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Kids, screens and parental guilt: Time to loosen up?

NEW YORK (AP) — Parents of small children have long been hearing about the perils of “screen time.” And with more screens, and new technologies such as Amazon’s Echo speaker, the message is getting louder. 816 more words


Google Balloons Now Providing Internet in Puerto Rico

Google’s parent Alphabet Inc. said Friday that its stratospheric balloons are now delivering the internet to remote areas of Puerto Rico where cellphone towers were knocked out by Hurricane Maria. 289 more words


If You Don’t Push the Button, Nothing Will Happen

I’m not sure if this is a law of physics, law of gravity or any law of science, but I found out very quickly a short time ago, that if you don’t push the button, nothing will happen!  416 more words


Christian Friend, Have You Heard the Good News About the Simulation Hypothesis?

Why a sci-fi idea championed by Elon Musk and others is an opportunity for Christians. 1,158 more words


Why smartphones before bed are toxic to your brain (VIDEO)

Checking your email or social media late at night could be leaving toxins in your brain, and those toxins could cause long-term damage. But how? Dr. 164 more words


G7, Tech Giants Collaborate On Plan to Block Terrorist Content Online

G7 countries and tech giants including Google, Facebook and Twitter on Friday agreed to work together to block the dissemination of Islamist extremism over the internet. 658 more words


Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Joins Prescription Drug Safety Network

EVERFI, Inc. is the leading education technology company that provides learners of all ages education for the real world, through innovative and …

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