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Classical ballet -- The plane theory

I had a private lesson the other day, which I highly recommend if that’s an option for you, and we talked a lot about imagery and thinking about feeling length and simplifying basic placement while you are dancing.   480 more words

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The surprising importance of the standing inner thigh

Elizabeth Murphy, a principal dancer with PNB (picture below) was guest teaching at my ballet school’s summer intensive when she gave me this correction:

When your leg moves in an en dehors motion during a rond de jambe or really at any time when your leg is to the back, don’t let your supporting inner thigh collapse backwards and lose its rotation.

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Thoughts On Technique

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Creating good bonsai is not an easy task, doing it properly building ramification, branch structure and foliage mass all takes time. I love using native British trees because they thrive in my location, I am after all British and living in the cold wet North of the UK. 197 more words


Coaching “the Recovery” – by Howard Aiken

(This is the fourth in a series of coaching notes and is probably best read with the preceding “Coaching the Finish”. The techniques described apply primarily to rowing rather than sculling and to bigger boats rather than small ones). 1,818 more words


Technique Versus Tactics

I’m sure most of us can relate to the situation – you receive feedback on your skiing only to then receive contradictory feedback, sometimes from the same person! 371 more words


Freed Pointe Shoe Experience

There are lots of rumors surrounding pointe shoes – most of them criticize modern brands such as Gaynor Minden, and also brands that are designed to help boost a dancer’s technique without them working hard for it. 747 more words


Pointe Shoes: "I Can't Get Over My Box"

So, what is holding you back from getting over your box in your pointe shoes? The immediate answer that most will assume is a lack of good or flexible feet. 830 more words