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Overcoming that MtG Loss

David Lane | MtG Grinders | @Tyrennii on Twitter

The MtG Worlds tournament was played on the weekend and provided a whole lot of entertainment with the final coming down to 2 all and it going into a fifth. 1,488 more words

Special Delivery

Hi There & Happy Monday!!  I’ve got my version of Tim’s August tag ready to go–talk about getting in just under the wire.  I’ve named this tag ‘Special Delivery’ because I get to hand deliver this tag to my very bestest friend Lance, for his 50th birthday!!  584 more words


Advanced DSLR Audio: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich

They say audio is the hardest part of video, which is probably why it’s a smart move to bring in a professional sound recordist for your next motion project. 84 more words


Street Photography 101: Part 3 - OnSet ep. 49

Adding neutral density filters to your kit greatly expands the variety of shots you can achieve in different lighting situations. In this episode of OnSet, Daniel Norton uses a tripod and ND filters to make some cool shots of the Union Square Farmer’s Market. 21 more words


Meditativeness through mindfulness...

The Indians and Patanjali, many thousands of years ago, invented Yoga Philosophy.  Yoga practice involves the cultivation of disciplined living through many means including meditation, honesty, celibacy, prayer, non-injury and other many things.   355 more words


Making a Truly Decent Manhattan

This may make me an old man, but my favorite cocktails are a Gin and Tonic and a Bourbon-based Manhattan.  Restaurants, however, have made a craft out of making bad Manhattans.   525 more words