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Is Technology Making Us Stupid?

What happens to our mind, when it has been freed from the necessity of remembering many life’s trinkets and the ability to cope with some problems? 1,341 more words


Fitness Trackers under 2000 bucks in 2017

  1. 2017 India saw a sudden growth in fitness industry since people in India too are getting fitness conscious. The new India is gearing up to change itself and all these have been possible because of innovative and easy to use technology 😋.

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Back to the Tech!

Today, people believe that technology will be much more advanced in the next 20-40 years because of claims made by scientist and engineers. I believe that these claims are not true due to the fact that many people in the past had predicted many other advancements in which we have not been able to make available to the public. 448 more words


Best Fitness tracking app for your phones

  1. Everybody these days have a smartphone and they use it for watching videos,calling,playing games etcs but what they don’t know is that their “Smart”phone can help to look after their health and control it significantly by downloading an app which is filled with programmings to use their phones sensors and provide them some important datas like number of steps taken,calories burnt,food calories intake,water reminders and many more.
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Messenger Kids

If you haven’t heard, there is a new app launched by Facebook, called Messenger Kids, and it is only for kids ages 6 to 12. Messenger Kids was launched on December 4 this week, and is currently only available in the US. 307 more words

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Does Technology shape Culture or does Culture shape Technology?

We all are familiar with the evolution of humans. Our ancestors used stones for survival which eventually turned into swords and knives and then evolved into guns and missiles. 1,428 more words


Essential Employability Skills

Employment is an essential in life. And employability skills are important factors to employment. Most employers want you to have at least some general skills and these skills are also called employability skills. 440 more words

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