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Of Cabbages and Colorings

Red cabbage. It looks pretty ordinary at first glance, but this week in homeschool we discovered its amazing color-changing potential. From bright pink to purple to blue, cabbage juice is the perfect indicator for watching acids and bases at work. 304 more words


Sucrose and Fructose: The Undoings of Man

Although it is known among many that sugar really is one of the most unhealthy substances for humans, dieters have been on wild goose chases trying to bring down gluten, fat and carbs in our diet. 582 more words


Einstein's genius, gone minimalist

1905 was a big year for Albert Einstein. He was 26 years old and working in the Swiss Patent Office when, in the span of seven months, he published four papers that would eventually be hugely influential. 907 more words



Comma story – Terisa Folaron

Grammar’s great divide: The Oxford comma – TED-Ed 12 more words