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Making Vernacular Texting Easy

Noida-based Luna Ergonomics has developed a language agnostic, dictionary independent, intelligent, and quick tool that can be used on any low-cost mobile phone handset to input text in… 958 more words


Thirumalachari Ramasami

Over the last decade, India has wit­nessed a surge in technology inno­vations which have met some or the other need across the nation. However, the nation still lacks a unified plat­form to trace this significant change and use the emerging technologies for larger benefit. 673 more words


Writing With The Eyes

Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, “My eyes make pictures when they are shut.” These lines, however, do not seem just a poet’s fancy anymore, as two students from sinhagad Institute of Technology in Lonavala, India, have come up with a device which would enable one to control the computer screen with our eyes, just like we control a mouse with our hands. 597 more words


Phones for the Eldery

What would be better than mak­ing an emergency call num­ber available at all times to our loved ones who are senior citizens? Now Chennai-based Munoth Commu­nications has converged the emergency call button into the ubiquitous device —the cell phone and coupled it with the power of recording medical history of the patient. 553 more words


The Android Revolution

The Little Green Robot is all set to take us by the storm. Right from the very first release, the Android has been enabling users to do stuff which used•to be touted as the future fiction a fewyears back. 2,206 more words


Will the workforce of the future be robots or human?

Technologies are quickly replacing human muscle from robots to automobiles to drones, intelligent machines will soon dominate the globe, and in the process drive down the value of human labor.  264 more words

The HR Person at Your Next Job May Actually Be a Bot

Date: 03-08-2016
Source: Technology Review

Chatbots are being prepped to take over many administrative tasks.

The next time you’re hired, you might find yourself getting information about payroll, vacations, and expenses by… 928 more words

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