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'I Had A Poster Of Osama Bin Laden On My Wall'

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This Australian woman explains how he was once considered a ‘hero’ – before he became the world’s most wanted man.“,”link”:”http:\/\/cdn.newsapi.com.au\/link\/5256c53ec7dcf4827e3c4d455e47b1fa”,”canonicalOverride”:””,”paidStatus”:”NON_PREMIUM”,”originalSource”:”Whimn”,”creditedSource”:”whimn.com.au”,”version”:”PUBLISHED”,”dateUpdated”:”2018-02-22T04:00:20.000Z”,”dateLive”:”2018-02-22T05:00:24.000Z”,”customDate”:”2018-02-22T00:04:24.000Z”,”dateCreated”:”2018-02-22T01:26:15.000Z”,”status”:”ACTIVE”,”thumbnailImage”:{“contentType”:”IMAGE”,”id”:{“value”:”96edfb208ab31f264f3b3b47ef56bbed”,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/image\/v1\/96edfb208ab31f264f3b3b47ef56bbed”},”originId”:”Whimn-108379-spp_thumbnail”,”origin”:”WORDPRESS”,”title”:”Aisha from the SBS show ‘Muslim Like Us’. 3,401 more words


Trying out Gouache by Arteza

Hey all!  New video is up!  This time, I am trying out gouache (opaque watercolor) from Arteza.

This is a relatively new company that has popped up within the last year (as far as I know), and I’ve been wanting to try some of their products.  53 more words


The Difference Between Slices and Pies

The Tour de Slice is coming. We’ve got a date. The floor is open to nominations. People are sharing their thoughts.

Burnt My Fingers is one of those people, and he brought up an interesting point regarding slices, and his concerns about the entire venture: 738 more words



Herring Gull Larus argentatus at a city centre food source.  An adult, in breeding plumage.

Gulls?  Rats with wings is one name I’ve heard for them but, as always, I love them, having grown up alongside them all those years ago – this is a photo for you, Lynn, my ex-birder friend – enjoy! 46 more words


A Flick of the Wrist

Most people don’t realize that being a musician is physically demanding as much as it is emotionally and mentally demanding. Musicians arguably suffer from as many injuries as athletes – particularly chronic ones. 356 more words


Blends go just before the line.

If you’ve played with the new Stampin’ Blends then you probably already know this.  Do not go all the way to the line.  An alcohol-based marker tends to bleed a bit so leave a tiny bit of white space before the line.  52 more words


Dive planes in 2018 WRC rally cars

Snowbanks in the recent Rally of Sweden has put once again in trouble the refined aerodynamic design of the 2017 WRC cars. All teams have suffered at different moments from losing different parts. 908 more words