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First blog post

People often tell me I should write a blog about my children and the funny things they come out with. I’ve shrugged it off for a long time thinking that they’re just being nice. 369 more words


We Don't Talk Anymore

We are a slave to our mobile devices. That’s why they call them cell phones.

Hunched over, heads bowed, we are lost in our own little worlds, tapping, swiping and sliding our fingers all across the tiny screens. 243 more words


The highs and lows of my first sale

Good afternoon folks

Well, I had my first sale on Etsy at the weekend! Out of the blue, someone bought a Tarot reading from me! What a feeling. 505 more words


Social Media- a vortex! 

This week seems to have been swallowed up by social media, never before have I felt like such a technophobe!

Within a fortnight I’ve:

Weight Loss

Where are all the disabled emoji? Scope releases icons to celebrate the Paralympics


Disability charity Scope has released a new set of emoji to celebrate the Paralympics

Source: Where are all the disabled emoji? 7 more words

Some Light Relief

Gifs, Memes, and the Internet...


Among my social circle, it’s been greatly established that computers and I don’t mix well.Even now I am typing up this post with two fingers (though my speed considering that is pretty good). 330 more words


Technophobe here.

Somebody told me to have a successful online shop, I should have a Tumblr account, as well as a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, some cards made up, this blog.. 309 more words