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Shaking Down the Erickson

This past Friday I had a chance to get out on the resurrected Erickson for an afternoon ride on my semi-off Friday. While I’m not someone who has much interest in wine or beer tasting, I do truly look forward to riding different bicycle frames, frames with different forks and wheel/tire combinations and different component configurations just to see how they influence the ride characteristics of the bikes. 738 more words

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Winter Has Arrived

As mentioned in a few previous blog entries, as nasty as our weather sometimes seems in the Atlanta area, our weather paled in comparison to what our family and friends in the Mid-Atlanta States and a few other select areas experienced this past weekend. 1,195 more words


It Was A Mud-Guard Kind of Day on Saturday...

Well, after all it IS winter. So, why am I disappointed when the weather is less than ideal for cycling? It could be worse, we could be shoveling snow!   953 more words


Calfee Refresh Follow-Up: Rear Derailleurs

It’s all about capacity, and the numbers are the numbers.

I’m not sure why I decided to ignore the specs on the Shimano RD 6700 Ultegra rear derailleur as they were pretty clear: 39T capacity w/28T max sprocket.   236 more words


Three-Minute Tandem Overhaul... Yeah, Right.

So, just how fast can a tandem’s existing shifting system & brakes be changed out?

Would you believe three minutes? No.

OK, would you believe three hours , but reduced to three minutes through the magic of video editing? 873 more words

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Calfee's Getting New Shifters & Rear Derailleur...

After giving it some thought — and despite my long-standing love affair with Campagnolo’s Ergo shifter design — I’ve gone ahead and ordered up a set of Shimano Ultegra ST-6703 STI shifters and an RD-6700-GS-G long-cage rear derailleur to replace the hybrid system on our Calfee. 243 more words

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Our Calfee Tandem Returns Home & Is Now Ready To Ride!

As predicted by FedEx’s delivery system, our Calfee tandem frame arrived in Kennesaw, Georgia, on September 23rd.  As for why it took 6 days instead of 4, it’s still a bit of a mystery but it would appear it had something to do with being shipped over a weekend and/or through Brownsville, Tennessee, since that’s where it seemed to sit for two days. 786 more words

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