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Sample: IChemE Press Release/ Blurb

We in the IChemE YMG would like to thank Peter Taff for his fascinating talk on his career in the natural gas industry. From his beginnings making Chlorine and liquefying Helium, his pivotal roles in British Gas, and Centrica both on the Operations side and Commercial side, and his current role as an independent consultant, Mr Taff gave an inspiring talk on the possible career path of a Chemical Engineer. 62 more words


Resolving virt-manager “You need to install openssh-askpass or similar to connect to this host”

When connecting to a new server, the connection will fail the the error:

Unable to connect to libvirt.

You need to install openssh-askpass or similar to connect to this host.

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Ensure that your username is added to the group libvirtd

  1. Login with user credentials
  2. Run this command

           sudo adduser `id -un` libvirtd


Linux add user in sudoers group (Fix user is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.)

1.  Login as root or su to get root prompt

2. Edit  /etc/sudoers  file:

root ALL=(ALL) ALL # Add one with your username below this… 7 more words


Network Configuration (interface) on a Debian system

The majority of network setup can be done via the interfaces configuration file at /etc/network/interfaces. Here, we can give our network card an IP address (or use dhcp), set up routing information, configure IP masquerading, set default routes and much more. 314 more words


Change Hostname of linux system

Open below mentioned file and change name. Reboot the system.

For debian based linux => sudo vi /etc/hostname

For redhat based linux & others => sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/network