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Machine predicts heart attacks 4 hours before doctors

WHEN someone shouts “Code Blue!” in a hospital, it usually means a patient needs immediate help. An algorithm may be able to make that call 4 hours earlier to head off dangerous situations. 335 more words


Decks Picture Technical Drawing 5

Finished blocking out the line drawing. Phew.

Still lots to do. Get the z order sorted and block out as white to do that. Then start colouring. 23 more words


PCA Autocross in Chattanooga Last Weekend

I had a great time at the Advanced Collision/Porsche of Chattanooga autocross last weekend at Soddy-Daisy High School. The lot is not big, but they did a good job of creating a fun, one-car-at-a-time course. 448 more words


BPD Instances Cleanup

There are three ways of deleting Process Instances.
1) Through stored procedure LSW_BPD_INSTANCE_DELETE,
2) By wsadmin command BPMProcessInstanceCleanup (v8.0 and later).
3) From process inspector (web based or process designer client). 55 more words


UCA Issues

When a time-based UCA is scheduled, an event manager task in the LSW_EM_TASK table and two keywords in the LSW_EM_TASK_KEYWORDS table are created. On rare occasions, you might see event manager tasks for time-based UCAs that have only one keyword. 38 more words


Annie Get Your Prior

I was reading Sharon McGrayne’s wonderful popular (no, really!) book on the history of Bayesian statistics. At one point it is mentioned that George Box wrote a song for a departmental Christmas party… 89 more words


Windows 10 Seems to Be Working Smoothly

I have returned from the world of updating Windows 8.1, also known as the Mildly Darned, to Windows 10.  And I can pretty reliably report to those considering it, or waiting to get the green flag from Microsoft, that it was a 99% smooth ride. 411 more words