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Inside Apple: How The iPhone Almost Never Happened

PHILADELPHIA (CNN)–The original iPhone’s development was an epic undertaking cloaked in layers of paranoid secrecy.

When Apple’s smartphone went on sale on June 29, 2007, the world was dominated by flip phones and Blackberrys with tiny keyboards. 1,552 more words

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Your Dog Could Call 911 In An Emergency. Here's How.

PHILADELPHIA (CNN)–Melody Jackson’s beloved grandmother Eleanor was in the kitchen when she fell.

Her cries for help went unheard, and her feeble attempts to lift herself up were unsuccessful. 1,104 more words

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Group Wants To Ban Smartphones For Kids Under 13

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– A group in Colorado is trying to ban the sale of smartphones for children under the age of 13.

The group is called “PAUS” (Parents Against Underage Smartphones)  and they are gathering signatures to get an initiative on a 2018 ballot that would prohibit smartphone sales to the “tween” age group. 194 more words

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Furnace Family goes the extra mile for customers, now offers AIR MILES® Reward Miles

There’s nothing better for the owners and staff at Furnace Family than seeing a smile on their customers’ faces. Furnace Family loves when customers are satisfied with the installation of their heating or air conditioning systems, knowing that it was done right and that Furnace Family will always have their back if something goes wrong. 364 more words


These $300 Yoga Pants Are Powered By Machine Learning

PHILADELPHIA (CNN)–Billie Whitehouse is known for pushing boundaries with fashion and technology.

Her company Wearable X designed Fundawear — vibrating underwear for couples in long distance relationships that can be controlled by smartphones. 535 more words

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How Saskatoon could become the tech sector's next 'mini-Waterloo'

The story of Athlete Era began when Andrew Leslie and Corey Edington were travelling from school to school, offering their expertise to gym teachers and their classes. 491 more words


Concerns, large response result in cancellation of event at Poplar Bluffs

An upcoming party that could have attracted more than a thousand people to the Poplar Bluffs canoe launch has been cancelled, but people concerned about preserving the South Saskatchewan River valley say large events are only part of the problem. 373 more words

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