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K-Cosmetics: Covering the Globe

Successful strategy is often a combination of luck firm specific skills and favorable conditions. AmorePacfic makes a great ripped-from-the-headlines case 229 more words
Internal Analysis/RBV

The Missing Ingredient in IT Transformation

It’s no secret today’s IT landscape has become significantly more complex as organizations strive to satisfy business demands. The race to provide data for informed decision-making (big data), build applications to provide anywhere access to services (mobile), and deliver solutions to support revenue growth has created unique challenges for every organization. 789 more words

Better Business Outcomes

China's Comparative Advantage of Low Labor Costs: Think Again

Comparative advantage is about nations leveraging their unique resource advantages. There was a time when, for China, that referred to cheap labor. There was once a notion that good manufacturing jobs were “shipped” to China because wages were so low. 153 more words

Competitive Dyn/Game Thry

Design Around Patent Strategy Saving Millions


When I was a patent counsel at Micron in the early 1990s, TI was negotiating for a rather large royalty payment for supposed use of some of their patents.   214 more words

Bring Me Your Confusions!

Presenting material clearly and concisely may not be the best way to help students learn. In fact, presenting ambiguous information that leverages common sources of confusion may be a much better route to learning.  439 more words


A PEST to Infest Your Analysis

PEST analysis can be helpful to identify trends or factors outside of a firm’s focal industry that will ultimately affect the industry. It stands for… 70 more words


Technology Wars 2016

Old news first: the role and performance of technology in an organisation is utterly out of one department’s control and has been for years. Of course IT departments desperately need to adapt to the new world if they haven’t already but they can only do so successfully when the whole business acknowledges that it too has to think and work differently with technology, rather than retain the messy way they currently do: all technology is not the same; IT is not all technology; neither is digital. 430 more words