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Antenna, Nottingham - My little secret

I’m going to let you into my little secret. It’s called Antenna, Nottingham. It’s a meeting hub, creative media centre and generally a great place to base yourself if you work anywhere near the creative industries in Nottingham. 281 more words

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Google Chromecast Audio - Review

How do you listen to music or spoken audio content from the internet, or stored on your computer / tablet / phone? You could simply listen on your PC or laptop speakers, or via headphones, but what if you want to play this content through loudspeakers anywhere in your home? 350 more words


Light speed Based Computers One Step Closer

As featured on PBS.org <link below>

Gold Plated Silicon brings us one step closer to computer that work on light (versus slower electric impulse).

Zero-index metamaterials allow what’s known as light’s “phase speed”—or how quickly it’s wave travels—to surge beyond the speed of light. 166 more words

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You’ve Been Misled About What Makes a Good Password

Date: 21-10-2015
Source: Technology Review

Common advice on how to make a strong password is misleading, according to a new study of password-guessing techniques.

WHY IT MATTERS: … 597 more words

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Can We Shape the Robot Revolution?

Date: 07-10-2015
Source: Technology Review

A robotics pioneer warns that technologists must consider how advances in machine intelligence will eradicate jobs.

Rodney Brooks

New technologies are poised to have a profound impact on employment and society, robotics pioneer Rodney Brooks warned on Monday at Solve, a conference being held this week at MIT. 307 more words

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Online and Self-Employed

Date: 28-09-2015

Source: Technology Review

New technologies give employers access to a world of workers while offering freelancers more ways to build a career.

Recently Megan Guse has been fielding questions from her former classmates about the atypical path she has taken since graduating from the University of Illinois law school. 1,085 more words

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The number of workers over 65 is growing fast.

Date: 28-09-2015
Source: Technology Review
Subject: Aging Workers, New Technology

Technologists see a big business in helping the aging workforce.

The American tradition of retirement at age 65 is crumbling. 974 more words

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