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My Solo Woman Budget Travel Experiences on TED Fellows Medium

I am happy to share that an article on my SWBT‬ (Solo or Single Woman Budget Traveler) experiences are up on the TED Fellows Medium channel… 196 more words


How to create more medical breakthroughs? Get everyone on board

Here’s how to encourage new medical innovation, says genetic researcher Geoffrey Siwo: Join forces with the people who need innovation the most, all over the world. 1,206 more words


How to protect the civil rights of sexual assault survivors

Living through a sexual assault is nightmare enough — what makes things worse is a broken legal system that routinely ignores, loses and even destroys crucial evidence, an institutional injustice that one legal-system survivor set out to fix. 1,596 more words

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Racial violence, cast in bronze, etched in glass

The work of artist Sanford Biggers walks a fine line between poetic and provocative, brilliantly sparking discussion about race, violence and fallen heroes.

Sanford Biggers grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by works of the popular black artists his parents collected. 1,110 more words

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monice magazine #8

Make Believers! Check out this great info 

to help you make it do what it do!

As a child, I took my first breath as a poet. 132 more words

Monice Mitchell Simms

A newly drawn Tree of Life reminds us to question what we know

A newly released diagram of all life on Earth, the Tree of Life, contains a whole new branch, full of microbes — which appear to dominate Earth’s biodiversity.  936 more words


Why women still get killed for love

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who won the 2016 Oscar for Best Documentary Short, explains why she feels it’s her duty to focus on topics others shy away from … like honor killings. 964 more words

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