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Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Forty Two

My momma spoiled me as a little girl: she loved to play with my hair and do my makeup and paint my nails… And now that I’m grown I’m basically inept at all things beauty. 80 more words

Technology Enhanced Learning

Professor Giles Perryer was the keynote speaker at the Annual Educational Conference for Health Professionals hosted jointly by the Centre for Research in Medical and Dental Education (CRMDE) and the Medical School, University of Birmingham and Health Education West Midlands. 22 more words

University Of Birmingham


Tablet, keyboard, smart phone, smart watch. These are the items that a San Jose City College (SJCC) student said that they use on a daily basis to help make them, a smarter student. 763 more words


A Review on Amazon Kindle

So once again after a long time I am here with a review on a gadget. This time I am talking about Amazon Kindle, thanks to my sister’s generosity again (you have to always state this otherwise it might be my last gift from her). 808 more words


New Invention!

I love reading about new inventions, and how people are making the world a beautiful place to live in. One of the inventions that caught my attention, is called “The Shoe That Grows,” yes ladies and gentlemen you heard right. 105 more words

Importance of Attentiveness

Take a look at this article from The Guardian.  A lot of people today are only concerned about something if it has a hard consequence.  For example, most people will rid of technology for fear of getting in a car accident or a low grade in class.   47 more words