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"Tea And Toast - Boom"

I’ve just finished transcribing an episode of BBC Radio 4’s Costing the Earth programme, which was broadcast back in May and was about the Eigg Electric project: 551 more words


I've Moved!

Okay only technologically but it’ still a thing! Some of you have probably wondered why I’ve been AWOL on my blog recently beyond my hiatus status and most of you probably know that exam season is over so… where did I go? 232 more words


Frederick Douglass' speech on meaning of July Fourth resonates

Frederick Douglass’ speech on meaning of July Fourth resonates: Powerful words…
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An iSchool Double Apple

Can you guess, which city has the highest number of Apple devices? Do you need a cozy hint? Just follow the apples and you will be just fine. 194 more words

Part II - Things I've Learned

“There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.” – Bertrand Russell

As far as I can tell, my readership here consists of Mrs. Lawrence… 783 more words



For me the 4th is always associated with happy memories I have of the holiday in my home town of Brentwood, PA.  As my disenchantment with San Francisco’s technotopia grows, I find myself reaching back to the community of small-town America, and on this special day the iconic Independence Day celebrations.   181 more words