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Searching for the history of cancer in ancient human bones

Paleo-oncologist Katie Hunt has a personal connection to the hunt for cancer’s earliest appearance in humans.

When archeologist Katie Hunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 22, it catalyzed her curiosity about cancer — and she soon found evidence that this modern killer is a surprisingly ancient disease. 1,389 more words


What Five TED Fellows coming to Vancouver Have In Common

What do an ichthyologist, cellist, Middle East photographer, policy advocate and biophysical manipulator all have in common?

No, this is not a bad joke. (And if you stumbled over the description “biophysical manipulator”, read on. 760 more words


Liberia after Ebola -- how human nature affects our response to disease

Catharine Young describes a visit to Liberia, where Ebola may be contained but the public health story has only just begun.

Traveling through the streets of Monrovia, Liberia, I am struck by the city’s contrasts. 742 more words

We Humans

Could you build your own house, car or tractor? A TED Fellow on his adventures in extreme manufacturing

What if you could build a civilization from scratch, using tools that could also be built from scratch? In his talk “Open-sourced blueprints for civilization” at TED2011, Marcin Jakubowski introduced the Global Village Construction Set, open-source blueprints that would essentially allow anyone with a heap of scrap metal — and a few production tools — to make […] 7 more words

Gallery: Beautiful drawings show the music of sign language

Deaf artist Christine Sun Kim describes how she combines American Sign Language and musical notation systems in her drawings.

Several writing systems “code” American Sign Language (ASL) on paper, and some of them function very much like the staffs, symbols and notes of musical notation systems. 1,192 more words

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Meet the 2016 class of TED Fellows and Senior Fellows

We are thrilled to announce the new class of Fellows for TED2016. These 21 world-changers work at the very forefront of their fields and represent 12 countries around the world – including, for the first time in the program, Kyrgyzstan. 1,225 more words


A brief history of tap dance (and why it’s still a great art form)

How one dancer is bringing tap dance back.

Think about tap dance and what comes to mind? Perhaps the virtuosity, precision and glamour of Hollywood film stars like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers … or maybe the fluid ease of dance-world icons such as… 850 more words

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