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Technical writing: The arcane art of making sense

‘What is it you do again?’, they would ask with a squint and slight tilt of the head.
Technical Writing.’
‘Oh,’ they would say, as the squint usually turns into a look of puzzlement. 626 more words

My Life As A Journalist

Treasure Map

I’m not much for Facebook. I’m trying to increase my social media presence, at the very least as a marketing tool, but I also know that I’ll read inane things and not get anything done, so it’s a fine balance.   229 more words


It might appear that I make a lot of mistakes, given some of my posts (here and here, for example). You might wonder, given the various hiccups I write about, whether I’m able to perform my job adequately.

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At last! Proof that the Oxford comma is important for avoiding ambiguities! Or, at the very least, that a court in Maine thinks so.

Personally, I’m not going to hate you if you have something against them, but I prefer using Oxford commas. 235 more words