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The Latest Technology News presents an aura of revolutionary excellence that has catapulted the circumference of our world into infinite innovations fueled by the our fanciful followings wanting to live in the most informed revenues of life socially, politically, financially and ethically. 507 more words


Constructivist Learning Theory, Teaching, and Learning

The mission of every educator should not only want to produce children who know things, but to grow children who can think for themselves, who can solve problems ingeniously, who can take their current base of knowledge (schema) and move beyond it. 785 more words

Virtual Field Trip & Graphic Organizers

Due to the fact that we only have two days of school this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I had to implement my lesson on Monday. 153 more words

Behaviorist Learning Theory, Instructional Strategies, and Technology Tools

Orey (2001) states that behaviorism is primarily concerned with observable and measurable aspects of human behavior, and behaviorist-learning theories emphasize changes in behavior that result from stimulus-response associations made by the learner, and that behavior is directed by stimuli. 1,051 more words

Google Expeditions - VR in the Classroom

At work, I was detailing my experience with virtual reality using a Play Station 4 virtual reality system when a colleague asked if I had looked at Google Expeditions.  387 more words

Technology Tools

LLED 462: Learning Curation Module #7

Learning Curation #7

Essential Question:

How do I set up a learning commons in a brand new school that will become the “nerve centre of the school” (Leading Learning, p.6) 879 more words

Collaboration With Colleagues