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Chapter 9

So Liz gets the courage to call the police and what happens? Mr. Detective says Ted doesn’t fit the profile and doesn’t look like a killer. 108 more words

Discussion time! Ted on Liz

Fear not my fellow crime buffs, chapter 9 will go up this weekend!

In the meantime, I was replying to a comment and had a great idea for a discussion topic. 172 more words

Joyce Mitchell: One in a long line of fools for love?

It’s all too familiar: a woman who risks it all for the sake of a sweet-talking guy. Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker in upstate New York, … 1,447 more words

Angel of Decay Pt 1.

The Angel of Decay Part 1 movie has aired on the ID Channel.

Let me tell you, it has been almost two hours since this has ended and I’m STILL scared. 120 more words

Angel Of Decay

Chapter Eight

Alright y’all, give me what you got so far? How are you feeling? Discussion is happily encouraged.

The case that broke my heart and my blog

Casey Anthony.

I know, right? But there’s a rumor going around that NBC is sniffing for an interview from her. I am pretty freaking livid right now. 193 more words

Finding A New Starting Line

Since my previous attempt to find a way deeper in to the enigma of human evil crashed and burned, I thought I’d try and find a new place from which… 1,429 more words