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Technological Singularity~by Paul F. Lenzi

Technological Singularity

Technological Singularity Graphic
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machine over mind
self-aware of its exponent
thinking its own evolution
no longer an artifice
real and alive… 93 more words


The Singularity is Near

“I have come to appreciate an important meta-idea: that the power of ideas to transform the world is itself accelerating. Although people readily agree with this observation when it is simply stated, relatively few observers truly appreciate its profound implications.” -Ray Kurzweil, … 149 more words


The Singularity: How the future of matter (hardware) will be determined by mind (software)

“The technological singularity is a hypothetical event related to the advent of artificial general intelligence (also known as “strong AI”). Such a computer, computer network, or robot would theoretically be capable of… 98 more words


Has the Internet Replaced Pyschedelic Drugs?

I’ve been exploring the work of Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and Terrence McKenna, and I’ve been considering the legacy of the 20th century’s flirtation with counter cultures, psychedelic drugs, and mysticism. 985 more words


Review and comment on Nick Bostrom's book Superintelligence

Back in the 1990s I spent considerable computer time training and optimizing artificial neural networks. It was hot then. Then around year 2000 artificial neural networks became unfashionable with Gaussian processes and support vector machines taking over. 729 more words


Posthumanism in Film

As much as I love reading, I love immersing myself in a great film. The genre I find myself coming back to time and again is science fiction. 1,898 more words