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Things that affect the set: Bladework

A pretty common question amongst coxswains is “what are all the things that affect the set of the boat?”. I’ve been asked it more times than I can count this summer so I wanted to put a series of posts together that address some of the technical issues you might encounter that can/will lead to balance issues on the water. 494 more words


Lock Down

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Eddie Bravo, seems to approach BJJ a little bit differently than most. I’ve written about rubber guard before that I still sometimes use. 311 more words


Turning Q & A...Problems Solved!

I have been getting loads of extremely specific requests regarding pirouette and turning technique – so I thought I would do a short-answer blog post and check them all off in one sha-bang! 689 more words

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How to Articulate Through Your Feet

Today we are talking about a requested topic, which is how to master articulating through your feet, and especially through your pointe shoes, during tendus, dégagés, rond de jambes, and any battement movement, really.   654 more words

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Improving Rond de Jambe

Rond de jambe is usually around the fifth combination you do in your daily ballet class. That makes it one of the most important elements of your technique that you build up every day.   1,018 more words

Regular Posts

Cleaning up after a trip

After all the fun and excitement , after the long drive home, with that hamburger/steak salad from the celebration dinner sitting comfortably in your stomach, it’s time to clean up the gears.  203 more words


Creating new buds on Scots Pine old wood

I am very pleased to see these new buds appearing on some of the Yamadori Scots Pines, I removed the end buds in November last year and this forces the energy in the tree to push out onto old wood. 82 more words