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In case people are wondering...

It probably looks weird that I’m making all these blog posts and people are probably like, “Who are you talking to?”

Some idiots are trying to leave anonymous comments on my blog using my name to comment that I don’t approve so no one ever sees what they say on my blog.   248 more words


Richard Corriere Car Report: Is it car-sharing or the economy cutting into car sales

Car-sharing (Zipcar and Cars2Go) are eating into demand for new and used cars. Add to that social changes: smaller households; mass-transit; economy; marriage; et al. 101 more words


Old Bridge, New Jersey

So the idiot troll literally moves from city to city just to get a new IP address to continue harassing me since I block it on all the IP addresses it tries to leave comments on, LOL.   6 more words


Technology Has Lessened My Excitement For The World

Here’s a drinking game for all university students who- like I- have friends with the travel bug:

Scroll through facebook and take a shot every time you see a friend posing in front of the Eiffel Tower.  316 more words

Thoughts :)

Hey bitch!  I know you love lurking my blog because you’re obsessed.  I’m currently in the process of gaining readers on my new pen name writing a free full length novel about your 3 plus year harassment.   40 more words


The loser got another IP address, Lol, time to mark that as spam, too. :)

Since you immoral lunatics won’t go away.  I’m just going to use your harassment for publicity to my stories.  :)

Keep stalking my site leaving comments on my name lunatic!   37 more words


Monetary Loss.

I want the potential money I lost from my anonymous cyber psycho stalkers for defaming my character pen name and damaging me for losing readers, for when I had to switch pen names and lost a lot of readers due to that switch to get away from online harassment.   223 more words