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Password-free logins coming to Android by end of year, Google confirms

If you recall, back at last year’s I/O conference, Google introduced us to Project Abacus, an effort aimed at ditching passwords-based logins in favor of a completely different system that takes into account various factors including your typing and walking patterns, location, and voice. 98 more words


Bee Pollen is Full of Pesticides Like Mosquito Repellants


Reporter:  Douglas Main.

Accessed on 01 June 2016, 00:52 hrs, UTC.

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A study published on 30 May 2016 in the Journal “Nature Communications” claims that honeybees, in the “course of their foraging…are exposed to a surprisingly wide and concerning range of pesticides.” Scientists believe pesticide contamination may be a factor in the deaths of bee colonies world wide. 269 more words


Braille 101 workshop shows how 3D printer needed for visually impaired

Rebecca Blaevoet has an amazing vision for how she wants to show the world to the visually impaired.

Blind since birth, the Windsor native and her husband, Emmanuel, are trying to custom design a 3D printer that would produce objects with braille printed right on the piece. 479 more words

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Instagram Has Good News for Businesses

Recently, Instagram has been full of changes. Earlier this month, they updated their famous app icon and also gave the app a sleeker, simpler design in order to have the focus more on photos and videos. 330 more words


Top 10 Outdoor Features and What You’ll Pay


  • Premium: 5.2% higher than similar homes in the same ZIP code
  • Where you’ll most likely find them: Asheville, N.C.


  • Premium: 7.6%
  • Where you’ll most likely find them: McAllen, Texas…
  • 121 more words
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Can IBM's Watson Supercomputer Make Music With Emotion?

IBM’s “Watson” is a supercomputer learning to process human languages. In 2011, it defeated two human competitors on “Jeopardy,” proving it could out-think people. But can it match humans’ creativity? 245 more words


1 in 5 People Use Mobile Ad-blockers on Their Phones

More than one in five people routinely block adverts on their phones, new figures say. 97 more words