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This Thanksgiving my family and I traveled to Dallas, Texas to visit our youngest son and his wife Sarah.  Even though we are East Tennessee “ridge-runners” we love Dallas.  1,187 more words


Day 7: TBD

The last couple days have been busy. A good busy. I have made a large dent in compiling the manual that I am writing. It’s amazing how much harder it is to be a technical writer than it is to be a fiction writer, for me. 313 more words


The myth of “dangerous docs”

Back in March, the excellent 99% Invisible podcast did an episode on the Giftschrank, the “poison cabinet,” a locked box (and later room) where books considered dangerous were hidden from the public. 487 more words

Technical Writing

How to change the oil and filter on a 2013 Honda CRV

Learning to change your oil and oil filter is a valuable skill that can save you hundreds of dollars over your car’s lifetime.Using a pair of plastic gloves, an oil catch pan, a phillips head screwdriver, a new oil filter, a large funnel, a towel or rag and 4 quarts of 0w20 oil. 398 more words

Technical Writing

My Realizations on Technical Writing Based on the First Ever Police Blotter That I Filed

It was only yesterday that I fully realized the importance of  story telling and good technical writing skills that we as writers have to hone (for me at least). 473 more words


Open for Business!

Corporate jobs are easy to keep. A regular paycheck, the comfort of free time once the clock rings, the odd unpaid holiday if you need to see family… there’s a part of me that could have lived with that forever. 123 more words

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What is Technical Writing

The primary objective of technical writing is to inform and instruct users in performing
a task or process or to acquaint them with a product. Technical documents are supposed to provide complete information on a product or system, albeit spread out in different formats e.g. 54 more words

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