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The Colorful World of Shibori

I’ve been waiting for one of those aha moments to create an incredibly clever blog post that will amaze and entertain. I’ll lower those standards a bit and just pass along some great information on working with shibori silk. 425 more words

Camel CA 10 # Shades – Who You Gonna Run To / Hi There (Camel) 1969 UK 7”

The Shades – Who You Gonna Run To / The Shades – Hi There (Camel # CA 10) 1969 UK 7”


The Techniques – Who You Gonna Run To / The Techniques – Hi There (Camel # CA 10) 1969 UK 7” 14 more words

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Camel CA 19 # Techniques – Everywhere Everyone / Go Find Yourself A Fool (Camel) 1969 UK 7”

The Techniques – Everywhere Everyone / The Techniques – Go Find Yourself A Fool (Camel # CA 19) 1969 UK 7”

Written by Techniques

Produced by Winston Riley / W. Riley

Beverley Music

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How to Layer: Winter 101

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Layering remains one of the best fashion trends of the Autumn/Winter season. It can be both fashionable and incredibly warm and cosy. However, it still terrifies most people. 386 more words

Intelligent Ignorance

No.  It’s not necessarily a contradiction in terms.

Being able to “talk the talk” is really critical.  It’s often referred to as domain expertise.  It defines a Comfort level. 370 more words


Reflections on Project 2.

Project 2 was all about shapes and fundamental form.  In it I have practised drawing various 2D and 3D shapes, put groups of objects together to look at the shapes they make, the spaces between them and how they impact on each other with shadows, I have also experimented with tone and used various media to depict these tones and shadows. 430 more words

Part 1

Why we need a Textual Division to Study Sacred Scripture

In our previous posts we discussed what a textual division is and how to construct one. Now we will take up the question of why a textual division is a good way to study Sacred Scripture. 508 more words