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Will Machines Eliminate Us?

Date: 29-01-2016
Source: Technology Review

People who worry that we’re on course to invent dangerously intelligent machines are misunderstanding the state of computer science.

Yoshua Bengio leads one of the world’s preëminent research groups developing a powerful AI technique known as deep learning. 1,013 more words

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ASUS ZenWatch 2 Smartwatch

Largely similar to its predecessor in terms of specs, the asus ZenWatch aims to compete with other offerings on the market with its amazing price and impressive personalisation options. 397 more words

Asus Watchs

Mozo and Lumia 950 - Flagship Uniqueness

One of the complaints about Microsoft’s Lumia 950 is that some think it just doesn’t feel or look like a flagship phone. While I love the phone and the Windows 10 Mobile OS,  the phone did seem to lack a certain panache. 275 more words


‘Hello’ anyone noticed it's 2016?

Learning Technology for the 16 year old 21st Century

Its now 16 years since the turn of the century during which time, Post-16 education has had the opportunity to embrace so called ‘ 1,040 more words


Power of Context

A couple days ago, Benedict Evans wrote “16 mobile thesis” which is a must read for anyone building a mobile/internet company or investing in that sector. 574 more words


iPad Pro: Apple takes on Hyrbids

Hyrbid computers have been around for quite a few years now, giving users the portability of a tablet but the power of a laptop.  I think this is perhaps one of my favourite form factors of computer.   1,186 more words


Antenna, Nottingham - My little secret

I’m going to let you into my little secret. It’s called Antenna, Nottingham. It’s a meeting hub, creative media centre and generally a great place to base yourself if you work anywhere near the creative industries in Nottingham. 281 more words