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Waples Wines Northern Travellers - Tip of the Month 2 !!

Travellers tip #2 Kicker setting: “On my boat the kicker is one of the most constantly adjusted settings.  In simple terms, other than the main and jib sheets it is the control which mostly affects the speed and balance of a fifteen. 439 more words

Flying Fifteen

How to Achieve Multiple Pirouettes, Featuring Velvet360

One of the more valuable skill sets you can have for auditioning or building your personal brand on social media is proficiency in turns. Most of us have probably seen the ridiculous video of that dancer taking off her warm ups mid-turn. 410 more words

Life In The Studio

First work on a Yamadori Yew 'Pagoda' style

Its always exciting when you tackle a piece of raw material for the first time, the element of discovery (and sometimes disappointment) seeing the image that you have in your head appear before your eyes is great. 122 more words


Multiple Exposure Mode with Nikon D810

A couple of months ago I was researching neutral density filters for long exposure landscape photography when I came across a forum post describing an alternative. 750 more words


Classical ballet -- The plane theory

I had a private lesson the other day, which I highly recommend if that’s an option for you, and we talked a lot about imagery and thinking about feeling length and simplifying basic placement while you are dancing.   480 more words


The surprising importance of the standing inner thigh

Elizabeth Murphy, a principal dancer with PNB (picture below) was guest teaching at my ballet school’s summer intensive when she gave me this correction:

When your leg moves in an en dehors motion during a rond de jambe or really at any time when your leg is to the back, don’t let your supporting inner thigh collapse backwards and lose its rotation.

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