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Elder Scrolls Online - How to change user id?

How to change user id?

I picked up ESO on the steam sale today, but I want to change my user id from when I beta tested a couple of years ago. 34 more words

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Nintendo - Good Wii U co-op games for Christmas?

Good Wii U co-op games for Christmas?

I've already got MK8, Mario U and 3D world. Any suggestions?

I've got Smash too, even though that's not necessarily co-op. 13 more words

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Man Burned By Apple Watch Strap

I’m not going to lie…I really want an Apple Watch. The little chrome rounded square piece of metal technology sits on your wrist like a rock and tells you who’s calling you, who’s texting you, shows your incoming emails and even the latest sports scores. 244 more words


Day 333: iPhone 7 Rumors

Even thought the iPhone 6s was released less than two months ago, there are already rumors about Apple’s next entry into the mobile phone market. The iPhone 7 figures to be the name of the next iPhone, and along with a slightly upgraded look, Apple plans to make this phone the slimmest smartphone of all time. 201 more words


Alphabet Videos

Reviewing the letters of the alphabet can be an uneventful and monotonous task in first grade, where most of the students have already been exposed to every letter and letter sound in previous years of schooling. 371 more words

Bill Gates launches multi-billion dollar clean energy fund

NEW YORK  — Bill Gates has pulled together a multinational band of investors to put billions into clean energy.

The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist is set to announce his latest endeavor, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, at the climate change summit in Paris alongside President Obama and French President Francois Hollande. 354 more words


I went to the Drone World Expo and saw the future. It sounds like bees

Standing in front of a drone in a mesh cage, a somewhat nervous man with a somewhat Southern accent tells us about his machine, which a pilot is banking left and right and flinging up and down. 31 more words