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Using the Today Function in Flow Conditions

When creating Flows you may need to have conditions that compare a date to today’s date.

Example: If is greater than Today

To use the Today function in a condition type in… 48 more words


Access Blocked Websites

There are many websites that we cannot access from our Schools, Offices or even from Home because either our organisations or government have blocked them and cannot be accessed. 34 more words


Technical Adviser Job

“RaysTech Solutions seeks Technical Adviser.  Must have MS in Computer Science or Electrical/Electronic Engineering; or BS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with 5+ yrs of experience.   18 more words

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Why you should have more than one Email account ?

In my opinion everyone should have at least two or more email accounts – one for your personal and other for professional use. There are many benefits of having more than two email accounts. 428 more words


GREEN CLOUD l'informatique

The world’s rapidly increasing demand for computation and data storage.When considering going cloud, numerous quantifiable benefits come to mind, predominantly: cost savings, simplified management, ease of access, increased efficiencies and improved computing capabilities. 645 more words


Go2Shell in Mac

Go2Shell opens a terminal window to the current directory in Finder.

The best way to use Go2Shell is to add it to the Finder toolbar, to do this just drag and drop the app onto the toolbar​. 36 more words


How To Get Started With iOS Unit Tests in Swift

Unit tests are awesome. They not only improve the overall quality of your code, they also make it easier for you to test individual pieces of your app without having to manually run your app. 3,198 more words