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Zuckerberg’s Comment on Holocaust Denial Puts Facebook on the Spot

Denying the Holocaust happened is probably OK on Facebook. Calling for a mob to kill Jews is not.

Mark Zuckerberg’s awkward and eyebrow-raising attempt this week to explain where Facebook draws the line illustrates the complexities social media platforms face as they take on the unwanted role of referee in this age of online misinformation, manipulation and hate speech. 749 more words


EU Fines Google $5 Billion Over Mobile Practices

European regulators came down hard on another U.S. tech giant Wednesday, fining Google a record $5 billion for forcing cellphone makers that use the company’s Android operating system to install Google search and browser apps. 914 more words


Unique Background Enriches Ekstrom Library’s Research Department

Meet Sarah Drerup, STEM Librarian, RAI

New librarians who enter the profession after working in another career typically have backgrounds in teaching, journalism, or law. What’s a bit unusual is when their former vocations seem worlds away from librarianship, for example, water quality monitoring, public outreach with FEMA, or chemical decontamination in the Army National Guard. 804 more words

Ekstrom Library

DATA | 'Social Determinants of Health' Draw Insurers' Interest

By Marshall Allen, ProPublica July 17, 2018 |

Sucking up data on customers’ buying and social habits — but for what purpose?

To an outsider, the fancy booths at last month’s health insurance industry gathering in San Diego aren’t very compelling. 59 more words

National News

China Has 487 Electric-Car Makers, and Local Governments Are Clamoring for More

President Xi Jinping’s Made in China 2025 plan is giving a boost to EV startups, spurring overcapacity concerns

Singulato CEO Shen Haiyin estimates that just 10% of today’s EV startups will survive the next five years.  919 more words

Habitable moons

Interesting article on looking for habitable planets among the moons of gas giants.  I am skeptical that a moon of a gas giant could be habitable given the extended period of darkness that would be the result of most orbits. 6 more words