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New IPad Mini Case

I recently bought a new iPad mini case from Amazon and funny thing it did not ship from China nor did it take a month to arrive in fact I ordered it like a day ago and it came in today. 323 more words

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Microsoft CRM 2015 Automation: MachPanel CRM

Hesam Seyed Mousavi, May 9, 2015

MachPanel CRM – the cloud control panel for Dynamics CRM offers you everything you may need to provision, manage and administer fully segregated multi-tenant hosted Microsoft CRM 2015, CRM 2013 and legacy versions. 542 more words

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Nominaciones abiertas para el Premio MIT Technology Review Innovadores menores de 35 Perú

El MIT Technology Review en español otorgará el premio “Innovadores menores de 35” a los jóvenes innovadores más destacados del país, este es el tercer año que se realiza la premiación. 77 more words


How far we are from creating J.A.R.V.I.S ??

Well now if you don’t know who the hell Jarvis is then i feel pity of your ignorance but just for the sake of interest, JARVIS is like interacting operating system kind of a thing who can talk to you or do what you tell it to do. 172 more words


My take on Net Neutrality

The Mobile Movement

Flipkart, India’s sixth most popular website (according to Alexa) recently announced that it would abandon its web portal and go mobile application only. 1,479 more words

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Looking back: How we got to where we are?

After my last post reviewing our future, I got to thinking about how we got where we are and how innovation has worked so far. I believe that reflection is critical for progress and improved decision making. 732 more words


Is the future already here?

Spending my teenage years revelling in classic SciFi such as Star Trek TNG, I believed that future was as much about technological advancement as it is about social development. 1,500 more words

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