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Stopping the rise of Machines 02 - 3 laws of robotics

Considering the hypothetical yet so much probable doomsday scenario where the human race faces the existential threat due to its own creations, intelligent machines; we started the article series  “ 704 more words


Death of Death

The artificial intelligence is not a straight road with one destination, it has branched in to so many areas which makes artificial intelligence one of the most complex subjects that there is. 665 more words


Book Review: The Economic Singularity by Calum Chace

The Economic Singularity: Artificial intelligence and the death of capitalism by Calum Chace

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Much of The Economic Singularity by Calum Chace is devoted to supporting the argument that machines will take over many and eventually most jobs from humans. 874 more words


The Singularity: Predicting the Oncoming Era of Artificial Intelligence

We may not be beaming people down from starships yet, but we’re certainly lightyears away from rubbing two sticks together to create fire. As a species, humans have seen explosions of technological growth over the centuries, beginning with things as simple as developing writing implements all the way up to using biotechnology to create genetically modified organisms. 479 more words

All Of It

The Transporter Test and the Three Camps of Brain Preservation

Reanimators, Uploaders & Uncertains — Which Are You?

Find Out Where You Stand on the “Copy Problem”.

The first in a multi-author series, with Michael Cerullo, M.D., and Keith Wiley, Ph.D., on brain preservation technologies, options, and policy. 139 more words

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The Technological Singularity

Emma Morano, born in the year 1899, is the world’s oldest living person. The 116 years she has been lived has seen the emergence of such technologies as the aeroplane, the automobile, antibiotics, radio, television, spacecraft, nuclear power, the internet, and the computer. 1,486 more words