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The 9 Types of Holiday Photographers

We’ve made it through the winter and holidays are already on our mind. Whether you’re going for a spring break or meticulously planning your summer holiday, the future’s looking bright. 576 more words


Rumours, Freya North

It is a lovely feeling when you pick up a book, remember that familiar smell when you open it to read it.  Recently I have been missing this, I have my kindle (aka convenience) which I carry around with me and read at every opportunity I can.   460 more words

Book Review

365 Challenge : Mentor

I never had a mentor.

Well that might be a lie. In many ways the guys on here are like mentors to me. I was completely technophobic at one point and never really thought I’d ever be writing reviews or anything like that but they all took me under their wings and helped me when I was just starting. 87 more words

Daily Blog


I’m technologically challenged. Okay, that’s an understatement. Really, I’m a closet technophobe who did well enough with smart phones and computers until everything began communicating with everything else in some secret-love-fest way with me missing out on the love. 1,725 more words

Themes to Me Thomebody Needth Kicking Out of Her Comfort Thone

“Your problem is,” said my website angel consultant the other day, “your website theme doesn’t include a menu with social media buttons. You need a new theme.” 159 more words

Wing's Words

The best notebooks on the market for stationery addicts and technophobes alike

If like me, you’re an obsessive over stationery and spend many an hour deliberating over various designs, then you’ve come to the right place.

Those modern-day types who tap up everything on their smartphones are not those who understand that sometimes notes need to be scrawled lengthways across a page for no reason at all, fonts needs to be practiced, space for distant-minded doodling is of imperative importance, and pages often need to be folded or torn out. 253 more words

Cool Shit

Me, the angry technophobe, grr!

I am feeling a lot better today, just working on this blog has lifted my spirits, I am happier because I am writing and I am writing about something I really love, Travel. 289 more words