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Facebook Failed to Police How Its Partners Handled User Data by NICHOLAS CONFESSORE, MICHAEL LaFORGIA and GABRIEL J.X. DANCE


For years, Facebook struck deals that gave device makers access to troves of user data. A disclosure to Congress details the company’s lax oversight of those partnerships. 18 more words


How the iPad has revolutionised the way I study

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I lasted posted but I’m back after a relatively busy semester. Speaking of, now is a great time to share my final verdict on the iPad as a study tool. 934 more words


5 Benefits of Financial Technology

Financial technology (also referred to as FinTech) is the use of innovative technology to deliver a wide range of financial products and services. It is intended to facilitate the multi-channel, convenient and fast payment experience for the consumer. 388 more words

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YouTube DOWN: New server issues hit Google PlayStore and Drive services

Many online services are reportedly suffering server issues tonight, including YouTube being down alongside the likes of the Google PlayStore and Drive.
“Videos aren’t loading, and they aren’t downloading with YouTube Red. 17 more words


Data Rich and Information Poor (DRIP): The Adversary of Lethality

No! Who would want to perpetuate the problem?!

“Despite the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure being validated by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, it still faces opposition from Congress and some in industry who seek to perpetuate the problem, and their government contracts, by obfuscating any simple solution to the state of being data rich and information poor.” 27 more words


Trial concludes vitamin D and fish oil don't lower incidences of heart disease or cancer

The findings of one of the largest placebo-controlled trials into the beneficial effects of vitamin D and fish oil ever conducted have just been published and, despite some hyperbolic media releases, the overall results found both supplements were no better than the placebo in lowering incidences of cancer or cardiovascular events. 39 more words

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