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Mobileye - MBLY

Mobileye is almost at ATL (all time low) levels but it seems that it can go up again. The lightblue descending trend tunnel guides the chart. 52 more words


Programmatic Advertising

“It’s just what it sounds like: The technology allows buyers and sellers to engage in transactions via the programming, or automation, of sophisticated algorithms in a marketplace, or exchange. 65 more words

Advertising & Design

Video Scene Light Experiment

I filmed six different lighting scenarios with a basic 4 shot storyline. I subtly numbered the scenarios at the beginning of each set of shots. The lighting scenarios were: 48 more words


Externalizing Session State for a Spring Boot Application Using Spring-Session

Spring-session is a very cool new project that aims to provide a simpler way of managing sessions in Java based web applications. One of the features that I explored with spring-session recently was the way it supports externalizing session state without needing to fiddle with the internals of specific web containers like Tomcat or Jetty. 692 more words


10 performance tips from LinkedIn Mobile

1. Avoid synchronous code

By design, Node.js is single threaded. To allow a single thread to handle many concurrent requests, you can never allow the thread to wait on a blocking, synchronous, or long running operation. 1,218 more words


Building High Performance Applications

Performance is one word which is used to describe multiple scenarios’ when talking about the application performance. When someone says, I need a High Performance Application; it might mean any/all of the following… 1,352 more words