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Diversity and persistence of group tags under replicator dynamics

Everyday I walk to the Stabile Research Building to drink espresso and sit in my cozy — although oversaturated with screens — office. Oh, and to chat about research with great people like Arturo Araujo, David Basanta, Jill Gallaher, Jacob Scott, Robert Vander Velde and other Moffitters. 2,517 more words


Automating Aquarium Lights with the iHome SmartPlug

Keeping aquarium lights on a precise schedule is actually something of a pain. If you use a mechanical timer you’re subject to power outages messing up the timing, plus daylight savings time requires manual adjustment twice per year. 322 more words


WhatsUp Gold Wireless Monitoring Technical Overview by E-SPIN

Hi Buddies!

For those who was not able to attend to the WhatsUp Gold Wireless Monitoring Technical Overview by E-SPIN training,

please refer to the attached video above. 26 more words


Experimental Seaweed Feeder - FAIL

I really want to feed these guys seaweed but every time I do they make a huge mess. This was an attempt to reduce the mess. 70 more words


MEAN stack foreign language translations

For the MEAN application I’m currently building, there is a requirement to have it served in multiple user-selectable languages. I used the MEAN fullstack generator ( 314 more words


couriertls: no start line

I recently had a project upgrading and migrating a hosting setup to some VMs, and newer OSs.
As a matter of fact, the original setup of this hosting environment was my handiwork as well, so I expected the job to be fairly straightforward. 195 more words