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“Tourmaline Dream”
Design for Gail Be Designs – 2015
Concept, Draping, Fabrication, Photography

The tourmaline dream was a design that I had been working on in my spare moments at Gail’s studio, and one day she said she had “seen it in a dream” and we needed to make it.   81 more words

Astrid – Red Kaftan with Maille
Minnesota Renaissance Festival – 2016
Concept, Fabrication

Astrid was a character that didn’t really see much street time, but I loved her nonetheless.   191 more words

Design for Gail Be Designs – 2014
Draping, Fabrication

Temptress was a W.I.P. when I started working at the GBD studios.  the bodice was mostly finished, but we needed to make the skirt.   93 more words

Tech know-how to Tech living

I always prided myself as being ‘techie’ person. I love new gadgets, spend lots of money on them. I then spend hours trying to figure them out. 439 more words