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As a child, I took my first breath as a poet. 132 more words

Monice Mitchell Simms

A newly drawn Tree of Life reminds us to question what we know

A newly released diagram of all life on Earth, the Tree of Life, contains a whole new branch, full of microbes — which appear to dominate Earth’s biodiversity.  936 more words


Why women still get killed for love

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who won the 2016 Oscar for Best Documentary Short, explains why she feels it’s her duty to focus on topics others shy away from … like honor killings. 964 more words

We Humans

Restoring the world’s oldest library

The ancient al-Qarawiyyin Library in Fez isn’t just the oldest library in Africa. Founded in 859, it’s the oldest working library in the world, holding ancient manuscripts that date as far back as 12 centuries. 884 more words

Arts + Design

A promising way to grow body parts ... using an apple

Biohacker and TED Fellow Andrew Pelling creates living, functional biological objects that don’t exist in nature — without deliberately modifying DNA in any way. In his lab at the University of Ottawa, he’s even figured out how to use apples and human cells to make ears in a petri dish. 1,534 more words


Does the best music education happen in school? What is culinary justice? 11 more talks from fresh thinkers at TED2016

TED Fellows are scientists, artists and activists and musicians. But they are also biodiversity mathematicians, culinary historians and any other combination of disciplines you can imagine. 1,560 more words

TED Fellows

Body parts from apples, the quest for the perfect battery: 15 talks from fresh thinkers at TED2016

Some people think outside the box. TED Fellows think outside the lines and corners, but also outside the medical establishment and media landscape — even outside the solar system. 2,000 more words

TED Fellows