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Modernity for penguins — modernity for all!

Berthold Lubetkin’s celebrated
Penguin Pool in London (1934)

Image: A penguin pauses
midway down the ramp
of Lubetkin’s pool (1934)

Aviary, London zoological garden… 1,315 more words


an exemplary modernist.

‘For a long time I have dreamed of executing dwellings in such conditions for the good of humanity. The building at Highgate is an achievement of the first rank’. 252 more words

Wonderful Spaces.

Tropical Architecture: Current Research

Three Buildings by the Architects’ Co-Partnership

Iain’s last post mentioned Leo De Syllas, one of the founders of the Architects’ Co-Operative Partnership (ACP) created in London in 1939. 686 more words


Enabling low-bandwidth mobile video for control rooms

Vemotion Interactive, specialists in live video transmission over low bandwidth connections, announced that they have agreed a technical integration project with Tecton.  read more

Keeper continues family tradition at Dudley Zoo

Dudley Zoo trainee keeper, Hannah Follows, discovered she is continuing a family tradition when her great grandmother handed her an old photo.

 The black and white image reveals 93-year-old Emily Evans, who lives in Gornal, at the Castle Hill site on the day the zoo opened to the public in May 1937. 163 more words


Twiliad Book 5   Meriones overtakes and kills...

Twiliad Book 5:  Meriones overtakes and kills Phereclus the son of Tecton, and one beloved of Athena


The Vancouver Connection

(updates in italics)

Through business journalist Gary Weiss’s blog, I found this Seattle Times article discussing some interesting events in the world of penny stocks… 1,485 more words