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Turn Your Guitar Into A Sitar

Turn Your Guitar Into A Sitar. From a standard guitar tuning (E – A – D – G – B- E), tune your guitar to B – F# – B – F# – B – B to create an authentic sitar sound. 62 more words


Swimming Workout: Quality not quantity

Steady pace throughout for the main set please. Work on being consistent. Warm down consists of high quality drill work with plenty of rest. Quality not quantity is key in a swim workout, so if you run out of time just do fewer 50s. 40 more words


Behind the scenes in Cathedral Valley

Just one of those “What goes on behind the scenes” posts.

Sunset my first night in Upper Cathedral Valley had me giddy. Besides being my first time in this place I had a nearby campsite overlooking then entire valley and saw exactly 5 other human beings all weekend, it was all mine. 708 more words


Up Close And Personal

When photographing landscapes, especially with a wide angle lens, I often place my lens closeup to my foreground element. Doing so accentuates the prominence of your foreground in the composition by giving the illusion that it is larger than it really is. 35 more words

New Hampshire

Two Quick Tips for a Perfect Freestyle

Keeping it simple, here’s two quick tips that will help your freestyle technique, and thus your swimming.

  • Head Position

Position your head correctly and your body will follow. 147 more words


Swimming Workout: Kick-Swim

A quick kick/swim swimming set.

Say that ten times fast!
Warm up:
400 easy swim
2x 200 free long, smooth, steady, 20 secs rest

Main Set: 35 more words


Finger Busters

Here’s an exercise I use with younger players to challenge and extend them with their scales. It’s more interesting and beneficial than just going up and down a scale. 15 more words