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better use of data

I’ve been using the following simplified slides in briefings and discussions about “data sharing” and the “data sharing” provisions in the Digital Economy Bill. I thought I might as well share them more widely. 418 more words

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Escaping waterfall government and the myth of 'digital transformation'

Writing with my colleague Cassian Young, in a new article in Computer Weekly we consider why an agile approach to digital programmes will not transform Whitehall – unless the waterfall approach to policy and decision-making is overhauled too. 66 more words

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The Great Awakening of Information Technology

The human race has made it pretty far, considering the various blights, pestilences and geopolitical struggles we’ve encountered along the way. For a self-reflective species, we are constantly creating and consuming technologies as a means to an end. 1,098 more words


"re-engineer government, abolish government departments"

Ed Vaizey MP, former minister at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), made the following comments in a recent interview:

“I would completely re-engineer government.

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the recurrent fear of technology

The impact of modern technologies – or more often, the fear of the impact of technologies – on our world is nothing new.

Consider this, written in 1835: 83 more words

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dev, DevOps and trusted systems

Software’s coming home

Software development and technical architecture design have been taken back in-house over the past 5 years – ending the era when Whitehall departments outsourced almost everything to a large systems integrator. 1,911 more words

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