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Calfee Refresh Follow-Up: Rear Derailleurs

It’s all about capacity, and the numbers are the numbers.

I’m not sure why I decided to ignore the specs on the Shimano RD 6700 Ultegra rear derailleur as they were pretty clear: 39T capacity w/28T max sprocket.   236 more words


Three-Minute Tandem Overhaul... Yeah, Right.

So, just how fast can a tandem’s existing shifting system & brakes be changed out?

Would you believe three minutes? No.

OK, would you believe three hours , but reduced to three minutes through the magic of video editing? 873 more words

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Calfee's Getting New Shifters & Rear Derailleur...

After giving it some thought — and despite my long-standing love affair with Campagnolo’s Ergo shifter design — I’ve gone ahead and ordered up a set of Shimano Ultegra ST-6703 STI shifters and an RD-6700-GS-G long-cage rear derailleur to replace the hybrid system on our Calfee. 243 more words

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Our Calfee Tandem Returns Home & Is Now Ready To Ride!

As predicted by FedEx’s delivery system, our Calfee tandem frame arrived in Kennesaw, Georgia, on September 23rd.  As for why it took 6 days instead of 4, it’s still a bit of a mystery but it would appear it had something to do with being shipped over a weekend and/or through Brownsville, Tennessee, since that’s where it seemed to sit for two days. 786 more words

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Single Bikes, Off-Road Tandem Bikes & Motor Bikes... A Good Weekend!

Where to start and which blog to use, that is the question!!! I guess I’ll start writing and then sort it all out after the fact. 3,439 more words


Calfee Watch.... Finally Headed Back East

FedEx now has the frame and it is scheduled to arrive  here at the local FedEx office on Wednesday, 23 September.  I’m a bit baffled as to why it will take 6 days for FedEx to move the same size box from California to Georgia when it only took 4 days to go the other way. 657 more words


Calfee In Work But Not In Time For September Club Ride....

Well, it was a long shot and we remained optimistic right up and until today when it became pretty clear our Calfee tandem would not make it home in time for Sunday’s Tandem Club of Georgia ride. 410 more words