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Pro-Nuclear Environmentalism

In the final issue for 2015, the journal Technology and Culture included an essay from Danish-based researchers Rens van Munster and Casper Sylvest called “ 948 more words


About Hypertext and Nicholas Carr

I seem to be on a Nicholas Carr kick this week. He believes that hypertext is responsible for the fragmentation of information.

I would argue just the opposite. 228 more words

Technology And Culture

Cultural Fit is Bullshit

This post has spent months (maybe years) in the making. And yes, I like the rhyme of the title.  I revisited it yet again after reading… 457 more words

Technology And Culture

I Have Joined The Band

I have written in the past about my experiences with the Microsoft Band. Microsoft has a really good product here, although they fail to effectively market it (or even market it at all, as near as I can tell).  293 more words

Technology And Culture

Our Phone Culture Needs Fixing

I have a home landline that begins with the local exchange 888.

This has caused years of consternation for me. 888, is of course, also one of the toll-free dials.  255 more words

Technology And Culture

I'm Talking About You, Uber

The question is what am I talking about. You are so not about a “sharing economy”. Virtually all of your drivers aren’t sharing their daily cars, on their normal day to day business, to accommodate the occasional rider. 361 more words

Technology And Culture

Somehow I Became an Athlete

Just over a year ago I got a Fitbit. The quantitative feedback afforded by that simple device started me along a path to walking, then running. 250 more words

Technology And Culture