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Is speedier Internet on the way for Myanmar?

Myanmar is developing rapidly and in every sector the digitalisation of the nation continues. While this continues apace, at the moment, many people just don’t have access to the internet at all. 445 more words

Htet Tayza

Unequal Societies

A Facebook post by Deb to my page

A response to a Facebook post by Deb – Wondering if it is even possible to prevent the worst trajectories imagined in this article . 855 more words


Hell week continues

Oh for the good olde days

Maybe Jim Stafford had it right …

Well, I think of that girl from time to time

I call her up when I got a dime… 80 more words


Intelligence and Technology: Impact of Tools on Human Abilities

This challenging collection of essays deals with the impact of evolving  information technologies on human mental life and, indeed, on the nature and organization of human culture as a store of information-processing techniques. 137 more words


IOT//EDI#21 Speaking now Euan Mackenzie

IOT//EDI#21 Speaking now Euan Mackenzie (1partCarbon). Next Thibaut Rouffineau (Canonical/Ubuntu): http://bit.ly/iotedi21L #iotsct #IoT http://ow.ly/i/vb7N7


The Ecstasy of Error: Green Cards in Magonia

“It is then that ceasing to take the natural, the spiritual view of the world and its waywardness, he takes the temperamental view, and in the gloom of his mood gropes for a hopeless reversion to innocence through individual renunciation of society instead of pressing forward to the social redemption which the very ecstasy of error must help effect” 1,107 more words


Tips For Teaching With Tech

Tech is becoming the norm in the ELT classroom.  It’s an expected part of any teacher’s toolkit and any school’s curriculum.  Teachers are blending and supporting their face to face classes using useful tools found on the web or platforms like… 594 more words