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Here are what I was working in last four weeks:

1. To analysis the camera moving of an short animation film <Gopher Broke>:

2. Hard surface Model… 109 more words


A new course I am studying

This is the first day of my new course called Computer Animation in Sheridan College, ON, Canada.

Basically, this course is focus on how to use maya to make animation. 199 more words


2014/05/26 Processing Learning

After learning Arduino, I started another course for Processing on Lynda.com, it is called <Interactive Data Visualization with Processing with Barton Poulson>. Here are some notes I took and some practices I did: 115 more words

Technique Learning

2014/05/23 Arduino Learning

This one I don’t know why the first light was not shining and I’ve checked the code for many times:

This one is a little bit complex for me, so I was not able to make it: 75 more words

Technique Learning

2014/05/21 Learning Arduino

After yesterday’s seminar, I was thinking how could I make the audience feel unclear to the images behind the barriers? Then I think about use some triggers to make the audiences could interact with those images. 87 more words

Technique Learning

Interactive code workshop

Today we learned how to connect Arduino to Processing and make physical equipments work with Processing.

Learn to light a bulb:

the green bulb will interact with this sensor.

Technique Learning