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handle checkbox and radio button in Angularjs example

Recently I found an article online – credit to http://www.code-sample.com/2014/11/handle-checkbox-and-radio-button-in.html thought I thought was a good resource in regards to AngularJS.

In this topic, I am using the bootstrap css for look and feel UI. 437 more words


An oldy but goody - CLR functions in SQL Server (RegEx)

CLR functions in SQL Server are amazing to use…erhm…when necessary!  You see there’s been a lot of debate around CLR functions being used in SQL Server in terms of performance. 216 more words


A simple short unique ID in C# without using GUID revised and reposted.

Original post:  http://schroedman.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/short-unique-id-in-c-without-using-guid/
Note: This post has been revised and reposted using information found in the comments of the previous post.

Today I wanted to generate short unique IDs in C#.   268 more words

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Not ACPI Compliant? Foxconn A78AX 3.0 Series

So recently I purchased a new motherboard for my computer at home.  I purchased the Foxconn A78AX 3.0 Series.  Ordered the board, got it shipped, was super excited, installed, took my time with everything, made sure all of the cabling was tight and that everything looked clean inside only to turn the computer on with my newly installed 16gb of ram and find that I received a BSOD ACPI Compliance error….crap…I immediately hit the internet reading forums and any type of literature I could find.   926 more words


Microsoft Outlook 2013 APPCRASH

This is not a super techy post, but hey, it’s relevant.

So recently I installed Microsoft Office 2013 and loved it.  I was setting up my e-mail to use for IMAP and everything was running smoothly, until (queue the mystery sound – duh duh duh) I tried to send an e-mail.   288 more words

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jQuery and IE8 style attribute setting

Recently a  client asked me to do a small popup menu over one of their main navigation links.  Sure, no problem.  I only ever really test and support as far as back as IE8 because like any web developer, I too have the painstaking ordeal of supporting Internet Explorer and to limit my pain and suffering I decided to only back as far as IE8 – if you ever have the choice, go for it, why not? 221 more words

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Windows Server 2003 Hidden Files and Folders

Recently at the office we encountered an issue where some files and folders were not being displayed correctly, the biggest issue with this is that it was a shared folder.   240 more words

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