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Breakfast Eggs with Amplify!

by Alison Heikkila

Hello! For the month of January, the Imagine team has been working with the theme “New Beginnings.” For me, a new beginning happens each and every day, and I like to start the day off with breakfast. 547 more words


Which Digital Marketing Techniques Deserve the Most Attention in 2017?

The digital marketing explosion that s taken place over the last decade has created immense opportunities for law firms. Now you can connect with a large portion of your demographic with ease and with little investment. 39 more words

Glencoe Stage 3

During the week I gave the whole painting a green glaze using a mixture of cerulean blue and cad yellow as I felt some of the colour had been lost. 754 more words


Production Log: Waiting for Spring

Composition for this track started on my Ono baritone ukulele experimenting with chords using two fingers and two open strings. Here’s the simplified chord chart: 1,105 more words


Technique Spotlight: Body Posture - Alignment

Where am I standing? How should I stand? And in which way am I going?

Alignment in dance is crucial, but it can be extremely confusing. 531 more words


My First Post!

So, after a lot of thought and debating and idea jotting, I have decided to begin this blog.

This time last year I tried to start one, however, didn’t have many ideas and ending up not posting and in the end just deleting it all together. 392 more words


Behaviour Skills Training (BST)


Best Skill-building Technique.

Build Someone’s Tenacity.

Broad Spectrum Treatment.

Barn-Storming Truism?

When I first read a description of this training technique in my textbook, I shrugged. 336 more words