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Will the workforce of the future be robots or human?

Technologies are quickly replacing human muscle from robots to automobiles to drones, intelligent machines will soon dominate the globe, and in the process drive down the value of human labor.  264 more words

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The HR Person at Your Next Job May Actually Be a Bot

Date: 03-08-2016
Source: Technology Review

Chatbots are being prepped to take over many administrative tasks.

The next time you’re hired, you might find yourself getting information about payroll, vacations, and expenses by… 928 more words

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5G Wireless Is Coming, and It’s Going to Blow You Away

Date: 28-07-2016
Source: Technology Review

A massive FCC spectrum release—and new advances in wireless technologies—accelerate an era of incredibly fast data.

Mobile data consumption is soaring, but a broad set of technology advances is poised to transform what today’s smartphones and other wireless mobile devices can do— 710 more words

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Transcend’s DrivePro Car Video Recorders: Drive Safer with a Reliable Eyewitness

Transcend Information, Inc. a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to announce the complete DrivePro Car Video Recorder series, including the DrivePro 50, DrivePro 100, DrivePro 200, DrivePro 220, and DrivePro 520. 608 more words

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What happened to the once most successful Internet Company in the World: Yahoo

Once upon a time, Yahoo was the most important Internet Company in the world.  Launched in 1994 by Stanford grads Jerry Yang and David Filo Yahoo soon became one of the most popular sites on the Internet.   457 more words

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Transportation Systems of the 21st Century:Mobility Services

Over the next few decades, the transportation industry is predicted to change in every conceivable way.  We’re already seeing some pretty major changes that are being driven by climate change, urbanization, and a generation that’s uncertain about car ownership. 434 more words

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Global Trend Harnessing Solar Energy To Build Sustainable Communities.

Cities across the globe are harnessing the power of solar energy to design solar-powered, sustainable communities.  Many countries have recognized the benefits of solar energy and are using it to make their electric grids more efficient and to create local jobs, while mitigating the pollution that is fueling global warming. 575 more words

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