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Information is not power but knowledge is it

In the era of big data, most people think that information is the final source of power; however, this is an erroneous concept. Wrong concepts drive to bad actions and finally to a loss of real power. 2,250 more words


Developing and Implementing Intellectual Property Compliance Programs

Regardless of the size of its business or the activities in which it is engaged in, intellectual property is an important business asset for every company and an important factor in the development of the company’s competitive strategies.  209 more words

Technology Management

Intellectual Property Strategy

The creation, protection and thoughtful commercialization of intellectual property rights have become an important matter for companies of all sizes and across all types of industries.  484 more words

Technology Management

Sustainable Technology Management

While there are number of different ways to define “sustainable development”, a reasonable choice would be to think of it as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  531 more words

Technology Management

Management of Technology Activities

For most companies, management of “technology” involves both engineering/product development activities (i.e., incorporating technology into products and/or the processes used to manufacture products) and information technology (“IT”) activities that include internal and external communications and other projects and support.  353 more words

Technology Management

The Mentor-Mentee Relationship

My mentors have had just as much of an impact on my career as my managers have. Yet, far less has been written about the mentor-mentee relationship than the manager-report relationship. 1,252 more words


(Don’t Fear) The Pecking Order

Like many developers, I’ve both received and spewed plenty of virtriol about programming languages and their users. I spent my first five years as a developer writing PHP, and went on to write JavaScript for another five years after that. 405 more words