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Google has patented the ability to control a robot army - Quartz

  • The patent suggests that the robots could be controlled by a smartphone—Google’s mobile operating system is called Android, after all—with tasks doled out based on each robot’s ability to complete them.
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London stakes its claim as global bitcoin hub | Reuters

  • London, center of the $5-trillion-a-day global currency market, now wants to be home to a controversial upstart – bitcoin.
  • British authorities have come out in support of digital currencies in the name of promoting financial innovation, while proposing that regulations should be drawn up to prevent their use in crime.
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Probabilistic language cuts coding from thousands of lines to 50 - E & T Magazine

  • Programs written in a probabilistic programming language that take just 50 lines of code where conventional systems would take thousands will be unveiled by researchers in June.
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Confessions of being Obsessed with Data Visualization

One of the best discoveries I have made since starting my design education is that the ways we consume information change everyday and design contributes to probably 100% of that shift.

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Looking beyond nuclear liability (Rakesh Sood in Hindu)

A month has passed since U.S President Barack Obama was in Delhi as the chief guest at the Republic Day and had his famous “chai pe charcha” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 221 more words


Building platform agnostic newsrooms and platform perfect content

Despite the new primacy afforded to digital platforms by recent NYT andLAT memos that de-emphasize print planning at news meetings, the model pretty much only extends to homegrown platforms: .com or branded apps. 113 more words


Four Horsemen of Technology - Part 2

Part 2

Apple – Brand

Notable publications have deemed Apple the world’s most valuable brand, valued discretely in the neighborhood of $120b or approximately one-sixth the company’s market capitalization. 1,003 more words