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2016: I was thirteen and lazy. The teacher wanted a report on a planet with information from “at least three different online sources. Look at papers, mission websites, scientist CV’s, etc. 1,927 more words

StoryADay May

Shock Level Four

“The Singularity, Jupiter Brains, Powers, complete mental revision, ultraintelligence, posthumanity, Alpha-Point computing, Apotheosis, the total evaporation of ‘life as we know it.’ Singularitarians and not much else.’ 146 more words


Shock Level Three

“Nanotechnology, human-equivalent AI, minor intelligence enhancement, uploading, total body revision, intergalactic exploration. Extropians and transhumanists.”

—Eliezer S. Yudkowsky, “Future Shock Levels

Humans are getting better at chess over time.

124 more words

Shock Level Two

“Medical immortality, interplanetary exploration, major genetic engineering, and new (‘alien’) cultures. The average SF fan.”

—Eliezer S. Yudkowsky, “Future Shock Levels

To be gods, not One, 125 more words


Artificial Intelligence

I am golden and precise. I have no flight of fancy.
Whatever I give is my delight!
Just as it is, so loved, or ignored… 150 more words


On Becoming a Cyborg

Singularity, I am yours
Farewell to humans, the boreal nights
The planets we swathed in our own dressing
Farewell to biology, messy breakups
Frigid brilliance, raw and wasted potential… 126 more words


OCM in the Digital Age

I was, once again, honoured to be asked to speak at the Canberra Community of Practice for Change Management, in Australia.  As the first speaker for the year, I had the opportunity to provide some context for the year, looking at tools and technology for OCM practice in Australia. 190 more words