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A Chemex Brew Guide

A certain Chef Jimbo might be interested in this …

See also Mr. Chemex (http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/mr-chemex/)

My friend in Florida has been sending me info on Chemex since I told him I was thinking of getting one to replace my Kuerig.


12 Gifts to Give Your Tech-Obsessed Friends or Family This Holiday Season

For the friend who is also a frequent traveler: a pair of headphones that will ensure no crying child will ever disrupt their flight again. 273 more words


10 of 2016's Best Smart Home Gadgets

The last twelve months have been fascinating for fans of smart home technology. Seemingly everyday, a company thinks of a new way to spin a simple household item into the latest smart device for your living room or kitchen, or they develop an entirely new product you didn’t know you needed on your coffee table. 748 more words


Every Announcement From the 2016 PlayStation Experience

Sony bombarded PlayStation users with more than 40 games in an hourlong, E3-in-December keynote this afternoon. Let’s call out what’s on the horizon: 222 more words


Apple Shows Interest and Excitement About Getting Into the Self-driving Car Race

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) is wading in to the debate over regulation of self-driving cars, declaring it is excited about the potential for automated transportation and calling on U.S. 555 more words


OpenAI Releases Universe, a Tool for Training AIs to Play Games, Use Apps, Interact With Websites

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company, wants to let AIs loose in their own universe, where they can learn to play games, use apps and interact with websites. 191 more words


Google DeepMind Makes AI Training Platform Available for the Public

Alphabet Inc.’s artificial intelligence division Google DeepMind is making the maze-like game platform it uses for many of its experiments available to other researchers and the general public. 335 more words