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Weather calendar: Feather Huzzah

The Adafruit Feather range is a very nice set of development boards from the NYC company. They are a good form factor (approx. 5x2cm) and stack using appropriate headers. 290 more words


Dave's 15-minute Ignite 2016 Round-Up

  • IT Pros (aka “engineers”) think Devs (aka “programmers”) are stupid.  Devs think IT Pros are stupid.  This balance of energy is what powers the global ocean currents and air flows.
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Black Engineers in Silicon Valley Get Some Assistance from Each Other

Ime Archibong was eating lunch on Facebook’s Silicon Valley campus with former colleague Makinde Adeagbo last year when Adeagbo pitched the idea for /dev/color, a nonprofit organization to bring together and grow the ranks of African-American software developers. 408 more words


"Is there really an empirical turn in economics?"

The recent “empirical” turn in economics should be known as an “applied” one and it is just one in a long series of related developments. Moreover, it is a move towards the historical roots of the discipline. 234 more words


U.S. Gives Up Control of the Internet? What's Really Happening This Saturday

Remember the projected Y2K bug disaster? The world’s computers would supposedly go haywire as the clock ticked to January 1, 2000, thus destroying the world and ensuing widespread panic.  646 more words


Candidates – U.S. President – September Technology Outreach Scorecard

I have kept an eye on the polling to see if Jill Stein has gained enough support to make the scorecard…she has not yet. Her current RCP average is down to 2.3%. 371 more words