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Shopify Technovation Meeting

March 14, 2018

Today at Shopify, we learned how to prototype our app, how we deliver our app, and how to connect with those that are using our app (users). 95 more words



February 21, 2018

We went to IBM this time to learn about the budget and how we use and spend our money. You need to know whether your app will have a one time download purchase, in-app purchases, have donations, or have advertisements. 64 more words


Technovation Thinking Workshop

February 4, 2018

We went to design thinking workshop to help think about our problem. We did an empathy list where you have four categories. Think, Do, Feel, and Say. 49 more words


Technovation Hack Day 1

January 14, 2017

At the Carleton University, in the Minto building, we learned how to use App Inventor to create an app. We decided to join their contest with our friend Grace and Alice, and to learn how to build an app, the Technovation decided to have events to learn how to make apps. 115 more words


Technovation 2018

It is the great chance for the girls in BTB to join this competition.

DCC will be pleased to help the girls in Ek Phnom District and others to join this competition. 102 more words

Startup Competitions / Accelerators to Keep the Momentum Going

Things are bound to have their ups and downs for any entrepreneur. You might find a major flaw in your product, or fall really behind on your milestones. 2,044 more words

Advice For Entrepreneurs

Small Tweak, Big Impact: How a "Simple Innovation" Convinced Farmers to Improve Agricultural Inputs.

The most tangible pathway out of poverty for millions of households in rural sub-Saharan Africa involves boosting agriculture. Studies have shown that growth in agriculture is more than 2.5 times more effective at reducing poverty than growth originating in other sectors of the economy. 798 more words