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Chloe Sevigny & Ted Levine Among Quintet Cast In 'Dr. Del' Indie Drama Pilot

Katie Jacobs and Nick Wechsler have cast their independently produced medical drama pilot Dr. Del, with Chloe Sevigny (American Horror Story) and Ted Levine ( 301 more words


Banshee Chapter

Starring Ted Levine

Yea, that guy. Having loved him since his performance in Silence of the Lambs, the intrigue was real. i HAD to see this. 429 more words


Movie review: Banshee Chapter [2013]

Clandestine medical experiments, government mind-control projects, extradimensional entities and the works of H.P. Lovecraft: what do they all have in common? Banshee Chapter, that’s what. 581 more words


Seagalmania: Gutshot Straight (2014)

Somewhere in the bizarre neo-noir that is Justin Steele’s 2014 film Gutshot Straight is Steven Seagal smoking a big cigar and carrying a drawling accent. He’s not the star of the show by any extent, but seeing him is interesting. 507 more words


MONK (2002 - 2009)

Creator: Andy Breckman

Cast: Tony Shalhoub, Jason Gray-Stanford, Ted Levine 

Adrian Monk (Shalhoub) suffers from an acute case of obsessive/compulsive disorder along with a plethora of other various phobia. 264 more words


Banshee Chapter - 5.5/10

Brilliant idea is ruined by bad performances, lack of imagination and a offensive Hunter S. Thompson pastiche.

There is so much scope for a horror film set in the aftermath of having taken a hallucinogenic drug, particularly infamous super powerful psychotropic drug DMT but first time director Blair Erickson ignores all that potential, instead opting for cheap scares and a offensive Hunter S. 152 more words

Rated 4-7

First Big Game trailer stars Samuel L Jackson as the President running for his life in Finland

The first Big Game trailer has finally been released online. This Finnish film stars Onni Tommila as a young boy who’s undergoing  a right of passage by hunting in the wilderness.  89 more words