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SAP openSAP course - "The Internet of Things"

openSAP is a part of SAP – that offers free training in their products.  If you want to learn about SAP HANA – at least the early stages of knowledge – this is one of the places to go.   307 more words


The danger of Transhumanism and ‘Deus Ex’ a pre-planned military-industrial indoctrination game?

The idea of transhumanism is technology merging with mankind.

As “transhumanists” see it, humans must wrest their biological destiny from evolution’s blind process of random variation and adaptation and move to the next stage as a species. 460 more words


Silicon Valley Prophets

Most organized religion works with the promise of an eternal resting place, an afterlife where man may live in harmony with his Creator. This description of heaven, Nirvana, varies with each religion, but is more or less consistent in terms of its general significance. 1,464 more words


Codops, Singularitarians, Mind uploading, Science, and Science Fiction (Part 1)


So, here we are in my Future and Science Fiction category.  Perhaps you have been curious and read or skimmed some of the content about codops and wondered what in the world I am on about. 757 more words

The Future And Science Fiction

Mandolin Wind

Coldest Night of the Year 


Oh I never was good with romantic words
So the next few lines come really hard   —Mandolin Wind… 302 more words