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I'm Talking About You, Uber

The question is what am I talking about. You are so not about a “sharing economy”. Virtually all of your drivers aren’t sharing their daily cars, on their normal day to day business, to accommodate the occasional rider. 361 more words

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Somehow I Became an Athlete

Just over a year ago I got a Fitbit. The quantitative feedback afforded by that simple device started me along a path to walking, then running. 250 more words

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The Microsoft Band Delivers - Mostly

I got a Microsoft Band. I was looking for my next step up in activity wearables, and liked what I read about it on the website. 526 more words

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Uncanny Valley Digest: A Canticle For Leibowitz

Literature is like pornography: You know it when you see it. This is the first book we’ve read this summer that is literature. Our A Canticle For Leibowitz discussion ran deep! 1,572 more words

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Is Emoji a Universal Language?

I was prompted to consider this question by a recent article in Wall Street Journal, which claims that the use of these pictograph characters is growing and is increasingly being used for entire sentences and even messages. 302 more words

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Aesthetics of Software (more notes)

The dominant aesthetic of software is utility, as distinguished from say truth, which is to say, art. As an artist, here, I wish to think about software as art, rather than as I would in my other occupation as CTO. 454 more words

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Notes on an Aesthetics of Software

The Aesthetics of Software

alternate titles:
Workbook for…
Indifferent Software []
Proposals for an Art in Computing
The Art in Software and the Business of Programming… 755 more words

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