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YouTube's New End Card Feature

There’s something on YouTube I’ve been waiting for. It’s not available for the general YouTube public yet, though. It’s the new end card editor. This new feature makes it much easier for you to create end cards by incorporating interactive, clickable links to videos, channels, and other features. 109 more words


It's Done - Windows 10

I’m taking you on a brief journey.

It began innocently.

But it sat at 0% for the longest time.

It progressed, though.

I turned off the new default features. 84 more words


Windows 10 Internet Difficulties

As I type this on my iPhone, my sister is trying to resolve an issue with her newly upgraded Windows 10. It won’t recognize the network connection. 99 more words


Major Software Upgrades Make Me Nervous

It’s July 26, only three days until the free offer for Windows 10 is finished. I haven’t upgraded yet. But I get this every day now: 144 more words


After 300 Years of Collecting, Nearly 12,000 Amazon Tree Species Are Found

Researchers analyzed hundreds of thousands of samples in digitized museum collections to produce an estimate of species in the South American rain forest.

Source: After 300 Years of Collecting, Nearly 12,000 Amazon Tree Species Are Found

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Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos Is Barred From Running Lab for 2 Years - The New York Times

Regulators also revoked the operating license of a Theranos lab and levied a fine. The sanctions were a major setback for the blood-testing start-up.

Source: … 15 more words

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