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Improving identity assurance and trust

We may live in a digital age, but paper documents – notably passports – are still the most trusted evidence to help prove who we are. 1,967 more words


Short Take: Policy Issues to Beat the Autocracy of Autonomous Systems

In a previous post, I discussed, through a dystopian scenario, how autonomous systems can reduce our lives to one of hapless destiny. And in the last post, I discussed some design and development principles that we as technologists can follow that can help us avoid plunging into such dystopian scenarios. 1,100 more words

Computer Science-y

biometrics revisited

One day last week I stumbled across the advert above for Biometrics 2006 while trying to sort out my hopelessly disorganised backlog of digital files. In the folder alongside it were my panel discussion notes and closing keynote slides from the same conference. 721 more words


Getting Online: How States Can Address the Rural Broadband Adoption Gap

Reeve Jacobus, MPP Staff Writer, Brief Policy Perspectives

Whether dealing with incarceration, health, or suicide rates, policy prescriptions that solve the problems of urban Americans aren’t often the same ones that will serve rural Americans best. 828 more words

Domestic Policy

The Urgency and Appropriateness of Climate Response

By Akachukwu Okafor 03/04/2019

In 1973, following the publication of Dr Fritz Schumacher’s widely acclaimed “Small is Beautiful”, the world’s attention was drawn to Schumacher’s concerns that the prevalent “big is better” system/culture of industrial production, materialism, consumption and management of natural resources was problematic and unsustainable. 1,154 more words

remembering government.direct – the first interactive green paper

“Top 5% of all Web sites!”

“Networking industry awards!”

“Awards for excellence!”

No, these accolades aren’t for GOV.UK. They’re for the much earlier 1994 central government site, open.gov.uk. 605 more words


Jelly Belly creator introduces CBD-infused jelly beans

One of your favorite candies will soon be infused with cannabidiol to create a CBD treat.

David Klein, who invented Jelly Belly jelly beans in 1976, announced that he’s recreating jelly beans to include CBD. 220 more words