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Copic colour wheels

It’s nice to go back to basics sometimes and that’s just where we’ve started in the Copic Jumpstart class run by Sandy Allnock: colour wheels. Not just the usual “here’s a colour wheel, this is how you use it”, but “here’s a colour wheel, now go make your own”. 295 more words


Technique: Take care of your skin

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with beauty bloggers and sort of wish I was one of them, so as a compromise, here are my Top 5 Wellness Reasons to get a regular skincare routine: 307 more words


High performance with canvas prerendering

Canvas API is slow by nature, don’t try to argue this, it is…
When using HTMLcanvas, we have to know how the whole thing works, first of all, the canvas 2D context itself is an Int8Array with length (side^2) * 4 and an API to modify this array, this API is an abstraction layer that allows you to easily draw shapes, paths, etc without leading with pixel modification or rasterizing. 296 more words


Baby hair

So I thought I would try a new technique for hair today.  This technique was supposed to give the baby a very light amount of hair.   798 more words


Banana Consommé

I have this weird obsession with fruit consommés. I usually use the agar filtration technique to clarify fruit consommés but this technique can span three days and sometimes fruit does funky things when frozen and thawed. 228 more words


Popcorn Flour

For some inexplicable reason, the only way to buy popcorn kernels from my distributors is in 50 lb bags. 50 pounds makes a gargantuan amount of popcorn. 144 more words


Debugging DPDK programs in QtCreator: the root issue

There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to get DPDK to work without root permission. Not impossible to deal with when running code but it does present a problem when debugging with QtCreator (or any other IDE that directly calls the debugger). 141 more words