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Tempdb - Memory Uptake - Real Life Samples - Day 01


Want to start identifying queries that can cause your Tempdb to grow.

When possible, we will delineate as to which Tempdb component ( Internal or User… 411 more words


How to buy the best smartphone?

When shopping around for a smartphone, first and most important point is to determine your needs(Why you need smartphone ?),Cost ,Model and then prioritize your own feature and other considerations to find the right phone. 370 more words


SQL Server - Identify Queries with multiple query plans


One of the areas that a Database Administrator is responsible for is to occasionally take a look at the queries running against a SQL Instance. 595 more words


Microservices Architecture

What is Microservices architecture?

Microservices architecture is one of a popular software implementation approach, which based on service-oriented architectures (SOA). This architecture used to develop flexible and independently deployable applications. 248 more words


Why not to buy an Iphone 5s in 2017

We are into 2017 and its time when people are getting a lot of offers online for an Iphone 5s which is quite tempting.  A phone which won hearts of million users, a phone which is like Windows XP of Microsoft, stable, stylish and classy is actually not a good idea to buy in 2017.

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