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Why "Why the Singularity is Bullshit" is Bullshit

Dave Cullen released a video on his YouTube channel, Computing Forever, entitled “Why the Singularity is Bullshit“. He makes a lot of claims in it that are themselves, well, bullshit. 653 more words


Are the computers out to get us? I mean, as silly and dramatic as the question sounds, one could argue that it is a valid fear… In the past few years alone, we as a human race have watched ourselves only accelerate the extensive and continuous progress of artificial intelligence. 1,909 more words


Common Courtesy: The Media Onslaught Begins

So, the time is upon us: I have bowed to the age of mass media, and become one with the blitz. I have created a Facebook page for my written and artistic endeavors  36 more words


What will be the purpose of economics in an AI+ world?

“Liberals think the purpose of government is to protect the poor and powerless from the rich and powerful. Conservatives think the purpose of government is to protect the rich and powerful from the poor and powerless.” RMM… 2,869 more words

Virtual Relations VS Real Relations

Today we are connected and living in the most developed stage of life also called Science Age i guess?

Are we really connected?
Do we know the real address of our friend on networking sites? 252 more words


Stopping the rise of Machines 02 - 3 laws of robotics

Considering the hypothetical yet so much probable doomsday scenario where the human race faces the existential threat due to its own creations, intelligent machines; we started the article series  “ 704 more words


Death of Death

The artificial intelligence is not a straight road with one destination, it has branched in to so many areas which makes artificial intelligence one of the most complex subjects that there is. 665 more words