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Hot Beer. No Really, Hot Beer.

When I go home to Tennessee, nobody ever asks me if I want a beer. “How ’bout a col’beer?” say the Southerners as they toss a can through the air. 36 more words

Deepak Verma


Last December 15, 2014, aside from the Group 1’s Presentation 2. The Group 2 was scheduled to present their Presentation 2 on the same day. 222 more words


3Novices:Google's New Flight Search Tool Helps You Find The Best Price

Google’s New Flight Search Tool Helps You Find The Best Price Google Flights has been revamped this week and it is the fastest flight price search website that I have used so far. 54 more words


3Novices:Why Can't Facebook's App Install Ads Get Any Respect?

Why Can’t Facebook’s App Install Ads Get Any Respect? Ads that drive people to install apps on their phone are also driving Facebook’s mobile advertising success, but they worry many people concerned they may be inflating another Internet bubble. 6 more words


Catwoman is bisexual: Paws up for equal representation in comics

DC Comics isn’t just scratching the surface on equal representation of LGBT characters in comics, they’re breaking new ground.
Selina Kyle, also known as the original Catwoman and long-time frenemy of Batman, is bisexual. 35 more words

Deepak Verma

NSA Bullk Telephony Metadata Program Reupped Until Parts Of The Patriot Act Potentially Sunset

In a post on its official Tumblr, the United States’ Office of the Director of National Intelligence noted that it sought and received a reauthorization of its telephony metadata program, authorized under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. 19 more words

Deepak Verma