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How To Derail Your Train of Thought - or At Least Give It More Consideration

I was doing some research on sleep last night, and somehow I stumbled upon this beautiful infographic about cognitive biases. I love data that is laid out in attractive patterns that enhance understanding, and I’m always interested in how people think and perceive the world, so of course I clicked through. 309 more words


Occasionally I get questions from readers asking how I go about blogging. I’m not certain if I’m doing this in a business-savvy manner all the time (see my friend…

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"The Rise of Technical Writing Instruction in America" Robert J. Connors


Connors, Robert J. “The Rise of Technical Writing Instruction in America.” Ed. Stuart A. Selber. Central Works in Technical Communication. Ed. Johndan Johnson-Eilola. New York: Oxford UP, 2004. 344 more words

Ordered Lists and Data Integrity

WYSIWYG editors usually allow you to create ordered lists. In HTML, ordered lists look like this:

	<li>Buy ice cream</li>
	<li>Open ice cream</li>
	<li>Eat ice cream</li>
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Technical Writing

Molly the Urban Drug of 2016

Molly is the drug that is known to chemist as 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Molly is more commonly known as MDMA or ecstasy. This once legal drug, is alluring to youths not only because of its endorsements from the stars but because of its blissful effects, low mortality rate and lack of research of long term effects. 639 more words

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Corners on Main

The Corners on Main is a new condo development in the heart of old Ottawa East, located at 166 Main Street. The development of the project has been contracted to Domicile Developments. 340 more words