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12 things we learned about Super Bowl LII from this epic 'Tecmo Bowl' simulation

An updated version of the classic video game Tecmo Super Bowl was used to predict Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles – and the simulation promises one of the wildest fourth quarters in Super Bowl history. 316 more words


Sports games let us make unique connections with real people

Mario isn’t real.

Lara Croft isn’t real, either, neither the triangle-breasted adventurer of yore or the gritty explorer of today. Star Fox has no equivalency in reality. 475 more words


WATCH: Vikings Game Winning Touchdown Gets Tecmo Bowl Treatment

The game winning play that everyone has been talking about Sunday night has gotten the treatment it truly deserves!

Someone did their best to recreate the Stefon Diggs touchdown against the Saints in Tecmo Bowl and here are the results, with play-by-play from Sunday’s game.


Here's a perfect 'Tecmo Bowl' reenactment of the Stefon Diggs touchdown

You’ve seen Stefon Diggs’ miraculous catch from different angles and with different audio.

Now, here’s theĀ Tecmo Bowl version, and it works pretty perfectly considering the players in the classic video game leap to make catches the same way Diggs did to go up and get a long pass from Case Keenum. 55 more words


Sports, Gaming, Sports Gaming!

So I figured with a blog about my experience with sports and video games, i should probably jump right in a make my first real post about sports and video games, their relationship and how the two overlap? 918 more words