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Your digital life after death

Forget memorial plaques, tombstones and traditional funerals. High-tech ways to celebrate life and death are emerging, and they’re using your digital data.

“What happens to your digital presence after you die?” Only a short while ago, no one had to consider what would become of the long trail of personal data we leave all over the internet. 856 more words

We Humans

How open government data creates smarter societies

Why government leaders should publish the data they’re collecting — and why citizens everywhere should push them to do so.

Think about governments and data and your mind likely turns to secrecy, surveillance, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning. 1,091 more words

TED Fellows

How Jane Chen built a better baby warmer -- and a thriving business

In her 2013 TEDWomen Talk, entrepreneur (and TED Fellow) Jane Chen noted that “there are 15 million pre-term and underweight babies born every year around the world, and one of the biggest problems they face is staying warm.” 635 more words


A gorgeous new digital book celebrates the TED Fellows

It’s never easy to push against the current, to experiment with what’s never been done before, challenge uncomfortable truths. But 400 TED Fellows do it every day, all around the world. 1,197 more words


The story and stigma of a baffling illness: Jen Brea speaks at TEDSummit

Imagining a distinct border between mind and body has been a useful rule of thumb since Enlightenment philosophers dreamt it up centuries ago. It’s been particularly useful for modern medicine which has focused its scientific eye on the rational, physical body — and for the most part left the mind with all its mutability and moods to others to cure. 502 more words


The view from the mountain: Notes from the TED Fellows session at TEDSummit

The TED Fellows program brings together young world-changers from many fields, from art to tech to activism, and encourages them to mix and combine and think big. 865 more words

TED Fellows

Applications are now open: Apply to be a TED2017 Fellow

If you could pursue your most extraordinary passions, what would you do? Be an asteroid hunter out to save planet Earth? A theater director who brings indigenous voices to the stage? 306 more words

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