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Sticky Elbow Syndrome

Here’s one of the most common errors I see in forehands for those that are somewhat more advanced – able to hit topspin, and maybe even with quite some pace. 295 more words


The Four Defaults

When there are so many different things happening in a such a short amount of time it can be tough knowing what exactly to look at or make calls for, particularly if you’re a novice and have’t fully grasped all the technical nuances yet. 471 more words


Anticipate the Serve

So, if you understand proper tennis technique, and the biomechanic limitations caused by improper technique, you can not only improve your own game, but you can readily spot flaws in your opponent’s technique, allowing you to anticipate where the ball is going before they even hit it. 70 more words


Foot | Work

If you have ever attended one of my workshops, seen one of my junior classes, or run through a private session with me, you will have undoubtedly heard me talk about good footwork. 461 more words


Coxing Skills 101: Boat Feel

“Boat feel” is something that you’ve gotta understand regardless of who/what you’re coxing. It most often comes up when we’re talking about bow loaders since instead of seeing what’s happening you’ve gotta feel it but everything below is applicable to any boat you’ll ever be in. 677 more words


How to Hit a Looping Topspin Forehand

Hitting a looping topspin forehand with a high arc over the net is actually a very aggressive shot. Used properly it can be a very high percentage play. 314 more words


John McEnroe Serve


Lateral shoulder turn is extreme to enhance lefty spin.

Swings up at the ball nicely

Good rhythm


Shoulder flexibility looks poor – probably because he’s super old here. 29 more words