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Things that affect the set: Timing

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S Q U A R E  T I M I N G // This is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, thing to spot and correct – not pointing it out is just straight up laziness. 426 more words


How to secure a Tall literati tree in a shallow pot.

This is an article I first posted on IBC in 2010, worth a look. The tree is no longer in my personal collection.

This is a Prunus Spinosa that I collected on my 50th Birthday… it’s called ‘Fifty’ and it has been in this pot for 2 years. 312 more words


Han Kengai Yew second wiring and deadwood

I have been working this tree for 5 years, collected in 2011 its hard to imagine that this is the same tree. This is a photo when the tree was first potted up. 112 more words


Video of the Week: Rowing posture

This is a good video for coxswains to watch so you know what to look for when the rowers are on the ergs.

Video Of The Week

Practice calls

Previously: Race calls

Today’s post is a follow up to the “race calls” one that went up back in May. These are some of the comments that were included in response to a question on our  30 more words


All About Barre

Hi everybody!  Today’s blog post is kicking off our technique theme for the month!  Not every blog post will be in the technique theme, but most of them will be.   1,285 more words


Things that affect the set: Bladework

A pretty common question amongst coxswains is “what are all the things that affect the set of the boat?”. I’ve been asked it more times than I can count this summer so I wanted to put a series of posts together that address some of the technical issues you might encounter that can/will lead to balance issues on the water. 515 more words