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Improving Fouettés

Hi everybody!  Today’s blog post and video are all about improving your fouetté turns. They are the signature ballet turns.  They are famous for their appearance in the third act coda of Swan Lake as well as the Don Quixote coda, 32 being the magic number.   1,213 more words


Improving Beats

Hi everybody!  Today’s blog post and video is all about improving your batteriere or beats.  I’m excited to be telling you about this because it is one of my strengths and I have some great advice to offer to you.   652 more words


Ballet Leg Types

Hi everyone!  In today’s blog post we will discuss the different types of legs and the strengths and weaknesses of all of them.  Enjoy, and I’ll see you on Friday with another post. 859 more words


Improving Promenade

Hi everybody!  Today’s blog post and video is about improving promenades.  We talk about why they are so difficult and what technique advice I have to improve yours!   109 more words


Jump Workout

In celebration of my two weeks full of videos, today we have a jumping workout!  Enjoy.



  1. 16 coupé changes each side
  2. 32 foot presses each side…
  3. 8 more words

Question of the Day

I’ve been having some trouble for some time now that when I’m rowing at high rates and focusing on just being faster and tapping down and getting my blade in I’m burying the entire shaft of the oar pretty much. 470 more words


Pirouette Workout

Hi everybody!  Today’s workout is for your pirouettes and all turns.  It is less of a strengthenig and conditioning workout and more of a practice of balancing and turning.   28 more words