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Patience Really Is A Virtue

Those of you that have been following my journey for the past three years know how BADLY I’ve wanted to last the 10 minutes of a 16kg snatch set. 448 more words

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Removing a FAT root from The Hawthorn Raft

One of the challenges that face anyone creating bonsai is that they GROW not only above the soil but below, of course all trees need roots however sometimes the roots can cause problems such as oversize and out of scale to the tree, particularly with deciduous species. 253 more words


How to secure a Tall literati tree in a shallow pot.

This is an article I first posted on IBC in 2010, worth a look. The tree is no longer in my personal collection.

This is a Prunus Spinosa that I collected on my 50th Birthday… it’s called ‘Fifty’ and it has been in this pot for 2 years. 312 more words


Han Kengai Yew second wiring and deadwood

I have been working this tree for 5 years, collected in 2011 its hard to imagine that this is the same tree. This is a photo when the tree was first potted up. 112 more words


All About Barre

Hi everybody!  Today’s blog post is kicking off our technique theme for the month!  Not every blog post will be in the technique theme, but most of them will be.   1,285 more words


Lock Down

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Eddie Bravo, seems to approach BJJ a little bit differently than most. I’ve written about rubber guard before that I still sometimes use. 311 more words


Turning Q & A...Problems Solved!

I have been getting loads of extremely specific requests regarding pirouette and turning technique – so I thought I would do a short-answer blog post and check them all off in one sha-bang! 689 more words