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Technique Versus Tactics

I’m sure most of us can relate to the situation – you receive feedback on your skiing only to then receive contradictory feedback, sometimes from the same person! 371 more words


Freed Pointe Shoe Experience

There are lots of rumors surrounding pointe shoes – most of them criticize modern brands such as Gaynor Minden, and also brands that are designed to help boost a dancer’s technique without them working hard for it. 747 more words


Pointe Shoes: "I Can't Get Over My Box"

So, what is holding you back from getting over your box in your pointe shoes? The immediate answer that most will assume is a lack of good or flexible feet. 830 more words


Repotting to Bigei Pot for Kifu Taxus

I collected this Taxus Baccata in 2004 and it has been through many iterations before arriving at the Kifu size (Ian Warhust always said that the tree should be a small one) 183 more words


The Brain and Ballet

The biggest problem for most dancers in turning is that they are lacking self-confidence. It is the fear of turning that is stopping them. This can be abated by becoming familiar with the process. 530 more words


A Dancer's Guide to the Upper Back

Hi everybody!  Today we discuss the concept of the upper back in ballet dance.  This part of a ballet dancer’s technique is often ignored. Yet it is vital to maintaining correct posture, a high arabesque and many other technical achievements.   826 more words


Time Trials - What do you want to learn?

We will be doing time trials again tomorrow in the usual format with a good warm-up followed by a 400m and 100m time trial.  What do you want to learn from it? 228 more words

Training Skills