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Forecast Cloudy

The technology marketing hype-machinery has been in full swing for a while now and every company from small mom & pop shop to Fortune 500 corporation is trying to figure out how to leverage “the cloud”. 204 more words

Enterprise Architecture

Celebrating Open Source Successes

2014 was a fantastic year for the Valuation Services team as we rolled out a ton of technology including ~40 micro services written in Java and Scala, and effectively built-out the full stack of systems used by an investment bank from the ground up. 498 more words

Capital Markets

Does Your Managed Service Provider Plan?

The dirty secret of the technology industry is that it is not regulated. While there are many industries that also are not regulated, none are like technology where a system administrator has full access to vital information from financial systems to human resources and company documents to e-mail correspondence. 449 more words


Enabling IT Alignment

The last IT transformation didn’t deliver the value it was expected to. Outsourcing turned out to be a costly affair. We are losing business as the systems continue to be not available most of the times. 638 more words

Business Strategy

State of Your IT 2015

According to President Obama, the shadow of crisis has passed. While we may be optimistic, most business owners know the midmarket carries the economy by paying the lion’s share of corporate taxes. 729 more words


Technology as Strategy

The other day, a MAP board member asked me an intriguing question. To paraphrase, she asked: If, rather than consulting with other organizations, you could focus 100% on technology for our own organization, could technology transform us? 342 more words

Top of Mind - Continuous Delivery

One of the neat things about my job is that I get to talk to lots of different people about what is top of mind in product and technology. 501 more words