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Behaviorist Learning Theory, Instructional Strategies, and Technology Tools

Orey (2001) states that behaviorism is primarily concerned with observable and measurable aspects of human behavior, and behaviorist-learning theories emphasize changes in behavior that result from stimulus-response associations made by the learner, and that behavior is directed by stimuli. 1,051 more words

Google Expeditions - VR in the Classroom

At work, I was detailing my experience with virtual reality using a Play Station 4 virtual reality system when a colleague asked if I had looked at Google Expeditions.  387 more words

Technology Tools

LLED 462: Learning Curation Module #7

Learning Curation #7

Essential Question:

How do I set up a learning commons in a brand new school that will become the “nerve centre of the school” (Leading Learning, p.6) 879 more words

Collaboration With Colleagues

Engage with EDpuzzle

Today and tomorrow is the Conference on Instruction for Multilingual Advancement (CIMA) at Region 13 in Austin, TX. I am excited to be presenting a session called Engage with EDpuzzle as this is a great website to create interpretive video tasks where teachers can create videos lessons of authentic videos on YouTube or other websites.  131 more words

Interpretive Mode

Future Possibilities with VR

My nephew saved his money for many months so that he could buy a virtual reality (VR) system and the other day I had the opportunity to try it out.  245 more words

21st Century Learning

7 Tech. Tools for Time Taskers


Pinara D. Smith

12 Months = 364 Days = 52 Weeks = 8,736 Hours = 524,160 Minutes = 31,449,600 Seconds

 Exercising conscious control over the allocation of your time encourages choices that produce effective efficiencies for your remote work life quality. 391 more words


Infographics? Yes please!

I guess I should start by sharing that I already have students in my classroom regularly create infographics! I was introduced to infographics approximately two years ago, and I’ve used them ever since. 482 more words

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