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Technological Development. What to Expect?

For the past 50 years, Moore’s Law (1965) has been orchestrating technological advancements in the era of digital and information technology. The idea of continuous doubling is what transformed computers from enormous boxes to the supercomputers embedded in our mobile devices. 521 more words

The Vote

four, no, seven vote against peace. 3 scholars, the rest military. one pact.
the declaration of independence and supremacy. enemies classified. the
future course of action euthanasia or war. 362 more words

Ascension Chronicle

Biocircuitry: The Next Dominant Life Form?


Frank Miller’s 1983 comic series, “Ronin,” takes place in New York in the middle of the 21st century where America has fallen victim to complete economic and social despair. 1,308 more words

Jorie Graham 3: Death and Bots

Sophia the robot interviewed after being made a citizen of Saudi Arabia

Jorie Graham’s most recent collection, Fast, is preoccupied with mortality, whether personal or planetary, and bots. 1,922 more words


He’d been keeping a close eye on the man with the bowler hat and thick-rimmed glasses for quite some time now. Back at the enterprise he’d ordered his workers not to intervene with this one. 7,597 more words

Make Libraries Great Again

99 per cent of all information has been produced in the 21st century. But how much of it has been written down? This matters because digital media require electricity and maintenance – constant work that may be performed only if a million interrelated factors function normally, from the mining of rare earth minerals to the upkeep of power lines. 94 more words