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SQL Server - Locking - Primary Key Violation & Deadlocks


There are no white flags here.  We are mostly going to repeat work already done and placed in the public domain by others.

As our cornerstone, we will rest on the work by Michael J. 1,536 more words


TGPR Part 2: Anatomy Of An Agricultural

No one was going to kiss me at the end.

On Sunday I went off at TGPR for the second time in nine years of driving that track during 14 track days in three different cars. 1,620 more words


A Good App

As the smartphone market continues to grow, a large number of smart phone owners migrate to more powerful, Internet-connected and advanced devices, and the demand for mobile applications boom. 405 more words


MTB - XC & Technical Trails. Dunoon. 

Whilst I’m neither an XC nor a Technical rider, these trails are available for those with the skills to tame and conquer.

Located above the Bishops Glen, Dunoon and built by locals, the trails carve their way through the hillside. 65 more words


Karatsuba Multiplication Algorithm - Python Code

Motivation for this blog post

I’ve enrolled in Stanford Professor Tim Roughgarden’s Coursera MOOC on the design and analysis of algorithms, and while he covers the theory and intuition behind the algorithms in a surprising amount of detail, we’re left to implement them in a programming language of our choice. 298 more words


Capture Your Moment: Figuring Out Flash

Amy Horn will be presenting two learning sessions at Arizona Highways Photo Workshops’ 30th Anniversary Symposium.  Here’s more about  “Figuring out Flash” by Amy Horn. 260 more words


Tapered Brake Pads

Here’s a shot of a pair of front pads (Hawk DT-10s) used on Sunday at TGPR.

The pair are clamped together toward one end and you can see the gap at the other. 72 more words