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You’re still here - Living after suicide | Amy Biancolli | TEDxAlbany

Amy Biancolli at the age of 28 already lost both her father and older sister. Few years after getting married she lost her husband due to suicide too. 457 more words


What is the tragedy of the commons? - Nicholas Amendolare

What’s going on in this video is that humans are taking greed to a greater extent where they literally only care about themselves and not one another. 168 more words

APP Module (Project X)

The Physics of Swan Lake's Spinning Ballerina

The ballerina portraying Swan Lake‘s enchantress Odile must execute 32 fouetté turns seamlessly, without pause. How does she do that? Physics. A TED-Ed lesson by… 67 more words


History VS Che Guevara

I am a massive history buff and one of my favorite aspects is learning about major historical figures and few in the 20th Century come close in scale to the man known as Che. 58 more words


Tragedy of the Commons

Sometimes things just fall into place. And a lesson on this topic seems to be a case in point. I have seen this phrase a few times on line in the last couple of months and not known what it meant. 89 more words