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Mediacom Approved DOCSIS 3 Cable Modems

Cable Modems

As of 11 Dec 2017, the following DOCSIS 3 cable modems have been approved for use with Mediacom internet service.

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How to Cancel iPhone App Subscriptions

Some of the programs we use on our desktop or laptop computers have subscription services associated with them. An example is Evernote Premium.

Perhaps you signed up for premium service on your iPhone, and subsequently began using the product on your laptop or desktop computer. 220 more words

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Q: My AirPods Aren't Showing on My Apple Computer

If you use Apple’s new AirPod earbud headphones, you may have noticed that they will show up as available on your Apple iCloud connected devices, including your Apple computer. 165 more words

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Blue Light Disrupts Sleep

Imagine lying awake at night, unable to fall asleep. You toss and turn but can’t seem to get your mind to settle down. You eventually lie on your back and stare at the ceiling, cursing yourself for the lack of sleep you’re getting at that very moment. 648 more words

Loy Norrix

The Apple Watch and other Activity Trackers

20 Years Without a Watch

Until recently, it had been about 20 years since I’d worn a watch. Back in the 1990s, my classic Casio analog watch… 3,815 more words

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TheTileApp.com - How to Replace or Remove a Tile

If you’re a new user of the Tile property locator system, you’ll find getting setup is very easy.

In about a year, you will be notified that your tiles will soon stop working. 501 more words

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