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Hump Day Vinyl

Let;s cut straight to the chase:

I’m listening to the ‘Live at Third Man Records‘  album by Ted Leo.

Basically, I have had a weird fascination with this album since the first day I saw it about two years ago.  607 more words


Ted Leo - tej leo(?), Rx / pharmacists


TITLE:  tej leo(?), Rx / pharmacists




OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW:  Zip… 163 more words

Grade: D

"It was people like Joe Strummer who became the news for a lot of young people." - Henry Rollins

Good read on politics and punk below:

“It’s important to remember that the musicians within the punk movement — and any artist for that matter — are first and foremost a citizens of the world,” Antonino D’Ambrosio, who edited the book “Let Fury Have the Hour: Joe Strummer, Punk, and the Movement that Shook the World,” told ATTN:.

98 more words

Year in Review: Sandra Sperounes relives secret house concert starring David Cross

It all started with a Facebook post.

Back in January, drummer Dallas Thompson asked friends if they wanted to help him bring comedian David Cross to Edmonton.  159 more words


Day 347: Back Seat of My Car

I attended a memorial service for someone I knew. I did not know him well, but his death affected me a lot. The memorial service was really special. 214 more words

Why was David Cross reading from the Vagina Monologues at an Edmonton house party?

“My vagina’s angry.”

David Cross seethes as he reads those words from The Vagina Monologues.

Fifty men and women sit or stand around the New York actor/director as he performs in an Edmonton home on a warm October night. 812 more words


Covered: "Since U Been Gone"

Covered is a feature where we examine the merits of various cover songs, debating whether or not they capture the spirit and intent of the original, if the cover adds anything new, and whether or not it perhaps surpasses the original. 482 more words