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Is a Car Just a Car?

At this time of my life, yes. My transportation is an 18-year old Subaru that just starts every time.  But 25 years ago, I owned a classic Corvette.  411 more words

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And Just Whose Bright Idea Was This?

Brilliant! What more can be said here?  The Social Security Administration (they have their own exit ramp, off of Interstate 695 west of Baltimore) were under a mandate to improve security. 292 more words

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Another Old Line Conglomerate Gets It Wrong

I seem to be taking my curmudgeon role seriously. Today I read that Jeff Immelt, longtime CEO of industrial conglomerate GE, says that every new (young) person hired has to learn how to code… 254 more words

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Being a Curmudgeon Has its Benefits

I occasionally wax personal in my blog, as I did a year ago when I was facing a serious cancer diagnosis (the diagnosis was ultimately incorrect, and I am healthier than ever). 470 more words

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I Bought Another Band; I am not Sure Why

My original Microsoft Band, a nice and relatively inexpensive fitness tracker and GPS, is disintegrating before my eyes. The wristband is peeling and falling apart, and I doubt it will last much longer.  393 more words

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Of Robots and Men

The title is, of course, not intended to be sexist, but instead modeled loosely after the John Steinbeck novella Of Mice and Men.  There may in fact be some parallels between that story, which many of us read in public school, and the question of whether robots are becoming more human-like.  535 more words

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Uncanny Valley Digest: Metropolis

Last night’s Metropolis discussion was so Babylonian-modern that I forgot which century we were in! Turnout was almost entirely via call-ins and I was delighted. Sadie put it best when she said, “It’s like we’re in the future.” That comment brought up some good jests, and hearkened back to the recent Internet anecdote about an AI’s posted video… 1,524 more words

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