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Parenting from my horse and buggy

A few weeks ago, I received a text from another parent regarding my son.

Surprisingly, it was not a late Friday night knock on the door. 873 more words


Long Pointy Sticks and Hotdogs


I noticed I was on fire,

so I walked into a fire station.

The clerk behind the counter was helpful enough. 149 more words


Why I Quit Social Media.

When new technology is unveiled to the public it is pushed in a way that touches us on a very fundamentally human level. PR campaigns aim to establish an emotional attachment to an object/activity knowing that the said object/activity will not grant us the desired outcome we were coned into believing that it would, but instead a brief moment of ecstasy that quickly subsides, leaving us feeling depleted until we experience that fallacious rush once again. 411 more words


New W-2 Phishing Scam Hits Businesses Twice| By |Luke Robbins

Well, it’s tax season again, which means it’s also W-2 theft season. This year’s phishing ploy is a new variation on one that first appeared last year, and this time the scammers aren’t content with just employee social security numbers; along with businesses, cybercriminals are also targeting schools, hospitals, non-profits, and even tribal organizations. 386 more words


BASF: The value of raw data and how to benefit from it

Data is the single biggest raw asset that BASF has, according to Frithjof Netzer, chief digital officer for BASF. The company has a process to farm, refine and market its data. 23 more words


Toyota Bets Big on Plug-in Hybrids

When the green revolution landed on the auto industry, it was Toyota who led the way. It’s Prius literally became the symbol of the Green Machine movement, both by those who supported the movement and those who denigrated it. 427 more words


3Novices:Agricultural robot may be 'game changer' for crop growers, breeders

A semiautonomous robot may soon be roaming agricultural fields gathering and transmitting real-time data about the growth and development of crops, information that crop breeders—and eventually farmers—can use to identify the genetic traits in plants likely to produce the greatest yields. 6 more words