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This past summer, I discovered Periscope. I immediately wondered how educators could use this tool in their classrooms.

Although intrigued, I was not convinced that it would be worth using. 191 more words

Innovation And Learning

InLight EHR: "Cognitive Overload in the Exam Room ."

Cognitive Overload in the Exam Room

By PriMed-InLight EHR | Free Demo, Click Here …

SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 – Physicians must process an overwhelming amount of clinical data during the course of a day spent examining patients. 472 more words


Famous Predictions That Went Wrong!

The WORST technology predictions of all time …

1876: “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication.” — William Orton, President of Western Union. 144 more words


Online freedom

Over the weeks I have began frequently following a comedic news show called Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which has been growing on me a lot. 316 more words


The New Face of Running Indoors

Something very cool recently landed in my inbox. RunSocial, the only app in the world that combines running with HD videos of running routes (to make indoor running more enjoyable) has: 399 more words


On Funding and the National Science Challenges

As I’ve learnt this year, allocating funding in science is more challenging than you might first expect. After being asked to rank a number of Marsden Fund proposals, and subsequently being surprised to find out which ones actually got the money (and those which didn’t), I realised that it’s all a bit of an educated guess, and any two people are likely to have two drastically different takes. 236 more words


When has a day gone by where anon hasn't Googled my blog?

It’s only a few hours after midnight, and already, it’s typed in my blog once again in Google Search.

Usually whenever I get back from work, it types it in 3 or 4 more times, ah, sigh.   16 more words