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Ted's 69th birthday

If Ted Bundy had taken the deal he was offered in Florida for the Chi Omega murders, he might still be alive to see his 69th birthday today. 362 more words


Asesinos que cambiaron la historia

 Dagmar Overby

Durante un período desde 1913 a 1920 Overby, una niñera profesional de Dinamarca asesinó entre 9 y 25 niños que fueron dejados en su cuidado. 1,387 more words

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Dear Stranger,

I think I like you, but I don’t want to like you. There are things about you that I love and there are things about you that I hate. 128 more words

Bad feeling: how old women and people with special needs made me one of the untouchables

Researchers at Oxford University this week produced colour-coded maps of the human body, revealing where people are comfortable being touched and by whom.

Parts of the body coloured in yellow denoted places that people felt it was appropriate to touch, red areas were deemed inappropriate to touch, and black areas were described as ‘taboo’. 898 more words


Morgan follow up

Did anyone check out Morgan’s mom’s blog? I would so super love some opinions on that. I think there was a flurry of sleuthing on a few boards about it but I don’t feel like sorting through the bowl full of crazy crime boards have going on. 30 more words

The Deliberate Stranger (1986)

Ted Bundy admitted to killing thirty women in seven states between 1974-1978.  Police believe, but cannot confirm, that he killed many more starting years earlier.  Ted Bundy fooled everyone.   634 more words


7 Chilling True Crime Books You Need To Read This October

As a Boston native, I was a little too enthusiastic about Black Mass hitting theatres recently. I was there on opening night, with a gigantic bag of popcorn, and an overeager fervor for Whitey Bulger, and the story of the Southie kingpin. 704 more words