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Initial Impressions - a Sony A7R and some old Olympus OM lenses.

This detailed post is the result of a bad back, a feeling of dissatisfaction with a camera and remembering something from years ago – just so you know…. 1,661 more words


Collapsing fingers and double joint

This lengthy passage shows the most useful information about collapsing fingers, or we call double-joint. The writer also suggests remedy to cope with this annoying problem. 16 more words


Put your characters in charge

Do you ever get those writing sessions, halfway through a first draft, and you find your writing is stale, boring, lacks texture and emotion? You tried your best, yet it looks like garbage? 460 more words


Three T's - Timing, Technique, Taste

My wife bought me 30 or so CD’s at a yard sale this past summer for $5.00.  That works out to about $.17 a CD.  You can’t go wrong with think kind of a deal. 653 more words


A Good Guidebook is Hard To Find

As I continue cranking away trying to create a guidebook for our humble little area of the Powerlinez, I’m beginning the realize the work that goes into a guidebook. 901 more words


Pacing in Stories

I often find myself the victim of this time. We live in a world where stories move at a pace, maybe not the one that we intended, but they move none the less. 706 more words

William Coad

50 Shades of K[affe Fassett]

This is the first of a set of 4, maybe 5, pieces for TRAC at the Garlic Farm next month.  I’ve used the technique of patching and piecing to make the frame.   154 more words