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Costco's Underinvestment in Technology Leaves it Vulnerable to Disruption


The conventional wisdom with respect to Costco is that its business model forms a “defensive moat” against the conquering retail army of “House Bezos”. Costco offers its loyal shoppers a reason to visit its warehouses replete with low cost bulk items, pharmacies and food courts. 2,278 more words

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Amazon Eats Whole Foods

With it’s $13.7B bid, Amazon agreed to pay a 27% premium over Whole Foods’ previous market valuation. This makes for a nice live case case in your strategy classroom. 282 more words

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Deflategate: Letting the air out of strategic planning

Strategies rarely work out as planned but somehow, students remain eternally hopeful that everything will go exactly as they expect. This experiential exercise allows students to “feel” … 295 more words

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Virtual Field Trip Tools

Virtual Field Trips are a great option for schools without funds for actual field trips or just as a means to supplement instruction – perfect for the Flipped Classroom. 456 more words


The Definitive Walmart E-Commerce and Digital Strategy Post


Walmart has long been a dominant player in the traditional “bricks & mortar” retail space. The retailing giant has about 4,600 stores in the United States and about 6,000 stores worldwide that helped it generate fiscal year 2017 revenues of $485.9 billion. 4,021 more words

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Failure: The sequel

This is another in our series of explorations in learning from failure (and learning from success). The Swedish Museum of Failures reminds us of some of the most spectacular product failures. 82 more words


GDPR and the Streetlight effect

There is a lot of heated debated about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – is it a Y2K damp squib or PPI/Libor/Forex all over again? 405 more words