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"Stash Busting- 7/52"

Hey there,

Hope you are all having a great week. You just don’t know what the week is going to bring!

The last couple of days I have been working on another 52 Week Layout Challenge Page. 163 more words

Technique and speed, take 2

Well done for all of your efforts at the time trials last week.  This week we will go back to some steadier-paced swimming, with time to focus again on your technique, together with some pursuit swims to add a bit of speed and racing tactics at the end. 253 more words


Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host - a brief description

As part of my History/Theory/Literature of Postmodernism class with Dr. Hannah Kosstrin we are required to hone our movement description skills through short writing assignments on specific performances. 277 more words


Demonised Aspirations

Hi, I’m an aspiring writer. And I’m risking the wrath of the internet to introduce myself like that. It seems that lately, the word ‘aspire,’ has been demonised. 631 more words


Freed Pointe Shoe Experience

There are lots of rumors surrounding pointe shoes – most of them criticize modern brands such as Gaynor Minden, and also brands that are designed to help boost a dancer’s technique without them working hard for it. 747 more words



Bars to keep you out, bars to keep you in.  Either way, the light has you.

Composition: But not bars at all in fact, only darker stripes on a wall that have been given a high contrast look in… 43 more words