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Keeping my data and communication safe

We know there are some naughty people always trying to snoop into other people’s data and communication. As a basic security measure, we can do the following: 166 more words


STOP using SD cards in phones

I lost my phone last month but it is password protected and to that extent I feel my data is safe.

But what about the SD card in the phone. 62 more words


Technology and a childish excitement

This morning I woke up 3:30 and opened laptop to watch a movie. I see the laptop screen is 20℅ damaged and when I pressed the damaged area the “infection” spread across the whole screen an now I can’t use the laptop at all because the screen is 100℅ ‘kaput’. 251 more words


Today its proved YU (are un)Fit, Amazon

Indian E-Commerce has seen tremendous growth in past 2 years, benefiting all the stakeholders, customers, industry, investors, etc. Off late the concept of flash sale has created such a frenzy that people are forced to buy a particular product, at particular time, from a particular e-commerce website. 219 more words


Product Review: Go Pro Hero 4

A few months ago, I was doing a video class project where I had to use over 1,000 still images and set it to music. Since my DSLR camera can only take a limited amount of images at a time (even at a low resolution), I got special permission from my professor to use a GoPro. 575 more words

Parks And Recreation

Mason Collection: Visualize & Capture An Artistic Design In Time

In our fast paced world, technology driven and desire to obtain facts right now, you and I seldom come to a screeching halt to appreciate an artistic vision, which materializes in a physical form. 564 more words

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How To Communicate & Entertain With One Dot

“Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

A famous line from a James Bond cinema classic, which showcases the infamous spy strapped to a table with a laser searing through a metal table, and traveling toward Mr. 557 more words

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