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"Origin" by Dan Brown Book Review.

Hello, my fellow Gaston College Book Club followers!  Adjunct Evening Librarian Whit Preston here after a long hiatus from giving my thoughts and opinions about books that I have recently read.  380 more words


More or less human?

Humans have been using technology to artificially enhance their bodies for a very long time. Spectacles, hearing aids, false teeth, wooden legs – when our distant ancestor first used a tree branch to lean on as she walked with an injured leg, she was taking the first (painful) steps towards transhumanism. 897 more words


Technological Singularity

Yesterday, I talked about my first (and ongoing) riddle, the search for reality.

The day before, I approached the word “artificial” by taking a look at its… 1,670 more words

Special Interests

The Search for Truth

Last time, I introduced one of my deeper special interests, artificial intelligence, by looking at it from the angle of vocabulary and the prefix,  1,981 more words


The Winding Path of Progress

Sam Altman’s an interesting thinker, so I thought I’d share this recent fireside chat and some insights from it.

On underrated qualities for startup success: 1,500 more words

Contemporary Politics

Technological Development. What to Expect?

For the past 50 years, Moore’s Law (1965) has been orchestrating technological advancements in the era of digital and information technology. The idea of continuous doubling is what transformed computers from enormous boxes to the supercomputers embedded in our mobile devices. 521 more words

The Vote

four, no, seven vote against peace. 3 scholars, the rest military. one pact.
the declaration of independence and supremacy. enemies classified. the
future course of action euthanasia or war. 362 more words

Ascension Chronicle