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The Coach as Engineer

An analogy I sometimes use with my crews is that training them is like building an engine.  I usually mention this when crew members are getting their priorities wrong and attempting to apply power before they have the precision and balance required to handle it.   527 more words


Wednesday Workout: Let's get busy

~3 months to the official start of summer and the heart of race season. It probably seems so distant to those of us struggling through a harsh winter! 49 more words


Help with Attitude Pirouettes

These are all of my tips and tricks for attitude pirouettes in ballet. These turns can be tricky for any dancer, so hopefully this video will help you with your turning technique. 20 more words


Turns in Second Tutorial

As we get closer to state, I know teams are really stepping up the technique game. As I’ve mentioned before, we can’t forget about our basics!! 29 more words

Season Preparation

Thirds And Symmetry

The First Rule.

Know it.

One of the first “Rules” of photography that most people learn when first starting out is the Rule Of Thirds.  166 more words


Wednesday Workout: Working on our pacing and our heads

This will test your mental and pacing skills. Fast, steady pace you can maintain. But fast. And then stick with it as you fatigue. Your arms will thank you on race day. 62 more words


A letter from Dinu Lipatti to a student

This beautiful and instructive letter was sent by pianist Dinu Lipatti to one of his students. I particularly like his advice that one should “discover the complete emotional content by playing it a great deal in various different ways….” This is sound advice for pianists of all levels, amateur and professional. 468 more words