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Kunjungan Edukasi SMK Al-Falah Tasikmalaya

Cimahi, 17 April 2017 Siswa-siswi jurusan Multimedia SMK Al-Falah Tasikmalaya melaksanakan kunjungan edukasi ke Gedung Cimahi Technopark berkenaan dengan  perkembangan animasi di Kota Cimahi. Rizky Rachman, anggota Komunitas CCA (Cimahi Creative Association) sebagai narasumber menyampaikan beberapa materi yang berkaitan dengan perkembangan animasi di Kota Cimahi. 109 more words

4 in 1 di Kawasan Cimahi Technopark

Cimahi, 29 Maret 2017 Bertepat pada tanggal dan tempat yang sama 4 (empat) kegiatan dilaksanakan di Kawasan Cimahi Technopark. Kegiatan Akselerasi dan Kegiatan Inkubasi merupakan program yang diusung dalam Kawasan Cimahi Technopark. 237 more words


Walking on an industrial site – posting 5 of 5

Eventually we walked onto the Nyrstar wharf, after sometimes successfully dodging water sprays to keep the dust down. Here I was able to look upstream and enjoy the expanse of the Derwent River, and to recognise the Bowen Bridge and Mount Direction in the distance. 369 more words

Derwent River

Either side of Bowen bridge and Bags on the fence – posting 9 of 9

Because of the isolation of the track and the distance from the residential areas, I find it difficult to believe that people walk here and bring their dogs on a lead.  54 more words

Derwent River

Either side of Bowen bridge – posting 5 of 9

Once under the Bowen Bridge I could see a track continued in the easterly direction, and skirted around the bottom of Technopark.

100 metres along this track I spotted the only sign of bureaucracy. 97 more words

Derwent River

Either side of Bowen bridge – posting 2 of 9

As I left Technopark I had a view of a new aspect of the Derwent River.

The Derwent River flows into Prince of Wales Bay and consists of tiny inlets including one at the bottom of the Dowsing Point hill.  156 more words

Derwent River

Either side of Bowen bridge – posting 1 of 9

Stage 8 of my walk from the mouth the source of the Derwent River took me under the Bowen Bridge on the eastern shore, and during Stage 10 I walked past the Bridge at Dowsing Point on the western shore after deciding to walk to the mouth on both sides of the river. 386 more words

Derwent River