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My Response to Dell Customer Support

This gives me no pleasure, but I simply don’t know what happened to this company over the last couple of years.

Ms Athaluri – Thank you for your email.  194 more words

Technology And Culture

Dell is Terrible in All Parts of its PC Business

Let me begin by saying that I have bought Dells for 25 years, both for personal and business use. Regrettably, this is the last one.  I met Michael Dell once, now about 25 years ago, in Boston.  300 more words

Technology And Culture

Writing to Somewhere: Good Moves

It’s not that I’m on fire. Certainly not. Nothing is in my way though. That’s a problem. Nothing is not helping. As the poet David Antin once said, “You can’t push off from empty space.” 250 more words

Technology And Culture

Writing to Somewhere: Pace

I have listened to Erik Satie’s music for much of my life, having been introduced to it through John Cage’s “Silence” and other writings.  In particular the lively versions by Aldo Ciccolini.  152 more words

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Philip K. Dick Sci Fi Conference at CSU Fullerton

A great big “Thank You!” to Cal State Fullerton for hosting the 2016 Philip K. Dick Conference. The event was organized by the Acacia group and pillared by Fullerton’s department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics, in the college of Humanities and Social Sciences. 565 more words

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Some Hard Questions About Building a Team

I feel a certain kinship with Pieter Hintjens.  From his blog, it sounds like his diagnosis was similar to mine, last year.  My diagnosis was wrong, and I declined surgery.  460 more words

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Graduating and the Cult of Organizational Culture

I’ll confess right at the beginning that I’ve been reading Dan Lyons, a.k.a. Fake Steve Jobs, and more recently with HubSpot. He notes that it, and other companies, promote a culture that those of us who have been around for a while may find strange.  521 more words

Technology And Culture