our adherence and use of those. 128 more words

2018: Incorporating Web Design 

Next year I will be studying web design with my diploma in communication studies. This means that after I graduate mid 2018, I will be incorporating web design as a service within my business. 🎓📚💻