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Bigger. Better. Technologically Handicapped!

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” ∼ Albert Einstein

A couple of weeks back I read this quote and it really hit me hard. 1,611 more words

Asking for help

Hello world.

Theres one thing I find hard and thats asking for help.

Asking for help from my 15 year old boy, Sonny, is even worse. 329 more words

The Technophobe

Today I feel all official because Tech support came up to the writing center and set my computer station up for me. I have a login name, a password, and my own Outlook email account. 1,553 more words

Samsung Stalker!

It’s funny how along a spectrum of things which the average punter would find really easy versus highly specialised skills which only a few can successfully complete, I have very little consistency at either end. 997 more words



Still.  Be Still.

Listen for it.

In the ether,

passing through you

interrupting you

bothering you

trolling you.


Glowing words.

Pull, prod,

and taunt as they… 36 more words

Read In Order

First blog post

People often tell me I should write a blog about my children and the funny things they come out with. I’ve shrugged it off for a long time thinking that they’re just being nice. 369 more words


We Don't Talk Anymore

We are a slave to our mobile devices. That’s why they call them cell phones.

Hunched over, heads bowed, we are lost in our own little worlds, tapping, swiping and sliding our fingers all across the tiny screens. 243 more words