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Computer Coding Academy Launches In Center City

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–In Philadelphia, the business landscape is booming and to keep up, tech help is needed.

A new company that has just launched in Center City is giving software engineers an intense learning experience where you can change your life in under three months. 376 more words


University of Alberta math whiz helps develop robotic sprinkler technology

Sprinklers miss a lot.

Sometimes extra water pools on the sidewalk, or a gust of wind splatters us with an unexpected wet surprise.

What many see as a minor nuisance, Calgary inventor Cam Cote saw as a challenge. 547 more words

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Scorpion 3: The First Fully-Manned Hovering Bike Is Here

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–A Russian high-tech start-up is making dreams come true for Star Wars fans!

Hoversurf is showing off a concept “Hover-bike” a lot like the Star Wars speeder bikes! 58 more words

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Your Facebook Feed Could Be Getting LOUD

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– If you’re guilty of browsing your Facebook feed at work, listen up!

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that could get you busted! 67 more words

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Tax the robots

How would you deal with the likelihood that robots and automation will likely lead to many people losing their jobs? For Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the answer is straightforward: tax the robots.

24 more words