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Pirouettes En Dedans

Hi everyone!  Today’s post is about improving your en dedans pirouettes, which, in my opinion, is one of the most hated steps in ballet.  I’ve also included a video for you – which you’re lucky to get during tech week….so, here we go: 765 more words


Improving Grand Jeté

Hi everybody!  Today is a highly reqeusted blog post all about improving your grand jetés or saut de chats and getting that high split jump much desired by dancers everywhere.   1,188 more words


How to Darn Pointe Shoes

Hi everybody!  Here’s a quick bonus video for you about how to sew your pointe shoes.  See you tomorrow with another full blog post!


Breaking in Pointe Shoes

Hi everyone!  Today’s post is all about how to break in your pointe shoes and prepare them for use.  In addition to breaking them in, I’ll include how to prepare them in every other way besides sewing (I just did a separate blog post and video on that), including labeling, hammering, bending, gluing, and more.   224 more words


Pirouettes Video

Hey guys!  I finally made a video to go along with my Improving Pirouettes blog post from a while ago.  Watch it below:

(By the way sorry we’re about an hour late today – I had to upload the video this morning because of technical difficulties).


Tips for the Overwhelmed

Ballet is a complicated thing.  That’s what makes it so beautiful.  Plus, there’s a lot of pressure to get better – friends with ear-high extensions and quadruple pirouettes, competition with amazing feet and crazy flexibility.   971 more words