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Film Score mixing with Alan Meyerson

Last week I had the best time of my life when I was able to spend a week with Alan Meyerson, who is known to be one of the greatest scoring mixers of all time, and one of the very few who can make a dent in the universe when it comes to Surround Mixing. 7,297 more words

Film Mixing

Lo-fi music production techniques

I was recently asked to mix a track for my friend, with the instruction that it should sound lo-fi.

Although I already have a good idea of what lo-fi music and production styles are, as I’m a fan of the genre, it struck me that some people might not be so familiar. 639 more words


Abschneiden: Parrying with a Slice

This week we take a look at the Abschneiden, a parry with a slice.

Description from the Longsword:

You should execute slicing off thus:

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Fifth Technique: Getting Physical

Quitting smoking is one of the hard decision that one has to  ever make, especially for one who has been smoking for a long time, but the benefits of quitting far surpasses the difficulty that comes with making that decision. 292 more words


Fourth Technique: Cold Turkey

As defined by (Bharadwaj & McClure, 2013) cold turkey involves abrupt stopping of a habit such as drug or substance dependence, this is unlike the gradual reduction of a habit using piecemeal reduction or making use of supplements and other medications. 339 more words


Third Technique: Behavioral therapy

Cigarette smoking is a self-destructing behaviour that affects the smoker and those around them, by quitting smoking one is best placed to have good and healthy life and the same goes for those he cares about. 315 more words