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5 Technology Resources for LOTE (Languages other Than English) Teachers

I LOVE using technology in class and so do the students. Looking for some additional technological websites to add to your tool belt? Here are 5 websites you should try this school year! 403 more words

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Improving Moodle's Usability, Part 1

We – and our students – live in an Internet-saturated world, spending an average of 29 hours per month online. Web designers, usability experts, user experience designers and content strategists study and improve these web-based experiences daily. 1,521 more words

* TILT Posts 2014-2015

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Untitled A note from Ann Fandrey (more info about her within the post): Exciting things have happened since I wrote two posts on course website usability for the U Minn TILT blog. Notably, Esther Maruani and Kate Briggs in the Department of Psychology helped us gather some data that showed overwhelmingly: students love these sites! When asked to compare their old Moodle site with a new one receiving a course website usability makeover ("reMoodled"), 80% of PSY 1001 students said they found the redesigned site more pleasant to visit (606 responses/63% response rate). Sixty-six percent were able to figure out the organizational scheme more quickly than the old site and 63% were able to find materials more quickly. From these numbers, it is clear that reMoodled sites are more learnable, more efficient, and more effective at helping students find and access learning materials on course websites. While instructors do experience a slight learning curve learning to use Moodle in this new way, one instructor remarked, “I get fewer student questions. It’s replacing the need for the administrative PowerPoints I usually have to give.” We are thrilled to hear that reMoodled course websites can actually result in more class time for educational activities. We’ve added an instructor support/template Moodle site; you can self enroll with enrollment key “ID” to access this resource. Ann's original post - included below - is Part 1 of 2; you'll find a Part 2 link at the end of that post.   And for easy reference, here are direct links to each of those original parts: Improving Moodle's Usability, Part 1 - https://wp.me/p1Mdiu-1bs Improving Moodle's Usability, Part 2 - https://wp.me/p1Mdiu-1bH.

Start School in Style - Organization

Let’s face it, some people are just better at being organized than others. Our students are certainly proof of that, with some taking great pleasure in writing to-do lists and others mumbling homework excuses every single morning. 575 more words


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Try Glogster for an amazing number of classroom-related tasks, from teacher helpers to student assignments. This post could have saved me many hours of angst!

A Dozen Resources We Love: Minnesota eLearning Summit

by CEI staffers Mary Jetter, Bob Rubinyi, Sandra Ecklein, and Susan Engelman

The Minnesota eLearning Summit was held on July 29 and 30 at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.   743 more words

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Presentational Task -Using PowerPoint to record voice and slide advancement

Here is an idea for a presentational task: Have students use the Record feature on PowerPoint! It is easy for students to do as once they have created their presentation, they click… 272 more words


Participate 1.1.2 – Social Bookmarking: You don't need it #eteachertool

The Joining a Digital Learning Community Quest asks participants to pick a social bookmarking tool and go on a digital walkabout and find sites that are good examples of digital learning communities. 1,227 more words