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Writing Apps: What Works

When I downloaded Scrivener to evaluate, I also downloaded a bunch of apps directed at writers who want to organize their work. Before deciding that… 1,224 more words


6 Tips You Must Follow While Choosing Your Business Partner !

The partnership with businesses is delicate and are to be handled with care. The ratio of a successful partnership is very less in view of the fact that almost all partnerships fail. 712 more words

C'est la vie

Man.   I’ve never had interruptions like this while video editing,.  I’ve created videos in the past; they’re posted on this very site!  I guess this goes to show that just because you plan on things going one way, doesn’t mean it’ll all go according to plan…

First Job

Invisible Yet Unbreakable Threads between Geo-science and Data Science

GeoScience describes all about the body of knowledge of our mother Earth. It is one of the oldest departments of data science and technology. It narrates the long story behind all the reactions and happenings that have been going on our planet since ages. 757 more words

There are Already Enough Rules

There’s no need to make up more!

It’s difficult sometimes to walk the line between being an editor and a lover of language. I’m the first person to get annoyed by some habits: Saying “whenever I went to the store” when you are talking about a specific grocery trip, or saying “I’m not bias.” There are rules, people! 431 more words

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Funny Typos & Spelling Mistakes

We all make mistakes every now and then. Sometimes they are made by the developers, sometimes they are made by the technical authors or content writers. 188 more words

Technical Writing

Why you should Hire a Technical Writer and a Content Person

“I can’t seem to get that copy the right way. It looks more like a how-to.”

A fellow colleague, who takes care of writing technical articles in the team, told me once. 439 more words

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