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Jewish Penicillin

Today we do Jewish. Because yesterday was a continuation of the coordinated bomb threats phoned into Jewish Community Centers around the U.S.

I don’t know what goes on in Polish Community Centers, or Italian Community Centers, or Irish Community Centers. 657 more words


Holding On

The last two times that I’ve picked up my bow and gone shooting I’ve come away feeling great. My groupings are getting tighter and I’m more or less placing the arrows where I want them to go. 530 more words


A clear plan and goals help

January is a time of starting new projects like learning something new and it can be tempting to jump right in and start learning. However, it does help to pause a bit, because everything worth doing that lasts more than two days is also worth planning, as I learned through project management. 1,032 more words


Solutions pour conférences: quand faut-il opter pour un système de discussion numérique?

Imaginez un sommet international rassemblant des centaines de délégués du monde entier. Ils sont assis derrière des microphones montés sur des bureaux et beaucoup portent des casques. 2,013 more words


Long Exposure Experimentation

My Favorite Mistake   |    Author: Christina Heinle

While in Vienna, I practiced long exposure photography at night.  Capturing the streaking tail lights of cars with the historic buildings in the background was quite fun and overall I was pleased with the results.  199 more words


Should we be wearing wrist straps?

Wrist straps are commonly used in gyms to assist trainers to lift heavier weights. The idea is that you can enhance your ability to grip the bar which then enables you to lift more weight and grow stronger. 302 more words


Saving Money

Typically, you can cut the cost of beer in half when you’re home brewing.

Given you buy beers like Sam Adams and other premium craft beers at a grocery store, the cost of making a 5-gallon batch of beer is around 25$ if you do it right. 751 more words