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5 Key Considerations to Outsource IT

Does your organization insource or outsource all or some IT services? In my assessment of about 200 organizations’ procurement and supply chain capabilities some obvious opportunities have been discovered like SKU rationalization, supplier rationalization, specification homogenization and outsourcing. 392 more words


E2E Testing with Protractor: Testing Browser Connections

In geometry class, we used protractors to measure angles.  In web application development, we use protractor to measure angular (and other non angular) web applications.  Protractor runs tests in a real browser (just as your users will).   648 more words

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The Impact of Technical Debt: A Guide for Business Managers

Technical debt matters, because, sooner or later, it’s a drag on your business.  It’s expensive, it saps productivity, and it reduces business agility.  The more you understand about the technical debt you have in your business, the more you can minimize it. 435 more words

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Full Stack Development: Hardware to Cloud

Traditionally, a full-stack developer has the ability to develop both front-end and back-end software.  In the age of the cloud and connected devices, this definition is limiting and misleading.  281 more words

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Ansible State of Mind, Part 1 - Automate First

If it’s not automated, it’s not done. Changing your approach from “implement now and automate later” to “implement means automate” will take you a long way down the road to Continuous Delivery. 933 more words

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What is business technology? A slow but relentless revolution that is important to the digital executive.

We live in a world where simply trying to align technology with business units is becoming difficult or even impossible to achieve. Savvy business staff (via the Cloud and other means) can select, fund and enable technology without the traditional IT function. 114 more words

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UI, Usability and UX: The Square Milk Jug Edition

The Context around your Product should drive your design priorities.

by Bill Lenoir

Any confident product designer has a ready answer to this simple question:  What’s the biggest impediment to designing a perfect product?  1,281 more words

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