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My take on Net Neutrality

The Mobile Movement

Flipkart, India’s sixth most popular website (according to Alexa) recently announced that it would abandon its web portal and go mobile application only. 1,479 more words

Venture Capital

Looking back: How we got to where we are?

After my last post reviewing our future, I got to thinking about how we got where we are and how innovation has worked so far. I believe that reflection is critical for progress and improved decision making. 732 more words


Is the future already here?

Spending my teenage years revelling in classic SciFi such as Star Trek TNG, I believed that future was as much about technological advancement as it is about social development. 1,500 more words

Technology Review

Platforms or Pseudo-platforms

Recently, Twitter curtailed Meerkat’s access to its graph. There was a lot of buzz about why and whether Twitter should just compete on its own merits with its recent acquisition… 2,170 more words


Android as it stands now

However much Apple wanted to go ‘nuclear’ on it, Android is here to stay and will probably power the majority of smartphones in the near future.  1,582 more words

Technology Review

NICE cord keeper for iPhone, iPod & iPad convenience

Power cables and wall worts for mobile devices are a necessity and always tend to get lost in your bag or tangled up which leads not only to inconvenience but also to premature cable wear and tear. 386 more words

Technology Review

Review 360 by Taylor and Kourtney

Today we will be discussing Review 360 which is a behavior tracking application that is used by school divisions to allow schools to target and solve behavioral issues that students may have. 194 more words