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Modernity for penguins — modernity for all!

Berthold Lubetkin’s celebrated
Penguin Pool in London (1934)

Image: A penguin pauses
midway down the ramp
of Lubetkin’s pool (1934)

Aviary, London zoological garden… 1,315 more words


an exemplary modernist.

‘For a long time I have dreamed of executing dwellings in such conditions for the good of humanity. The building at Highgate is an achievement of the first rank’. 252 more words


Tropical Architecture: Current Research

Three Buildings by the Architects’ Co-Partnership

Iain’s last post mentioned Leo De Syllas, one of the founders of the Architects’ Co-Operative Partnership (ACP) created in London in 1939. 686 more words


Enabling low-bandwidth mobile video for control rooms

Vemotion Interactive, specialists in live video transmission over low bandwidth connections, announced that they have agreed a technical integration project with Tecton.  read more

Keeper continues family tradition at Dudley Zoo

Dudley Zoo trainee keeper, Hannah Follows, discovered she is continuing a family tradition when her great grandmother handed her an old photo.

 The black and white image reveals 93-year-old Emily Evans, who lives in Gornal, at the Castle Hill site on the day the zoo opened to the public in May 1937. 163 more words


Twiliad Book 5   Meriones overtakes and kills...

Twiliad Book 5:  Meriones overtakes and kills Phereclus the son of Tecton, and one beloved of Athena


The Vancouver Connection

(updates in italics)

Through business journalist Gary Weiss’s blog, I found this Seattle Times article discussing some interesting events in the world of penny stocks… 1,485 more words