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Undangan Pernikahan

Hari ini bersama Jane, saya mencari kartu undangan nikah yang akan rencananya akan dicetak sebanyak 3200 lembar untuk acara resespsi di akhir bulan agustus tahun ini. 134 more words

China files trade complaint against US over steel tariffs

GENEVA (AP) — China has filed a World Trade Organization complaint challenging U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariff hike on imported steel and aluminum, the trade body said Tuesday. 213 more words

Manifesto for Better Public Services

Last night at the Institute for Government, I helped launch the “Manifesto for Better Public Services”, along with an accompanying and much more detailed “Better Public Services Green Paper”. 1,262 more words


Technology Policy

I have been actively involved in the discussion of AI ethics and robot ethics with policy makers and governing bodies around the world that aim to help shape technology policy of the future. 18 more words


International Discussions on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

I have been involved in a number of different projects related to the topic of lethal autonomous weapons systems through two different organizations — Open Roboethics Institute (ORI) 361 more words


"The number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years"*...

Moore’s Law has held up almost astoundingly well…

 source (and larger version)

This seemingly inexorable march has enabled an extraordinary range of new products and services– from intercontinental ballistic missiles to global environmental monitoring systems and from smart phones to medical implants…  But researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are sounding an alarm… 482 more words

GW WonkCast S3E3-1: Below the Fold

Data servers, eggs, and memos are all cracking. This week’s Below the Fold covers the CareFirst health care data breach, the Nunes memo that alleges the FBI abused its surveillance authority to target a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, and Panera’s request to the Food and Drug Administration to legally define eggs.  119 more words