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Fifth Presentation

Again the presentation well went and again were were given some more feedback that would help improve our short…

Alec I think its coming on nicely. 211 more words


First 3D Sun on Teapot Comp Test

I decided to test out comping the animated and rendered 3D sun onto a rendered frame of the teapot on the China Cabinet shelf and this was the result… 227 more words


Rigging the Sun

What I Did

I am in no way shape or form a dab hand at rigging, before this project I had rigged very little. It’s a process I stayed away from in every prior project as it did not seem like something I’d enjoy nor be naturally good at. 182 more words


China Cabinet Render

After modelling/texturing the China Cabinet and it’s assets, I went on to place everything on the shelves and very roughly lit this scene, it was here as well that I figured out some rendering setting that gave me a nice quality with a decent render time as so far we only have two computers to render on. 81 more words


Fourth Presentation

Not having an animatic due for this presentation meant we had some time to spend on other aspects outside of story. We got moddelling/tetxuring some stuff we knew we would need for the short film and I got started on rigging the sun/teapot as well as getting started on some animation tests… the feedback was good as well as always very helpful… 235 more words


Teapot/Sun Animation Tests

* video reference for the teapots tilt 

Here I animated the teapot tilt and it’s lid and then drew a very rough sun on top, these animation tests were to show how the teapot would react to the suns movements I liked this because I believe it gave the teapot life for itself! 132 more words