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Otherworldly photos that show us what our religions have in common

After decades spent documenting faith communities around the world, photographer Monika Bulaj understands that our religions are more similar than we realize.

Polish photographer Monika Bulaj… 1,384 more words

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A crowdfunding platform aims to solve the puzzle of aging

Aging happens to all of us, but scientists still don’t know the mechanism behind it. We need to focus on finding an answer, says molecular biologist Oliver Medvedik. 664 more words


An unsettling peek into the reality of life in 2050

Rather than just imagine the future, what if we could walk around in it? In a new installation, designer Anab Jain invites visitors to enter an apartment in the middle of the 21st century. 1,205 more words

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Think the fight for net neutrality in the US is over? It’s just beginning.

America may be opening the door to Internet access being sold to the highest bidder, but we still need to keep fighting. Activist Nikhil Pahwa shares seven lessons that he learned as part of a successful coalition to protect net neutrality in India. 2,307 more words


A scientist explores the mysteries of the gut-brain connection

The brain in your head and the one in your gut are always exchanging info. But how do they do it? Neuroscientist Diego Bohórquez is trying to find out the answers. 1,057 more words


Why these prisoners are getting law degrees behind bars

Helping prisoners get a legal education benefits them and the world, says African Prisons Project founder Alexander McLean: They can help their fellow inmates with their legal expertise, and when they’re released, they can help society, too. 1,545 more words

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How to turn a cause into a law

US activist Amanda Nguyen has continually defied the odds to pass bipartisan legislation in today’s divided times. She tells us how she did it — and how you can do it, too. 1,842 more words

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