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An Immodest Proposal For Biological (And University) Lab Safety

Nature has posted a commentary from a biomedical security consultant suggesting a way forward in light of recent problems with hazardous sample security.  In short, the author suggests that facilities dealing with other hazardous materials (or processes) are worth emulating.  136 more words

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Ministerial Mandate Letters Help Detail Expectations For Canadian Government

New Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has released the Ministerial Mandate Letters he submitted to his Cabinet Ministers (H/T The Frogheart Daily).  They outline PM Trudeau’s expectations for his ministers, which focus a great deal on collegiality with members of Parliament outside of the Liberal Party and being open and transparent in their dealings. 1,182 more words

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Strategic Planning to Enable ESCOs [Energy Servoce Companies] to Accelerate NGV Fleet Deployment: A Guide for Businesses and Policymakers

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

This guide addresses questions that private investors and state and local agencies may have about key considerations and strategies for deploying NGVs in public and private fleets.

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NLESD Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

Please familiarize yourself with the NLESD’s policy on the acceptable use of technology inside of schools.

NLESD Technology Acceptable Use Policy

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European Science And Technology Ethics Group To Continue In New Government

Most of the fuss raised by the science advocacy community over the changes in European Commission structure focused on the discontinued position of Chief Scientific Adviser.  139 more words

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Let's Not Get Too Excited, But There's A New Canadian Cabinet

Yesterday Justin Trudeau was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Canada following the Liberal Party’s performance in last month’s election.  He also announced his cabinet… 497 more words

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Technology and Policy Options for a Low-Emission Energy System in Canada

Council of Canadian Academies for Magna International Inc.

[CBC] Canada could drastically cut its greenhouse gas emissions and meet international climate change commitments using existing commercially available technologies and policies that have been proven to work, a new report says… 258 more words

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