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Assignment 2: Collaborating with Teachers towards Change

Professional Development to Pursue Excellence

As educators, we must be lifelong learners who pursue excellence in teaching practices. Professional development is one avenue of lifelong learning available to teachers. 2,357 more words

Collaboration With Colleagues

TED, TED Ed,Technology and Leadership.

Every day, very many technology tools are produced. The rapid change of these technologies can be overwhelming at times. An organizational leader needs to be aware of some of these new technologies in order to introduce the relevant ones to their organization. 882 more words

Make it Work Moment #30daysofblogging

I am not sure where the time went…but it flew by this week. My students have been crazy busy working towards finishing our unit before the end of the semester. 269 more words


Jumping Right In #booksnaps

Earlier this week, I decided that this would be the week to figure out how Snapchat worked. I started off by clicking around (it’s a tried and true method for exploration, trust me), but alas, it wasn’t as intuitive as other apps I’ve used. 340 more words


#30daysblogging Jumping in With Both Feet

I love it when a plan comes together. I recently discovered Recap (@RecapThat) and by recent I meant just this past Monday…when I was poking around on a friend’s blog ( 485 more words


Typorama Rocks!

So today my students had a chance to explore Typorama (@typoramaapp). Before Winter Break, they read, watched, and analyzed various primary and secondary sources about the samurai, their traditions, and the impact of the Bushido Code. 434 more words


The Beauty of Doctopus

I’m sure I’ve written about this topic before but it bears repeating because this tool is a game-changer…what am I talking about? Doctopus, of course! One of the best ways to determine what a student is thinking is by having them write it out. 564 more words