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Google looking to future after 20 years of search

Google celebrated its 20th birthday Monday, marking two decades in which it has grown from simply a better way to explore the internet to a search engine so woven into daily life its name has become a verb. 670 more words


NeuShield - Why Be a Victim of Ransomware?

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Have you ever been a victim of ransomware? In case you weren’t sure, ransomware is a form of cyberhacking that tries to infect a device and hold it hostage using encryption or other means until the victim pays a ransom in exchange for access to the files or the device. 171 more words

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Toyota reportedly ready to put Android Auto in its cars

Toyota may finally relent and allow Android Auto to work in its cars, according to Bloomberg. An official announcement reportedly could come as soon as next month. 93 more words


Learning 21st-century competencies to build a sustainable future

For some educators, the term ‘21st-century learning’ indicates a heavy reliance on teachers’ use of technology to deliver lessons or students’ demonstration of learning via podcasts, videos, animations, and other products that didn’t exist when we old-timers were in school. 97 more words

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Tech giants use AI to fight famine in coordination with international groups

Tech giants use AI to fight famine in coordination with international groups

Google, Amazon and Microsoft are linking arms with international organizations to use artificial intelligence to identify and prevent famines.