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The Importance of Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Technical Writing is the process of transforming complex information into Plain Language. What exactly is Plain Language?  Plain Language is a form of writing that is written in simple wording. 838 more words


The ALPS Educational Comic

In an effort to curb the referral rate at the Alternative Learning Program, I set out to provide the students with examples of appropriate behavior. I decided to develop a comic because it is a medium easily relatable to middle school students. 38 more words

Technical Writing

12 truthes you learn as a contract technical writer

Working as a contract technical writer like I did earlier in my career can teach a lot of life lessons and illuminate a lot of truths into human nature. 275 more words

Technical Writing

Product description: A description of an SD Card

A product description is a description of specific items. The description will include the main components of the item and the function of the item. Here is an example below. 426 more words


Unit 7. Writing an Instruction Manual

Marisol Lozano. Project 4.

For this project, I wrote an Instruction Manual or How-To, for the BlackBoard Email function.

Unit 6. Informal and Formal Reports.

Marisol Lozano. Project 3.

For this project, I wrote a report about 5 companies for “Medicapital, Inc” and helped them choose which companies were the best to invest in.

Unit 5. Job Application.

Marisol Lozano. Project 2. Unit 5.

For this project, I made a résumé about a job posting for a Kinder Teacher Aid.