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How to Change Your Account Picture in Windows 10

Your account picture is what you see on the Windows sign-in screen and the Start menu.  Windows assigns new user accounts on Windows 10 a generic profile picture, but it’s easy to change that to any image you want. 15 more words


External Mic Support is Coming to Google Pixel Cameras This Week, Here’s Why That’s Awesome

As great as phones have gotten for taking photos and videos, there’s still a small hangup: audio. Microphones are improving, but some things are just physics. 22 more words


See How Many Dollars You’ve Spent On Android Apps with This Free Tool

Most apps are cheap—a buck here, couple bucks there. But on a long enough timeline, that little bit can add up to some serious dollars. A new app called Purchased Apps for Android can show you just how much.

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How to Delegate Your Outlook Account to Someone

It’s common enough to share your calendar in Outlook, and in many companies, all Outlook calendars are visible to the whole office by default. But you can give someone a much higher level of visibility and control by delegating your account so they can create and respond to meetings and emails for you. 10 more words


How To Use A Mobile Headset Microphone With A Desktop PC

You’ve invested a lot of money into a pair of quality headphones with a built-in mic for your phone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use it for gaming or VOIP calls on your desktop PC? 8 more words


Visa, Mastercard and American Express Defy India’s Regulators Over Data Rules by VINDU GOEL


As India develops new rules governing the data of its residents, global firms are the first target. Companies say they need more time to comply. 12 more words