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College Technophobe

When I turned 13, my parents bought me a phone. It was a Razor-or the coolest phone before iPhones. My mother stated, “It’s for emergencies and to call us only.” They trusted me to respect their wishes. 938 more words



I’m technologically challenged. Okay, that’s an understatement. Really, I’m a closet technophobe who did well enough with smart phones and computers until everything began communicating with everything else in some secret-love-fest way with me missing out on the love. 1,725 more words

Themes to Me Thomebody Needth Kicking Out of Her Comfort Thone

“Your problem is,” said my website angel consultant the other day, “your website theme doesn’t include a menu with social media buttons. You need a new theme.” 159 more words

Wing's Words

Me, the angry technophobe, grr!

I am feeling a lot better today, just working on this blog has lifted my spirits, I am happier because I am writing and I am writing about something I really love, Travel. 289 more words


Confessions of a Technophobe

Let’s get something straight here. I’m not anti-technology. I’m not a laptop-destroying Luddite bent on wreaking havoc against Apple products and NASA. Heck, if it weren’t for technology, I wouldn’t be zapping these thoughts out into the blogosphere or texting Judson photos of dried mango balls. 951 more words


14.07.2015 Mobile Phones, the new Cigarettes

Are mobile phones the new cigarettes?

I know I am not the first to discuss this point, and having not had a phone for over 2 weeks now, I am starting to realise the extent of my addiction. 423 more words

Longines CEO on Apple Watch: 'Two billion functions that no one understands'

”The Apple Watch may not be hitting stores until April, but many of the world’s leading watchmakers haven’t been shy in sharing their opinions on the hotly anticipated device,” Phil Han reports for CNBC. 142 more words