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Close Encounters of the Puritan Kind

“Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy” ― H.L. Mencken

We know that 17th Century New England Puritans got all hot and bothered about witchcraft, culminating with the frenzy of witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts from 1692-1693.  1,694 more words


Flashback Time Again

Drink up – and follow me into the wormhole of utter pointless reminiscence…

So, in the 1980’s I was working as a “senior engineering technician”, which was US Navy speak for “senior draftsman” or “senior drafter”.   1,007 more words


Aquarium monitor

Not satisfied by not finishing my first project, I boldly go where I have gone before. This time I approach my other hobby of fish keeping with all the unbridled enthusiasm of the wandering electronics geek. 387 more words


56 New Emojis Coming To Your Phone This Fall

By Sarah Carroll

No matter how many emojis there are, we always need another one!

The Unicode Consortium has just released a brand new crop of options, including a vomit face, a dinosaur, a slab of meat, and a mermaid. 178 more words


An Umbrella as a Self-Defense Tool ?

Have you ever considered using a collapsible umbrella as an improvised weapon self-defense tool ?

No? (I’ll admit I never have, either.)

See the embedded clip below — 22 more words


What I've Learned from Doing IT Interviews

WARNING: My humor tank is running low today.  This one is a semi-quasi-serious post with sub-humor ramifications and subtle uses of pontificatory inflection.  cough cough… 970 more words