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Elder Scrolls Online - Patient Little Khajiits

Patient Little Khajiits

Submitted August 30, 2015 at 07:59PM by Hero_of_None
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Elder Scrolls Online - [discussion] Question on Alliance Wars Campaigns and switching home campaigns.

Question on Alliance Wars Campaigns and switching home campaigns.

I did some research online and really couldn't find much to help me out… My friend and I joined a 5 day non-vet campaign about 15 days ago. 106 more words

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Sharing is caring... Right?

The Internet offers users so many different things, key amongst them is freedom. Freedom to search for information, freedom to post your thoughts and freedom to download… well… anything. 158 more words

So... Who would go to prison?

I would hope all Windows users are aware of the deliberate snooping built directly into Windows 10, and know not to “upgrade” to it. If not, the short form is that MicroNSA believes so strongly in the future of “cloud computing” that it’s going to make Win10 users do it whether they like it or not. 285 more words

Playstation 4 - Street Fighter V Beta is LIVE!

Street Fighter V Beta is LIVE!

Want to play Street Fighter V? You can! The beta is live right now on PS4: http://t.co/LRs4OEGP6P pic.twitter.com/I7ie4JXb1w

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) …

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VetiGel: The Future of Stopping Traumatic Bleeding

If this get’s approved, it will save countless lives on the battlefield and on the mean streets….

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