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In Praise Of: True Crime

Many years ago I worked as a bookseller for Borders and I have to admit that the true crime section was not one that I thought of as full of ‘literature’. 1,043 more words


True Crime Corner Presents Bachelor #1: Rodney Alcala

By all accounts, Rodney Alcala was an absolute monster. When he wasn’t photographing and murdering women, he found time to date them, appearing on The Dating Game… 961 more words

Loretta Sisco

"The Stranger Beside Me"

The Stranger Beside Me (W.W. Norton & Company, 1980)

The world knew Ted Bundy to be a brutal serial killer, but for author Ann Rule, Bundy was a co-worker that she worked side-by-side with at a suicide hotline center. 139 more words


Throwback Thursday - Debbie and Ted and the Urban Legend

Debbie Harry is best known for fronting the New Wave/Pop Rock band, Blondie.

Ted Bundy was best known for being an elusive serial killer, who’s acts against his victims were unspeakable. 527 more words


Quote, Unquote : Ted Bundy

“I think I stand as much chance of dying in front of a firing squad or in a gas chamber as you do being killed on a plane flight home. 6 more words

Suffering #2: Forming Frankenstein

God didn’t create us as robots forced to give him devotion, but instead with free will—with the capacity to reject him.  We can live at times as if God doesn’t exist and then blame God when things don’t go our way, failing to realize our hand in helping… 676 more words


Donald Trump: Psychopath?

August 27, 2016 | Vicki Madden

To say that the run-up to the 2016 United States presidential election has raised some serious questions would be a gross understatement. 862 more words

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