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Tecmo Bowl (NES) is the Retro Game of the Day for 24 May, 2016

Though I’m not a huge fan of American Football (or “handegg”, as I like to call it, because you mostly don’t use your feet to manipulate the ball, and the “ball” looks more like an egg), you have to love oversimplified, arcadey versions of sports games (see also:  66 more words

Senator Marco Rubio Loves Tecmo Bowl

Not to delve too much into politics, but I do follow what’s going on in the world and am following the presidential election.  And I like Marco Rubio.  35 more words


Colts Fake Punt Didn't Work in Tecmo Bowl Either

Even the likes of an 8-bit processor in the original Nintendo knows that the Colts fake punt last weekend was terrible.  If Tecmo Bowl says it can’t be done, then it just can’t be done. 44 more words

Casey S. Gutting

Colts Ridiculous Fake Punt Vs Patriots Gets Tecmo Bowl Treatment

You know you have done something either really good or really bad if it gets the Tecmo Bowl treatment.

The Colts fit into the latter category. 54 more words

The Monumentally Dumb Colts Fake Punt Got the Tecmo Bowl Treatment

This Tecmo Bowl reenactment of the cataclysmically bad Colts fake punt was put together by the folks at The Cauldron. The play did not make any more sense in 8-bit.


The Tecmo Bowl version of the Colts 'trick' play didn't work out any better

By now you’ve most likely seen the catastrophic Colts “trick” play they attempted on Sunday night against the Patriots. The gang at The Cauldron decided to try the play out on Tecmo Bowl and see if it worked any better. 19 more words


Episode 45: Classic Sportstacular

Download Episode 45 – “Classic Sportstacular” Here!

Shoot! Dive! Kick! Run! Mike and Ed swing for the fences in this super-sporty episode of PixelTunes Radio. Jam to a bunch of classic tracks from names like Koji Kondo and Jeroen Tel, and score some extra VGM knowledge with some obscure (and amazing) titles! 173 more words