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My Fitness Tracker of the Month

Is the Samsung Gear Fit2 (or something like that).  It has an awkward name, a moronic app, and questionable distance statistics.  In particular, it does not do what it purports to do with flights of stairs, failing to record what it promises. 187 more words

Technology And Culture

Weapons of Math Instruction

That old (and lame) joke, of course, refers to Al-Gebra (algebra).  But the fear of math is very real.  For decades, many have hid behind the matra “I’m not a math person”, without exploring the roots of that statement.  353 more words

Technology And Culture

Thank You Bank of America: Paying Bills Keeps Getting More Challenging

Not in a financial sense, but in a process one. Let me step back.  Growing up, my parents paid the vast majority of their monthly bills in cash, at the Post Office or the service window of the grocery store.  308 more words

Technology And Culture

Gita, Carry My Groceries

Longtime scooter manufacturer Vespa has apparently announced Piaggio Fast Forward, a division located here in Boston and formed to design and produce a robot called Gita that will carry your groceries. 118 more words

Technology And Culture

Technology Then and Now

Here are some stunning facts about the explosion of technology and our usage of it in recent years.

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Betsy Schwarzentraub 23 more words

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Is Cursive Making a Comeback?

Anne Quito reported on Quartz about the possibility that more states will be adopting writing requirements that include learning cursive.  I read, now almost five years ago, in Wall Street Journal about how cursive instruction was being cut back or eliminated in several states.  357 more words

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