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Assemble Community Meeting (Garfield)

Assemble is a space dedicated to to connecting artist and technologist to community members young and old.

So they’re holding a community meeting this Monday to learn how they can better connect with their community memebers. 92 more words


Iranian Startups: Looks a lot like France to me

Disclaimer: since about 2012 I’ve been following Iran’s rising startup scene. It first started with a few Startup Weekend events here and there. But I’ve seen the ecosystem really take off – and to an incredible degree and sometimes in the most unexpected ways. 984 more words


Digital Drawing & Painting: A Brief History

There has never been so many ways to draw and paint digitally as there are today. Whether you’re drawing on an industry standard pen display tablet like the Wacom Cintiq, inking your comic using Manga Studio on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, or using the Procreate app on an iPad Pro the last few years have seen an explosion in potential applications and hardware geared towards direct manipulation of your art with a stylus on a screen. 319 more words

Art History

VW e-Golf: Do its 3 modes do what electric-car drivers want?

Take any number of electric cars from different automakers for a brief test drive, and one thing will be abundantly clear: There’s not yet a norm for how EV powertrains are expected to behave.Some electric cars glide along when you lift off the accelerator, with little or no regenerative braking (as energy in deceleration is recovered through the wheels and stored in the battery); meanwhile other vehicles lose speed quickly as you lift off the accelerator. 7 more words