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Categories of NoSQL Database

NoSQL databases can be categorized into the following types:

Key-value store NoSQL database

From an API perspective, key-value stores are the simplest NoSQL data stores to use. 715 more words


What is a NoSQL database?

NoSQL is a class of database management systems (DBMS) that do not follow all of the rules of a relational DBMS and cannot use traditional SQL to query data. 692 more words


Amazon, Project Gutenberg, and Italian Literature

This post starts in the strangest of places. The other night, my mother was complaining how few free Italian books are available on the Kindle Store. 849 more words


Technical: Automotive Industry and Trade

• Auto manufacturing makes up about 1% of Canadian gross domestic product (GDP) but is significantly higher when downstream industries included.

• Direct industry employment is about 130K; direct and indirect jobs estimated around 500K or 2.7% of Canada’s total employment of 18.6 million in May 2018. 333 more words


The Modern Tool Kit for Teachers: Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

Christopher Pinkos, TCCS 129 & PCT T4D Committee Member

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” – Bill Gates… 762 more words


Breana Geering's "Wisteria" Part

This is going to launch Breana into the mainstream. Rough spots and technical tricks make for a solid edit! Those manny tricks are off the wall! 18 more words


O'Reilly FluentConf 2018

Oh really! I spoke at FluentConf last week in San Jose, California. Here are my slides.

Here is the talk trailer. I spoke about web tracking… 177 more words