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5 Technological Advancements To Have The Perfect Future Kitchen

Technology has touched our lives in a big way. The recent advancement has impacted and transformed our personal space, in every possible manner. Of all these spaces, over the years, kitchen has undergone a major transformation. 439 more words

Future Kitchen

Elder Scrolls Online - ESO on XB1

ESO on XB1

Hi guys, so i currently own TESO on pc and i really love the game, but my laptop is pretty bad and it barely keeps at 15-20 fps on low settings and dungeons/pvp are nearly unplayable, and with the sale upcoming i was thinking about getting it for XB1 to enjoy the game even more but first i really need to know if the community/gameplay is as good as its on pc, cant afford to waste money on a game because most of my pay goes to school/food ¿so what can you guys tell me about it? 13 more words

Video Games

11 most powerful people in the technology world

Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder

Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.com

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Alphabet

Mark Zuckeberg, founder and CEO of Facebook… 37 more words


Your Coworker’s Bad Code: Having The Hard Conversation

Editorial Note: This post was originally written for the SmartBear blog.  You can check out the original here, on their site.  If you’ve never had the chance, take a look at their blog in general.   916 more words


New Li-Fi Internet Is 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

Photo credit: Li-Fi uses flickering LED lights to transmit data at extremely high speeds. Alphaspirit/Shutterstock

The inventor of the electric lightbulb could hardly have imagined that one day his creation would be used not only to illuminate homes around the world, but also to transmit data that would enable people to download information from satellites in space to small hand-held devices. 512 more words


Extending the Experience

Every ticket buyer wants value for money. More value = More satisfaction. And with increased satisfaction comes more recommendations, referrals and ultimately more future ticket buyers. 556 more words