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Photoshop Artistry - Part 4

Never one to do things by halves, when I decide to do something I jump in head first and usually give 110% (sure, sure it’s a mathematical impossibility, but I specialise in that!) So when I saw and then signed up for the Photoshop Artistry Course (which is roughly 26 weeks) I launched myself into, as well as a few additional course to boot! 298 more words


Improving Your Retiré

Today we discuss a very popular topic among ballet dancers (this is quite the opposite of my post about Developing Artistry).  In this technique tip, we discuss how to improve your balance in retiré.   1,188 more words


Light Trails

Playing about with light trails for the first time

I got an ND filter today for my camera. While not really necessary to have it on for night shots like these, it was still good to know I could adjust the amount of light coming in if needed. 16 more words

Nikon 1

So You Think You Can Run?..

Running; we all learn how to do it as kids’ right? It’s not that tricky once you’ve mastered the whole standing on 2 feet thing. 618 more words


The science behind the hook

Boxing Science’s Danny Wilson reveals the mechanics of this crucial punch

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Time trials with Technique

This week we will be doing time trials to start the series of time trials we will do this Winter on the last Saturday of every second month (end Nov, end Jan and end March).   283 more words

Training Skills

Inside the Uffizi...

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is an absolute ‘must do’ for any visitor; this amazing room is actually a two image panorama captured handheld using the 17mm TS-E… 17 more words

Canon 5D Mk III